Sometimes If your message window fills up and a new message comes in, it doesn’t auto scroll. By the way: If you think Apple is putting too much focus on iOS and not enough on tradition Mac users, this article might help you bring things into perspective. A fun little-known feature of Messages for iOS is that it supports animated gifs, meaning you can send and receive those quirky moving web graphics that were so popular in 1996 and are currently enjoying a resurgence on the web. You can try it yourself right now by reading this post from an iOS device, using the lovely dancing banana gif from AccuWeather as an example. This feature works in all versions of Messages for iOS, from the latest releases to the older versions too. The gif animation plays in the Messages window the same for both the sender and the recipient. If you’d rather make your own animated gifs on the iPhone, you can do so directly on the iPhone using a variety of apps. Apple introduced the next version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion due out later this year and Messages will be a part of it. In other words it keeps all conversations to a contact in one window regardless of the messaging platform you use.

Drag and drop is great, but there should be a button that lets you go find the file you want. Messages is rough around the edges, but it has potential and even with its quirks it works good enough for me to use it throughout the day. I’m also worried about rumors that once Mountain Lion is out, the beta will be killed off. You will find that gifs do not animate when they are stored in Camera Roll however, thus to get it to become animated again you would need to place it into a new iMessage. One easy to use and powerful free app for this purpose is GifMill, which makes it easy to convert any video into an animated gif, and also provides editing tools if you want to spruce up your animated gif, delete frames, add filters, or text layovers. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
And yes, you can also send animated GIF to Android users too this way, it just sends as a regular media message. And at least one of the desktops here won’t be able to go to Mountain Lion, so I really would want to buy it for that machine. Then it will totally figure out what you played, and supply fairly decent drum and bass tracks to complement your chords.

If you’re sending to an iPhone user then you can use either their iPhone number or email address.
Although I have unlimited test messaging on my personal AT&T plan, my company phone plan is NOT unlimited. Tap on it and start playing your instrument (there’s a tuner in the upper right you can use to make sure your guitar is in tune). Speaking of Google Voice, one of the main reasons I like texting with it is that I can do it either from my iPhone via an App or from my computer via my web browser. This unassuming little app will listen to what you play, find a drumbeat that will stay with you even if you slow down or speed up a little, and then play a reasonably interesting bass line on top of that.Is it perfect?
Tap the File Box icon at the top to see the list, then tap on any track to open the Details screen. The drums even let you have a say in how loud or complex the individual parts are, like hi-hat and ride cymbals.

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