More photos said to be of the iPhone 6's rear shell have been shared by frequent iOS device part leaker Sonny Dickson. Similar to previous leaks, this newest rear shell shows a number of physical features including a near-all metal design with upper and lower bezels, a cutout for the new round "True Tone" dual-LED flash, and a cutout for the rear camera that may hint at a protruding lens for the device. Apple is expected to reveal the iPhone 6 at an event on September 9, with a launch likely coming one week after the announcement. Let's say for a moment it was a magnetic area for addition lenses to line up and stick onto.
The shiny Apple logo looks amazingly super cheap and nasty, like some chrome plated child's toy. Last year Dickson tweeted that the iPad mini would have Touch ID and would come in space gray, silver and gold. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more. Dell yesterday unveiled its new $2500 27-inch 5K monitor (UP2715K) that boasts an impressive 5120 x 2880 resolution at 218 pixels per inch.
Dell does not detail the technology powering the monitor, but AnandTech believes the company is using Multi-Stream Transport (MST) to stitch together two 2560 x 2880 panels in order to provide 5120 pixels horizontally.
As outlined in our display roundup, customers have been looking toward a higher-resolution large display from Apple for some time, whether it be a true Retina version of the existing display or a somewhat lower resolution 4K display, particularly since Apple has been touting the 4K capabilities of the new Mac Pro. With Dell listing its display at $2500, it is clear pricing remains a challenge for Apple's ambitions to launch Retina iMacs and standalone displays.

Besides its impressive resolution, Dell's monitor ships with Dell's PremierColor technology and an edge-to-edge glass that includes both anti-smudge and anti-reflective properties.
Niantic Labs' previous app, Ingress, featured similar branded portals purchased by retailers like Jamba Juice and Zipcar. All those miles walked are now negated by the double quarter pounder and cheese meal needed to unlock that rare Pokemon. The part shown in the photos also appears identical to the rear shell shared by luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk, hinting that this may be a legitimate component.
You would made a circular magnetic recess around the camera lens, not something that stick out so that the iPhone rocks side to side when you place it on a flat surface. Wasn't he the one who previously leaked stuff that we later found out was fake and based on digital renders by Martin Hajek?
This ultra-high resolution places the monitor on par with Apple's Retina MacBook Pro, which has a pixel density of 220 pixels per inch, and would be the equivalent of a Retina 27-inch iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display.
Dell demoed the monitor to Maximum PC using a 5K H.265 video streamed from a workstation-class NVIDIA Quadro K5000 video card. Rumors of Retina iMacs date back to 2012, but the machines have yet to appear, likely due to both cost and technological constraints. Standalone displays may stand a better chance, as Apple has historically been willing to develop expensive large-screen displays priced in the thousands of dollars for its pro-level customers. Also included in the display is an integrated media reader, six USB ports and 16W Harmon Kardon speakers.

McDonald's imagery is included in the app and the McDonald's name is listed in the app's code.
An iMac almost certainly priced well north of $3000 could be a difficult proposition, however, so Apple may yet need more time for prices to come down before such a machine becomes commercially feasible.
However, the number of emoji’s available through iOS 8 is expected to increase substantially. Previous iOS used a standard Unicode Consortium to dictate what users can type and send to their friends, but with an expect 250 new Emoji icons added to the list it seems like software engineers are transforming the world of text via this new addition. In regards to the lack of ethnic diversity, Apple states that they have personally worked closely with Unicode Consortium and have made serious progress with integrating an internationally diverse group of icons. In reality, it is up to the various software makers to decide whether or not they will implement these new Emojis, but it is a pretty safe bet to say that we will soon see them on Apple’s iOS.
It will likely be released in the following operating system which will add to its list of selling points next year upon arrival.

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