With Nokia Lumia devices, you can not only call, message and email others, but also easily share pictures with your friends through Bluetooth. The first step to use your Bluetooth in your Lumia device is to access the settings option from your menu.
Make sure your own Bluetooth device is switched ‘on’, as well as ‘open’ to other Bluetooth devices. How to transfer the contacts from another phone to Nokia Lumia 800 In the beginging we must say that your other phone must have Bluetooth! Almost all the friends in my social circle own an Android phone and those who don’t have it yet are planning to get one shortly. Of course, I can open Google Play and download the application but why waste the bandwidth when I can ask my friend to transfer it to me over Bluetooth. Astro is a leading file explorer for Android, and I am sure most of you have come across it. After you have downloaded and installed Astro on your Android, run the application, press the settings soft key and select tools to open a pop-up window.
Select Application Backup from the popup tool window and wait for Astro to make a list of all the applications installed on your Android.
In Bluetooth File Transfer application, navigate to the same folder Backups—>Apps and select the file you want to send. Note: If you are thinking, you can send paid apps to your friend, you are wrong because as soon as the receiver runs Google Play, it will be reverted back to free version. This method of transferring the APK file can really come in handy when you want an application that’s installed on another Android phone, and you are on a train or flight from where you cannot access Google Play.
ASTRO File Manager has a bluetooth module on the Google Play site which appears to do the same thing as adding the Bluetooth Transfer App to your device.
I also have ES File Explorer on my phone, and used that to email myself the backed up apps, so they are saved in the cloud as well! What I did to get the apps was to copy the programs i liked from my Galaxy S3, copy them to a SD card and then install it on the tablet. Hi… im using samsung grand I wanna know how to install a game which is sent through bluetooth.
Why is it when you get a Bluetooth app the whole contents of your device is open to the supplier of the app ?
Still, Bluetooth remained a reliable way for direct file transfer when cloud storage isna€™t an option because of a slow internet connection for example. Step 1: Find the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right of your taskbar, it may be under the a€?Show hidden iconsa€™ arrow, and right-click it. Note that you may have to pair both the sending and receiving devices together before you can start sending files over. If youa€™re looking for alternative direct methods of sending files across devices, try Wi-Fi Direct, although it isna€™t as widely supported as Bluetooth. Among other things that might need exploring in Windows 8, there are the Bluetooth settings.
If your Bluetooth is switched on, and you are on the Desktop view in Windows 8, you will likely see the Bluetooth icon in the system tray. Alternatively, you can use the Charms bar (move your mouse pointer to the top or bottom right corner of the screen and hover until the bar appears, or hit Win+C hotkey). Regardless of whether you’re on the Desktop view or the Metro view, the settings will open in Metro. Once the code has been entered or verified, your device will appear in the list of added devices and the connection will be active between the two. To remove a device, simply select it from the list and click the little minus button that appears on the top right of the device name and click Yes in the notification that pops up. Browse and select the file(s) you want to send and click Next and wait for transfer to complete.
I’m having the same issue, when I first set it it up it worked, now all of a sudden it keeps asking me for a damn pass code. As a long time Microsoft supporter and beta tester, the Bluetooth issue with Windows 8 needs to be addressed. To receive a file from other device, you have to right click on bluetooth icon in notification area and then click receive a file. This is the exact problem and solution I have to use to get Bluetooth to pair with any of my devices!

Yes but the Bluetooth on my win 8 has a hard time finding my Bose wireless speaker, I have to reinstall it all the time, it just cannot detect it and keep it in the memory. Yes I am going to say Windows 8 sucks because I can’t do one little thing that I really don’t need to do because I am a Apple Fanboy!
I have done all above and I can send file from Laptop to Phone but I can’t from the same phone to the laptop! If you have a Broadcom dongle they have some new drivers for Windows 8 that add a connection window like there was in Windows 7 also adds a lot of features I can now make calls, share my contacts and play audio files from my phone all nice features that I have been missing since updates in Windows 7 took them away. My Nokia connects during 3 secs and it disconnects, I cant send a picture from my phone to my laptop. Seems Windows 8 is the only operating system unable to find my Bose Soundlink speaker which is sitting right next to it. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.
Thank you for the response.You can add this option to Context menu by altering the registry.
When I Tried to install Intel Centrino Advanced N-6200 driver it says i have a updated version of the driver.
Once the device you wish to be paired with appears on the screen, tap on it, and then enter the Bluetooth device’s PIN number. You can also use the PictureSwap app to send pictures via Bluetooth since this feature is not present by default. We bring latest news, rumors and other useful stuff for Nokia devices powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone. All Rights Reserved.This website is not endorsed by Microsoft, Nokia or any other foundation or corporation. So with so many Androids around, we frequently talk about new apps and how they are helping each of us in our daily life, and thus we have situations where I may like an app on one of my friend’s phone and would want to quickly install it on mine as well. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Android file explorers one can use, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In the list select the application you want to send over Bluetooth and click the backup button to create the APK file. We will now use Bluetooth File Transfer app for Android to transfer these files over Bluetooth as APK access to Bluetooth are locked by default on most of the devices. I even emailed a backed up app to a friend who opened it on his phone, and it installed perfectly! How can I get an app on my android phone from a friends phone that is no longer available in the market? In Windows 10, sending files across devices via Bluetooth is a straightforward process, although it could be simpler. When sending, simply select the device you want to send the file to (make sure Bluetooth is set to discoverable on that device), then select the file you want to send.
Gone are the days when you needed to install 3rd party Bluetooth drivers or software to connect your Bluetooth device with your PC. You will be presented with a passcode that you must either verify as being the same on the other device (most likely if you are connecting to another computer), or enter the code on the device you are connecting to (most likely in case you are connecting to a phone).
So long as a device is in this list, your system will connect to it whenever it is in Bluetooth range. Nothing, I mean nothing has worked I posted the problem on W8 forum page and one fellow tried to help me. Ridiculous how Microsoft can’t get it’s own hardware to work with this new OS, guess they want me to buy a new mouse now huh? I like it, but have been bogged down trying to get Bluetooth to properly work, and not drop out. I have a full surround sound system plugged into it, but the Windows 8 driver is only a Stereo Bluetooth driver. I have a slightly different problem with bluetooth; it keeps turning itself off, this is easy to rectify as I simply turn it back on in the settings.
It allows for nothing to get done, it gives you no options for wiggle-room in case your PC has difficulty connection to a device for instance.
The Apps Screen is blah, boring, and the Bluetooth module sucks, Windows 7 is better, why do you always have to screw with something that already works well.

Incredible smooth to the touch and better heat dissipation performance than normal plastic case. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, the Windows Phone platform as of now doesn’t allow you to use Bluetooth to transfer files, documents and music. If you wish to be contacted by devices which you are not paired with, set your Lumia phone to ‘open’ in Bluetooth settings.
One of the features of Astro is that it lets you backup your installed apps on the memory card as an APK file so that you can restore them at the time of crisis. Once you have downloaded and installed Bluetooth File Transfer app on your Android, launch the application.
There is this another wayout where you don’t have to go through any complication at all. It got faster and more efficient with every iteration, it was great for certain types of files, like documents and music, but less so for large videos, which is where cloud storage comes into play.
When receiving, initiate the sending process on the device you are receiving from and the file should start transferring. Again, make sure your other device has Bluetooth set to discoverable (consult your device manual if youa€™re unsure how). Windows 8, by default, includes built-in Bluetooth software, but unlike Windows 7, it allows you to manage all devices easily from PC Settings. I want a simple way to toggle between getting the music through my bluetooth wireless speakers or through my headphones.
If I take that headset and pair it with my ipod while im out and about then try to reconnect it to my windows 8 computer when im back home, my only option is to remove and re-pair the headset with windows 8. I use a tablet running Windows 8 in my vehicle(mounted to the dash) as my music system and navigation will be nice to use the bigger screen to make calls from the contact list on the PC screen. I read a Windows article earlier that said that you don’t need a third party Bluetooth driver or software, because yours is so easy to use. In my friends the send to option is in main right-click menu for a file and not in send-to sub-menu. What we will do is, we will see how we can create an APK of an individual file and send it over Bluetooth to another device using this tool.
NOW, I have those apps all backed up, and I’m ready to load them onto my new phone (whenever that happens). There is an App manager called AndroAppLink which can transfer apps using bluetooth in a couple of taps!
This is a simple step-by-step guide to adding and managing your Bluetooth devices and sending files from your system via a Bluetooth connection. While you may not have added them yourself, some devices such a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard might already have been added and will appear in this list.  Click Add New Device at the top of the list and Windows will search for all available Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.
By the way, Ubuntu 12.10 has absolutely NO PROBLEM reconnecting a Bluetooth device after it has been used elsewhere, so this is definitely a shortcoming of Windows OS. 4 clicks to turn off the pc, lost 5 h on how to and to install a simple card game like solitaire , it continuesly ask to login online with a windows account for even watching your own pictures.
We touched briefly on this topic in our comprehensive post on Windows 8 PC Settings, but here is the complete drill down for you. Windows 8 is literally the equivalent of using a condom when both parties are free of disease and on birth control. I have been through the correct procedure time and time again and NOTHING will make it connect this time! It’s a ridiculous, unnecessary layer of superficiality over what was a perfectly fine OS(windows 7) Microsoft and Apple both need to take a step back and reconnect with PRACTICALITY.
Now if you’ll pardon me, I have a Bluetooth headset I have to uninstall then reinstall.
You need to get your head out of your own Ass and fix this Bluetooth module, and all the other useless items in this OS.

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