If you just recently upgraded to an iPhone for the first time, you’re more than likely checking out all the new features and familiarizing yourself with the user interface and all the apps.
You might be asking what the heck is going on with the different colors in the Messages app; some of the conversations are blue, while others have a green theme.
Before you had an iPhone, you were most likely text messaging friends and family the traditional way, where text messages are sent through cellular towers — the same way that phone calls are made.
Secondly, text messages are limited to 160 characters, while iMessages can be as long as they want. Whilst an SMS message MAY take a few seconds under normal conditions, an SMS can take hours at times such as New Years Eve. I just switched from an iphone to a windows phone and none of the texts I send are being replied to.
My friends don’t receive my messages and I have no idea how to get rid if I messages. Shouldn’t you leave it on but then turn on Send as SMS when iMessage is not available? Can you receive or send any text message through iMessage if you’re not connected to wifi? Griffin is a well known and trusted brand, so you’ll have no qualms about paying for its Survivor All-Terrain case for the iPhone 6.
This case is waterproof in the sense that it will keep the rain out, as well as protect your phone from spills and spray.
Multi-function: Water-proof, anti-frost, anti-dust, sand-proof, snow-proof,shock-proof when you are swimming, hiking, climbing, camping, drifting, skiing, fishing, and surfing.

Another tough cookie, the iPhax protection case cover is supposed to be the thinnest and lightest in its niche. If you want to carry other things with you such as credit cards, then a waterproof case bag is the thing for you. This case is 100 feet IPX8 Certified waterproof and has clear windows back and front, making sure you can take selfies while diving. Plus, the service syncs between all of your Apple devices, so if you get an iMessage from someone, a notification will pop up on all of your devices at once, and you can answer on any of your Apple devices. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, but there are some downsides to traditional text messaging. With iMessage, you can register multiple emails so that friends and family can send you iMessages to any of the email addresses you have registered. While it does use up data if you’re out and about, it uses very little data, seeing how a single iMessage is merely bytes of data (compared to your monthly data allotment of 2 billion bytes per month, or 2GB on average, depending on your plan). The lack of reliability is why the emergency services never rely on SMS and use 2 way radio or pagers where there is confirmation of a timely receipt. After a few days, I realized that the responses were going to my old iphone, not the new phone.
Taking away the element of being an Apple fan, this fact alone makes buying the iPhone 6 over a Samsung Galaxy interesting. But if you want iPhone 6 waterproof cases, here are some interesting ones that will give you peace of mind.
If you like going into the water, you’ll be glad to know that this case allows you to go down to 2 meters for 1 hour.

It comes with a belt clip so you can take it with you on a rugged hike keeping your hands free the whole time. The downside is that there is no guarantee that it will protect your phone if it gets submerged. The JOTO Universal Waterproof Case Bag fits for most phones and allows you to use touchscreen functions. Furthermore, iPhone users can have both their phone number and email addresses registered with iMessage. Could it be that the folks I text have me in their phone as an imessage contact and that is why they are getting the “can not be delivered” message?
My hb, who also has an iPhone, gets messages I sent weeks ago out of the blue, and lately messages I send do not go through.
Essentially, conversations in blue are iMessages, while conversations in green are regular text messages. So for example, if I wanted to send an iMessage to an OS X user, I would send it to his registered email rather than a phone number. Since I cannot tell right away that the message is not delivered, it’s been very inconvenient.

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