If you love photography, you are definitely using Instagram to share your awesome pictures and to see the photos shared by others.
Whenever I browse through my Instagram feed, I want to save some photos and videos to my iPhone for later viewing.
There might be some copyright issues, but it seems obvious they want us to use their app by encouraging us to come back to view more and more amazing moments captured in behind the lenses. There are many ways, methods, tricks, downloaders, and apps which let us download Instagram videos and photos with few taps.
If you have got an iPhone which is not jailbroken, you’ll have to take the help of a third-party application or website.
If you use a online website, you save not only the memory taken up by installing the app, but also the money.

There are many tweaks available to download Photos and Videos from Instagram app to iPhone.
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Now you can install those apps, themes, tweaks, and add-ons which are not available in the official Apple’s App Store. They can turn any simple looking place, nature, person, or landscape into a fantastic and self-speaking photos. The beauty of these tweaks is that they surprisingly integrate with the official stock Instagram app.

You can enable or disable this tweak any time, without requiring iPhone restart or respring. Once installed, we don’t need to run any third-party app to save the media to iPhone. You’ll have to either buy something from in-App purchases or collect some coins to continue downloading the pictures. This website collects and uses non-identifiable information to analyse site activity to improve the website.

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