When you Samsung Galaxy S4 is broken,you may need to get back all important contacts from damage Galaxy S4.Due to a large number of contacts stored in the mobile phone, rather than stored in the SIM card,because of its storage space is very small, you have to be stored in the Sim card inside of your Galaxy S 4 mobile phone, only a small number of contacts stored in the SIM inside, once your Android phone is broken,you have to recover contacts from dead Android Galaxy S4 directly. In this case, to recover Android Galaxy S4 contacts, you may need an Android contacts recovery program to get them back.
Note: In order to get the greatest chance to find your lost contacts, you'd better not use your phone for anything since the data loss. Get an answer how to restore lost contacts from broken or dead Android Galaxy S4 below step-by-step guide now! Once connect your phone to the computer, the program will promtp you to enable USB debugging if your Samsung has not set up that option.
Note: If you still get this window after enabling USB debugging on your device, please try to click "Open?

As you can see in the scan result, you can not only recover deleted contacts from your Samsung, but also retrieve text message, photos and videos. So after above 4 steps, you can get all your lost and deleted contacts back from any Samsung Galaxy device easily and reliably with the help of this Android Data Recovery.
Most retriever breeds make wonderful hunting dogs, and the Labrador might just be the “ultimate” hunting dog. What’s more,the Android Samsung Galaxy data recovery also supports retrieve text messages, photos, videos, ect. With bundles of energy, a cold-weather coat meant for long days outdoors, and the willingness to go to any lengths to retrieve your kill, the Labrador Retriever is best for duck hunting, but can help you out with any type of small game.
It works well with most of Android Devices & Android OS,like Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Infuse, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S5 and so on.

American FoxhoundThese dogs were bred with the purpose of hunting foxes, and are still very much up to that task. BeaglePerhaps seen as the “iconic” hunting dog, the Beagle is much like the American Foxhound in its persistence, energy, and love of the chase.
Golden RetrieverOften considered the quintessential “family dog,” Golden Retrievers, like their Labrador cousins, are also wonderful small-game hunters.
These sharp-nosed hunters will root out their namesake pests and help you bag them for good.

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