Pictures can take up a lot of space on an iOS device so it’s a fairly reasonable thing to want to delete them all from an iPhone to clear up some space. This method is by far the fastest approach since it doesn’t require any syncing, manual removal, or computer use, but as we mentioned it is not available to all iOS users as it only arrived in iOS 6 and in later versions.
Now the waiting part, which can take quite a while depending on how many pictures you have. Removing pictures from the iPhone this way through Windows is significantly faster than it is from Mac OS X, probably because Windows treats it like a file system rather than a photo manager.
You can also just delete pictures on a per-picture basis by tapping Edit then tapping each picture followed by the little delete button in red.
I have a GS3 and my computer is not recognizing my iPhone and I’m trying to delete all photos. That, and I didn’t get the little red (\) button the author mentioned in step 3 for mac. When I went to check and see if all the photos and videos were deleted on the actual phone, it DID delete all photos, but looked really strange.
All I did was turn the phone off and on again, and everything was back to normal with photos deleted. I just hate how Apple treats us all like idiots with the file management system through iPhoto and iTunes. Well it looks like it might be working in preview if you can’t highlight delete, to simply highlight all the photos with command a and slide them to trash. I deleted 5.9Gb of photos in this fashion from an iPhone 5 and it took less than 30 seconds. You can do this just as described on a Windows PC, HOWEVER it will again synch your pictures from iCloud and they will not show in the DCIM folder.
I clicked and it gave me the only option to remove ALL the photos on my iPhone… so I did.

My iPhone insists there’s 210 images in the Photo Library and apparently they will remain there for ever.
I have a folder namedflickr downloads in my photo albums in that there is a movie of almost 2gb I havn’t downloaded it and can’t delete it does someone know a way how I will be able to delete it? Important Note: You can not delete apps that came with your iPhone with the instructions below. The folks over at OSXDaily have posted a guide on how to delete the update, once it has fully downloaded in iOS.
If you’re going to be connecting it to a computer anyway to trash the pictures, you really should back them up first as part of that process. This is done directly in the Photos app, and all you need to do is select which pictures to trash in your Camera Roll or any photo album. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I thought I saw a button remove all foots from your iPhone upon import or something like that and it was quick.
Probably the easiest way to do it on the device but for a thousand pictures it would take a while to tap everything. You can first transfer them to your computer, then either selectively delete or delete the entire library. I am buying a new iPhone today, and needed to delete my 6470 pictures, as they are all in iPhoto on my Macs. Before removing it, I thought I’d mention that I did what I suggested in my last paragraph right above.
It is always a good practice to clear up unused apps, data, old pictures and videos to ensure your iOS device runs smooth. Zedge has changed this with a free app that offers free ringtones that can sync up to your iPhone or iOS device free.

Apps like Weather, Newsstand, Maps, Calendar etc… are stock apps that Apple has locked on your phone.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. One is import them with iPhoto which I don’t use, then transfer them into my own filesystem and delete them from iPhoto as well as the phone. Included in the tutorial will be some extra tips and the camera settings section which holds some extra features. Zedge can be downloaded free in the app store and includes instructions on how to setup a wireless sync for ringtones.
Even paid apps you can delete and then retrieve by simply downloading then again in the app store. Still there are some folks out there that only downloaded the update but have yet to install it, so it's better to not have a useless update taking up space on our devices.
The second is to keep my old Windows computer alive so that I can simply delete them as a file.
It would be a dream if I could get it to work, like some of your readers’ comments suggest. How To Get Hidden Spock emoji (Vulcan Salute) ???????????????? ???? Using your iOS device, navigate to this page using Safari. Apple keeps track of apps you purchased so you don’t have to pay for an app twice if you delete it and reinstall it.

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