Now in the SocialSafe program go to Accounts and on Facebook section add up your account details and login. Once that is done , click on the option shown in right side of Facebook section and tick on Messages ( or tick on everything as it will you to get the complete backup of your Facebook account ).
You might have deleted permanently some of your Facebook inbox messages and later you realize that were important to you and now you want to retrieve them back. Are you very upset as you are not getting your important Facebook messages which belong to your business proposal? It is already known to everyone that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites which plays very important role in our daily communication.
However in Facebook Messenger app, there are two options available which is Delete or Archive. Select the archive option to delete the messages from list but after archiving the messages from FB messenger, still those messages can be searched as they are not deleted permanently.
All your hidden messages are in your archives if you have selected the messages to be archived and not deleted.
Here you should remember that there is no option to restore your Facebook Messenger messages except using third party software when you have deleted it.
Facebook is one of largest and widely used social networking service providing platform present on the World Wide Web allowing people to interact with other individuals to make friends and have a great time on the site. The person having an account on Facebook can use the chat and messaging feature of the social networking service to communicate and connect with their friends, family, colleagues and several others. If the message or conversation is not there in the archived, then go to the settings of your account. With it you will be able to download the data of your Facebook account, with this you will be get the messages sent and received by you.

A Geek, Gadget Lover who likes to discover and write about the latest technology surrounding, being a learner he wants to acknowledge and learn more about things. Or have you mistakenly deleted some conversation between you and your lover on your iPhone? This is a social platform where people share posts, likes and makes comments and even chat with other people etc. If you archive the messages then there will be no messages on the lists but there is a possibility to restore it later. After that hit on the message which you want to archive or delete and there few options will be seen where you have to select archive or delete. You have to select the name of your friend with whom you have exchanged the archived messages. If you want to get back the erased messages from facebook then you might not get any option to get those messages because facebook don’t have any way to restore those messages which have erased. A large number of people use the website to connect and communicate with friends, relatives and person whom they might not know, allowing them to have a platform where they can share their views and other related things to various persons.
The chat feature allows the user to create groups to make many friends to interact with each other at the same moment and communicate with them. Go to the Messages tab present on the top bar of the page present in the middle of the Notifications and Friends tab.
Open the general account settings of the account and navigate for the option stating Download a copy of your Facebook data. On clicking the option you will be directed towards a new page where you will be able to download the archive of the account. This can be an advantage or disadvantage as the case maybe.You have accidentally deleted a message from your Facebook chat and want it back?

Well this type of situation may arise to anybody and they really don’t what to do next to get all the lost or deleted Facebook messages from iPhone?
But when delete option is selected then the messages is deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved but after deleting those messages, we may find that they are important. Even you can view the entire archive which is under ‘messages’ tab, just click on ‘more’ and then select ‘archived’.
Only if you have archived the messages then you can recover it by simply hitting on ‘unarchive’ option. Almost more than 1.5 million people are using the features and services of the social networking site making it among the most popular and ruler among the other social networking sites. The process involved in the recovery procedure is easy and simple posing any sort of problem along with not effecting your account making it unable to work properly. Click on Start My Archive option where you have enter your account password for initiating the download process. But here you may lose your important Facebook messages on iPhone and you don’t have even any idea of how to get back those lost conversations and you stay there just on thinking of how to restore those deleted messages. This is one of the effective solution which retrieve deleted or lost messages, text, photos along with full recovery solution.

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