Take Music From Your iPod & Download To Your ComputerIf you want to take some music and videos off your device and you're not sure whether or not you have them on your computer you can do the following. Editing Music and Video InformationAfter you have placed your music and videos into SharePod you can right-click and edit the files and change the artist, album art and so much more.
I downloaded Sharepod, and it only takes songs FROM the ipod, not TO the ipod, which is the opposite of the question that I had, and the exact opposite of the how-to statement at the top.
When you open Sharepod for the first time it will show all the music and videos you have on your device at this time or none if you haven't put any on yet. The best tool to use is of course the evasi0n7 released by the evad3rs team, and you can either use the Mac based or Windows based version of the tool for the purpose. Following is visual guide for installing SIM card in iPhone device you own.Insert SIM card in iPhone 41.

Now download the Sharepod.exe file (which isn't very big) and save it to your desktop, ready to be used.
At the top of SharePod select Copy to PC and you will get a screen like this:Just select where you would like to save it and click save.
Apart from the installation of the GUI Siri, the jailbreak app also allows you to connect with Apple’s servers to use Siri.
You can even leave it on the desktop if you wish but I recommend placing it in a less cluttered place like your My Documents folder.
Make a new folder and call it "SharePod", then place the Sharepod.exe you downloaded earlier and place it in that new folder. Open the folder and double click Sharepod.exe and SharePod will create and insert 3 or 4 other files.

Once you have added the files you want, click the Ok bottom of the screen and it will start copying files to your iPod. You will know if Sharepod has added the files or not as it will place a green tick or a red cross beside it to tell you if it has gone on to your device properly or if it has a problem with the file and give you options to resolve it.

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