25 of the most adorably creative DIY baby costumes for Halloween…that you can actually make. We always have the best time each Halloween poking around the web looking for the most awesome baby costumes. Just add a tattoo, some facial hair, and a bandana and you realize that babies kind of look like bikers anyway. Of all the traditional circus characters, this one freaks us out less than the bearded lady. If you’re up for dressing up too, this is such a cute way to bring your baby out on the town.

While this isn’t as easy as a store-bought, the results are so beautiful aren’t they? Still a favorite from last year’s roundup of amazing DIY kids costumes and hey, it never gets old. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee.
I can’t believe how creative parents are with their kids’ costumes, especially the triplet parents, when did they have time to make that stoplight costume?
Also? Make us feel a little sheepish about those years we just stuck our kids in a store-bought peapod costume and called it a night.

Visit our archives. And for more ideas, visit our Halloween Coolness Pinterest board and our Halloween DIY board. I’m taking it easy this year, I let my toddler pick out his costume online and his sister is wearing one of his hand-me down costumes.
While some of you blow our minds putting those sleepless hours to use building outrageous costumes, we know there are tons of ideas for creative DIY baby costumes that you can pull off with a little imagination, some basic crafting skills (or ordering-from-Etsy skills) and maybe even a baby carrier.

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