IDPhotoStudio is an extremely simple to use free utility for creating and printing multiple standard sized ID photo's using your printer, the handy utility lets you select a photo from your computer, automatically resize it to the required selected size and then print or save the output as an image for later use.
The software currently supports 2x2 inch USA, 35x45 mm France and 50x70 mm Canada passport photo sizes with option for upto 30 pictures on a single A4 sized paper, support for Greyscale and Sepia output is also provided. The only much needed feature missing in the utility would be the option to crop images, which is essential for creating passport sized pictures from normal images while maintaining proper height-width ratio.

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Remember the key here is measurements and if you make mistake, the photo printed may be too short or too large. In layout you have to edit and place each photos side by side by duplication.  Click ok and photoshop will show about 25-30 photographs printed on single photo sheet.

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