George Dooley, Travel Agent’s senior contributing editor covering retail and technology, has a long-standing reputation as one of the top travel industry journalists. INTERNATIONAL travellers are urged to factor in extra time at Australia’s airports today as thousands of workers walk off the job. IT’S known as the most haunted county in Britain, and these are all the terrifying reasons why.
RESERVING a good beach spot by putting down a towel has become such an issue this country has started handing out fines.
IF YOU’VE ever missed your final boarding call, you might be able to relate to this guy. IT MUST be a nightmare for paperwork, but this hotel’s dual address is an incredible tourist gimmick.
A DAY after Delta grounded thousands of flights around the world, the US airline has cancelled hundreds of more trips. TRANSSEXUAL activists have welcomed a move to allow Australians to identify themselves on their passport in their preferred gender. A JAPANESE women has been replacing deceased humans in her village with life sized dolls after their deaths. AN AMAZING display of lights, ice and snow are on show at the 32nd Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. If you’re looking to create a dramatic focal point in your interiors, you can play around with various photo print sizes, you can group or display pieces separately, and see what works best. Ask your local printer or inquire at an online printing service – what photo print sizes they can deliver, the kind of paper they print on and the cost per photo printout.
You can get your prints done at trusted photo printing services such as Costco Photo or CVS Photo.
A woman holds the Blackberry Passport smartphone during at a simultaneous launch event in London on September 24, 2014. TORONTO -- BlackBerry launched a new smartphone Wednesday as the embattled Canadian company hopes for a comeback. The BlackBerry smartphone, pioneered in 1999, changed the culture by allowing on-the-go business people to access wireless email. An enduring coffee tasting guide used by Starbucks partners (employees) is now brought to life in a digital form and made available to coffee lovers around the globe.
Company-issued print editions of the Starbucks Coffee Passport have been carried around by baristas since it was introduced in the early 1990s.

The digital version enables the same type of coffee experience. Sixteen core Starbucks coffees, nearly a dozen Starbucks Reserve Coffees and a half-dozen seasonal coffee selections may be explored through the web app coffee guide.
How-to guides and a glossary are supplemented with content from 1912 Pike, an all-things-coffee blog Starbucks launched in September that features coffee farmers’ stories from countries where Starbucks coffee is grown, video tutorials from partners and recipes. Long in discussion, the Starbucks Digital Coffee Passport was first shared with partners last month and is available for customers beginning  5 January.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have joined efforts to remind summer travelers of document requirements to travel into both countries. A step larger than the 4×6 print, this size presents more personal details with your photos.
Don’t hesitate to pack in more faces into one shot, the 12 x 36 print size is just right for group shots featuring a large number of people. BlackBerry on Wednesday unveiled its newest smartphone with a full physical keyboard and a large screen, aiming to return to its roots targeting business users.
Chief executive John Chen unveiled a large-screen, square sized phone called the Passport to a Toronto audience. Then came a new generation of competing smartphones, and suddenly the BlackBerry looked ancient. The handy, pocket-size guide details a coffee’s journey from farm to cup, including the steps in growing, buying, roasting, brewing and tasting Starbucks coffee. Partners are encouraged to write notes in their passport. Partners sampling Starbucks Sumatra Coffee, for example, browse information about the coffee – including growing region and flavor notes – and add their own comments. Tap the Share button on the bottom bar of the browser (it’s the square with the arrow pointing up).
As long as your photo images are shot in high-resolution or on traditional negatives, you have no problem scaling up, in case you want to do test prints of photo enlargements in the future. The 11×14 size is meant to showcase portraiture pieces for family rooms, exhibition areas and galleries. You can create a bold series of 16 x 20 enlargements as complementing collages, place together side by side on a wall or atop a fireplace.
We all know that big pictures make a big impact in a wide room so this perfect in an office setting if you intend to impress clients with your portfolio of projects. The great thing about it is that you can have your prints ready for pick-up within the day.
The BlackBerry Passport, named for its approximate size to the travel document, is designed to win back key corporate users after the struggling Canadian company was effectively knocked out of the highly competitive consumer smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. Apple first showed that phones can handle much more than email and phone calls with its iPhone.

In fact, adding a variety of photo print sizes to your display repertoire can add character to your personal living space, it’s also an inexpensive approach to showcase your art, vacation and family photos.
These retail hotspots are quite accessible, they are close to any neighborhood where you can just walk or drive by to get your photos. It’s also a great size for landscape photography because it’s large enough to show the incredible texture and details in your photos. Since being named chief executive 10 months ago, Chen has been putting more emphasis on BlackBerry's mobile device management business, a collection of software that allows IT departments to manage different devices connected to their corporate networks.
He has also emphasized BlackBerry's popular BlackBerry Messenger application that is now also available on Apple and Android devices. BlackBerry has increasingly lost relevance as a smartphone company in the years since the 2007 launch of Apple's touchscreen iPhone and the 2008 introduction of Google-powered Android phones. And he's tried to highlight Blackberry's embedded QNX software systems, which are used in-vehicle infotainment systems and industrial machines. Chen, who took over as CEO last fall after failed attempt to sell the once-iconic company, said the new phone was in the works before he joined BlackBerry and joked that he can only take credit for not killing it. BGC analyst Colin Gillis said the Passport is not critical to BlackBerry's survival because the company doesn't need to sell many to make money on them. He said he's determined to win back market share in Canada and had hockey-great Wayne Gretzky give a brief speech in support of BlackBerry.
Gillis said while the square shape is odd, past attempts to compete with Apple and Android with similar looking devices failed. It has a touch screen and a physical keyboard, something traditional BlackBerry business users prefer. A passport is not mandatory for entry into Canada but it is a preferable piece of identification.
Be sure to fill it out accurately and keep it in an accessible place until you have exited the secure area of the airport. All travelers must declare any firearms and weapons in their possession when they are seeking entry to Canada.
Anyone who does not declare them upon arrival can face prosecution, and the firearms and the vehicle used to carry them may be seized.

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