The passport size photograph is not only for applying for passports, but these photographs are used almost for every official applications to the government or various other organizations. Obviously one requisite for this setup to work is that you have a digital camera to take your pictures and that you have your own color printer. So after taking your own picture using any digital camera or your smartphone you can copy it to your Windows PC.
The printer attached to your PC will soon go to work and produce some good quality passport size photographs for your. Verdict: Print Passport Photo helps you print your very own passport size photographs at your own office or home without any hassles. This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web.

Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults. In fact, these days, passport size photographs are not needed when applying for the passports themselves as they capture your pictures using digital cameras during the application interview.
It does not matter whether you have an inkjet printer or a laser one, both will work fine for this purpose if you use good quality glossy photo paper. Then launch Print Passport Photo, click on the Load Image button to select this image, choose a size from the top, change the position of the image and finally when you are satisfied, you can click on the Print photos button. It is perfect solution if your work involves attaching passport size photographs of yourself or others to documents. Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials.

But for all other purposes, you still need the passport size photographs and if you do not want to make a run to the local photograph studio in your area, then you can make use of the freeware Print Passport Photo and print the passport size photographs at home using your own printer.
Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along.

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