Every day and night, many photographers flock onto the streets of Boston in search of the once-in-a-lifetime shot, or to frame memories of that day and night in a beautiful picture. Late evening is when youa€™ll find me, often wandering and photographing the Boston landscape. Before you head out to take a photograph, make sure to monitor the weather closely a€” to ensure that youa€™re not missing out on clear skies, or an unusual phenomena like a full moon or a super moon. Twilight occurs 20 to 50 minutes after sunset, and the optimum light does not last very long. When incorporating an interesting foreground feature into the photo composition, street lanterns or lights may be used to light up the objects in front of you while the magical cityscape is still beautifully exposed in the background. During long image exposure, car headlights and rear lights turn into beautiful red- and white-colored streaks that often add great appeal to a picture.
Bostona€™s prime destinations for night photography are along Memorial Drive, the parking garage of the Museum of Science, and the Christian Science Plaza in Back Bay, thanks to its reflective pool. Next time you are out and about photographing Boston by night, make sure to bring your tripod, a good dose of patience, and be ready to soak in the beauty of Bostona€™s twilight because ita€™s not always about photography, ita€™s also the experience that makes it unforgettable. For more information on local, award-winning photographer, Juergen Roth, visit his website, where youa€™ll find his stunning photography in hi res.

Footprints and tail drag marks provide an indication of the many little critters that inhabit the area. I animated my pictures of the annular solar eclipse and added a time lapse movie of the changing light levels during the eclipse. I recently upgraded to a higher resolution digital camera and started a new sequence of improved Moon photographs.
A dozen photographs of the Moon illustrating its changing face as it revolves around the Earth. Recent Commentssandra407 on California Wine Country, or 2 reasons why Missouri is better than CaliforniaThereasa Dougan on The Cascades and Mt. During twilight, the city certainly becomes magical a€” ita€™s a time of day when Boston lights up and the sky turns a beautiful turquoise, making it one of the most amazing city photo subjects to capture. Ita€™s no wonder that the amazing twilight colors in combination with the Boston skyline and famous city landmarks, such as the Prudential Center, John Hancock Building, and the Christian Science Center, are favorite photographic adventures among local and traveling photographers. For example, the Prudential Center glows in different colors: red and blue on Memorial Day, Go Sox in October or green on Saint Patricka€™s Day.
The magic of twilight is often hard to predict, which is why setting up early at a memorable location is key.

When that sort of light isna€™t at your disposal, a flashlight might be appropriate to use and provide a similar result. Using them as leading lines guiding the viewer into or through an image is a powerful tool that makes for a strong composition. Atop the Longfellow Bridge, the streets of Beacon Hill and Charlestown, Piers Park, and the Masspark Harbor park in East Boston are also great locations, to name only a few. Ilovenewyork Boston and photographing it’s skyline and landmarks – glad you enjoyed your traveling through my photos!
Two photos were exposed to reveal the dark side of the Moon illuminated by sunlight reflected from the Earth.
Once set up with a tripod and camera, you can fire away while closing in on the best light; so make sure you bring spare battery power and memory cards. A multiple-exposure of the totally eclipsed Moon taken on October 27, 2004 shows the Moon moving through the shadow of the Earth.

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