The lighting and detail in each photo is wonderful, bringing out each animal’s individuality.
The summit of Washington's Mount Rainier lies hidden beneath a stack of horizontally layered lenticular clouds.
The beauty of a Tassajara, California, sunset is enhanced by towering cumulonimbus clouds—but they will likely spoil the serene scene. Cumulonimbus clouds are the highest of all clouds and may soar above 50,000 feet (15,000 meters). The bright lights of Tucson, Arizona, are more than matched by a flash of lightning far above the city skyline. Cumulonimbus clouds, which are associated with severe storms, build in the skies above Mitchellton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Colorful clouds and calm water create a striking sunset scene for canoeists on Winisk River in Ontario, Canada. An image from the Galileo spacecraft shows the extent of Antarctica's cloud cover and reveals the weather patterns found at the bottom of the world. National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series. Get up close with some of the world's most fascinating underground communities, from gangs to cults to organized crime families.
As the global population soars toward nine billion by 2045, this corner of Africa shows what's at stake in the decades ahead.
Lightning flashes over Ayers Rock, a landmark red sandstone monolith that draws tourists to Australia's center. The remote Kimberley region in Western Australia features dramatic landscapes filled with river gorges and sandstone formations that were featured in the 2008 film Australia. The sky stretches far and wide above cowgirls—or jillaroos—on a cattle ranch in Queensland. Eight towering limestone monoliths make up the Twelve Apostles that sit on Great Ocean Road in southeastern Australia. The Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of Australia’s largest city and provides multiple venues for different types of entertainment. The world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground was built in 1853 after the Australian government forced the 15-year-old Melbourne Cricket Club to move locations.

Australian surf lifesaving clubs were formed in the early 20th century in an effort to help save swimmers who get caught in the sometimes treacherous surf.
King penguins crowd Macquarie Island, which is halfway between Australia and Antarctica and home to thousands of migratory seabirds and elephant seals.
The Remarkable Rocks, a series of weather-sculpted boulders that perch on a granite dome above the sea, draw visitors to Flinders Chase National Park on south Australia's Kangaroo Island. Crystal Shower Falls is just one natural attraction in New South Wales's Dorrigo National Park. The threatened Australian sea lion is found only in the Great Australian Bight, which arcs around the southern shore of the continent. The smooth, sandy shorelines of Australia’s Whitsunday Islands and the natural wonder of the surrounding Great Barrier Reef draw tourists from around the world. In a series on Behance entitled, Portraits of Animals, Holas expresses his love of animals with a collection of breathtaking black and white portraits.
Ripples of altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds—resembling the markings of a king mackerel—give the phenomenon its name. These mid-level clouds, which form above 6,500 feet (2,000 meters), often herald an approaching storm. Such low-level clouds, called stratus clouds, occur below 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) and often bring rain or snow.
These tallest of all clouds often produce violent storms of rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and high winds. Their distinctive anvil-top shapes occur because of the high lateral winds encountered at such altitudes. Clouds form when warm, humid air cools enough that water vapor condenses around tiny particles to form water droplets or ice crystals.
Most clouds are produced by the upward motion of air, which may be caused by weather or local topography. Hank managed to photograph the waterspout right over the ocean near his home in Tavernier, FL. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park houses the rock, called Uluru by Aborigines, the continent's original inhabitants. The Kimberley is also home to the massive boab tree, close relative of the African baobabs.

The original inhabitants of Australia, Aborigines were there for more than 40,000 years before white men arrived.
These eastern Australian residents spend most of their time dozing in eucalyptus trees, waking up at night to feed on the trees' tough leaves. A national symbol of Australia, the eastern grey kangaroo has been known to leap up to 29.5 feet (9 meters) in a single bound as it traverses eastern mainland Australia. The structures, once a part of the towering mainland cliffs, now sit about 80 feet (24 meters) high and 20 feet (6 meters) wide in the midst of crashing waves. Australia’s Gold Coast is a surfing paradise where grommets (Aussie slang for surfers) hang ten in the waves that flow into famous surfing beaches like the Spit, Surfers Paradise, and Mermaid Beach. The distinctive roof of the opera house is created from interlocking “shells” that form a terraced platform where pedestrians can stroll in the Sydney sunshine. Today the site is the largest stadium in Australia and has played host to Pope John Paul II, the 1956 Summer Olympics, and musical acts like The Police.
Victorian morality created the huts, situated close to the shoreline so women could slip into their bathing costumes and race to the water discretely.
Today more than 300 surf lifesaving clubs help keep beaches safe and sponsor competitions and carnivals.
The oceanic island is the exposed part of the undersea Macquarie Ridge, which is formed by the meeting of two tectonic plates. Boardwalks on the forest floor and the treetop level let visitors experience the rain forest up close.
The mammal is distinguished by an unusual breeding cycle that occurs every 18 months and has pups suckle for a year and a half. Many of the 74 islands are designated national park land while others play host to luxurious island resorts.
European settlers brought disease and politics to the continent, severely endangering the Aborigines’ distinct culture, language, and lifestyle.

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