Copyright © 2012 Festival Fashion Photograph e‡Za¤–a?•a‚§a‚?a?•a‚?a??a‚·a?§a?? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Fashion Model Directory. In spite of being a hoax to fool gullible UFO’ologists somebody came up with a pretty nifty form of art with crop circles.  Made in a variety of designs that can only be appreciated from far above, they certainly are different.
Over 1000 feet tall, this unique structure stood as the world’s tallest man-made structure for 41 years.  Completed in 1889, it is hard to believe today that this landmark so closely linked to Paris and to France was built only as a temporary structure meant to be torn down after 20 years and was built with the stipulation that it be easy to dismantle!  Luckily, the gateway to the 1889 Paris World’s Fair was not torn down and stands today as the world’s most visited paid admission monument (about 7 million visitors per year). The giant sculpture cut into the face of a mountain depicting the 60 foot tall heads of 4 of our greatest presidents was supposed to have been even larger, showing each man from head to waist.  When funding ran out in 1941, the project stood completed with just the heads sculpted.

Brought into pop-culture by tee shirts bearing its likeness and the masks used in the Scream movies, Munch’s 1893 creation is probably more accurately called The Shriek, as the Norwegian skrik would indicate.  The stylized painting of a person holding their head between their hands with an open mouth is said to be reminiscent of a Peruvian mummy found with a similar expression. Picasso worked in all sorts of artistic media, but is probably best known for his “Cubist” paintings and drawings.  His 1907 masterpiece cited here is instantly recognizable as Picasso’s signature work. Dali’s 1931 masterpiece shows soft, melted looking watches to illustrate how time is really not fixed and rigid, but fluid and relative.  A substantially weird dude, just reading about Dali and his colorful life is entertaining. Too much American artwork here, what about Michelangelos ‘David’, the Globe theater or maybe even something east of Italy which is as far as you got?
Louis it is one of the most stunning works of art in the entire world.  Hollow inside to accommodate a tram taking visitors to an observation deck, it is the world’s largest stainless steel monument.

Still, nothing like it had been done before and it stands as a huge and wonderful work of art. Obviously, in a painting that large there is a lot of detail, and modern scholars debate the symbolism to this day.  Looking like an LSD inspired fantasy, this masterpiece is not the typical Dutch Master painting. I can’t believe how much money some people are willing to pay for his tasteless artworks.

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