Fans of James Cameron’s Avatar have been eagerly awaiting a sequel since the film was released in 2009. As James Cameron tinkers away in New Zealand on Avatar 2, 3 and 4, he took the time to talk about the three back-to-back sequels that are expected to head into production imminently for release in 2016, ’17 and ’18, and he seemed rather pumped about what he has in store.
Avatar 2 is even  intended to release on Christmas of 2014, however such delays took place, the move to shoot three Avatar sequels at the same time makes sense for a number of reasons. First, Avatar wasn’t cheap to produce (over $200 million), and three films would come at a reduced cost if Cameron concentrated on one extended shoot, rather than dismantling everything only to have to rebuild (and re-hire) a few months later. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
Cinemagora regroupe les critiques films de la presse francaise et internationale ainsi que les avis des spectateurs pour fournir une note globale pertinente.
Cinemagora etablit un classement des meilleurs films de la semaine, meilleurs films du mois, meilleurs films de l'annee et des meilleurs films a venir. Cinemagora n'est pas un site pour trouver ou telecharger des divx, telecharger des fichiers torrent, trouver des liens Megavideo, Megaupload, Rapishare ou des streaming de films et de series mais pour vous permettre de choisir le bon film a regarder dans toutes les salles de cinema de France. The popular messaging app is encouraging marketers and media companies to shoot ads vertically, a clear departure from the common practice of using wide-angle landscape shots.
Snapchat touts itself as the go-to platform to reach millennials, and the most effective way to engage them is by turning the camera to fit the app's vertical perspective.
One of Snapchat's main features is its network of media channels under its Discover brand where Comedy Central, ESPN, Cosmopolitan and others post daily roundups of their best content. Snapchat said the best-performing shows and ads are those that are shot vertically; ads are viewed to the end nine times more frequently than horizontal ones, it added.

When horizontal videos pop up, they play in a downsized screen in the middle with a void above and below—kind of the opposite of how widescreen looked on old TV sets. Hearst publishes Cosmo, which refreshes its Snapchat channel daily and sells sponsorships to brands like Sperry and Victoria's Secret.
The ads, however, wind up having limited distribution because few other digital video sites display from that angle. Even though much of the video world has yet to embrace filming for smartphones, more digital outlets are popping up to hasten the move toward livestreaming apps. Cameron has been teasing us with the slightest details of what the next Pandora-set adventures might involve, but he has been very coy about story specifics and start dates. Peter Jackson shot the Lord of The Rings trilogy at the same time, a move which kept costs to a minimum – and we all know how that turned out.
Avatar was so successful ($2.7 billion globally) because audiences had never seen anything like it before – it was a “game changer”.
The move is prescient, given the latest video apps Meerkat and Periscope also stream vertically. Marketers now have to be more thoughtful about adding Snapchat to a campaign, and it requires this customization, the rep added. The magazine often repurposes landscape-formatted video for its own content, which must run on other platforms, but it encourages the brands to shoot vertically with specially created commercials.
Snapchat, even with 100 million-plus users, has to convince brands not only to advertise on its untested platform but also teach them how to create ads from this new vantage point.
The solution can be as easy as turning the camera on its side to look through the lens the way it would appear on phones.

Cosmo, however, has found a way to repurpose the ads from brands like Sperry, showing it within vertical display boxes on its website.
You will sh*t yourself with your mouth wide open. I’m not interested in developing anything. The effects, coupled with the use of 3D, made it a true cinematic experience, but Cameron risks cheapening the brand, (if you will) by flooding the market with too many Avatar films.
Mais un jour, il rencontre Heather, seduisante serveuse, qui va lui changer sa vision de l'Amour.
This new reality in video consumption should be a hot topic this week as marketers gather in New York at the Digital Content NewFronts. One blocked time-frame means that you may not have to recast roles, or shoot around actors who are busy elsewhere (hence the reason why Political Animals will have to wait for Weaver).
Sure, there is pent-up demand for Avatar 2 now, but will fans be so willing to part with their cash to see parts three and four in quick succession? Any disruption before consuming an ad unnecessarily discourages users, said Troy Young, president of Hearst Digital.

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