This Loreo 3D MACRO Lens turns your Nikon digital SLR camera into a real macro stereo camera. The Loreo 3D Macro Lens is supplied with instructions, a lens hood, a protective pouch and a Loreo Lite and a Pixi viewer. Look at our 'Examples & Downloads' section to view pictures that were made with this Loreo 3D Lens. If you are not sure what lens you need for your camera, or if you have other questions, please contact us.

With these viewers printed photos can be viewed in 3D, but also images on a computer monitor.
There you will also find for download a PDF-file with Tips & Tricks for using the Loreo 3D MACRO Lens.
The Loreo 3D lens is a so-called beamsplitter that uses mirrors to put the left and right stereo images onto a single photo. Using the included viewers, the photos can be viewed in 3D, in print or on a computerscreen.

This 3D lens is not suitable for analog cameras or digital cameras with a full frame sensor.

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