You might be a bit nervous to switch to Windows Phone 8 (WP8) if you’re already heavily invested in iTunes. If you’re on Windows 7 or prefer to work on the desktop in Windows 8.1, then download the desktop version. Next you just need to browse to the music folder and select the albums or individual songs you want. Whether you use the Windows Phone app or manually transfer songs, you’ll be able to see them on your phone by opening the Music+Videos hub. If you’re new to Windows Phone and want a quality starter phone to use mainly as a portable media player, check out the Nokia Lumia 520. Seriously, music sync on WP8 seems to be massively broken, even with Microsoft’s own media management solutions.
This method, which I think is the easiest in terms of behaving most like other computer interactions, allows for selecting music and dragging and dropping it to copy to iPhone from iTunes.
To me this is much easier to explain and use than creating a new playlist that syncs but sometimes brings with it stuff you don’t want or the auto-fill weirdness, or a myriad of other potential iTunes headaches. In addition, all your files, user settings, music et all will be on your new computer as well.
Your new computer needs to be compatible with the OS your old computer is running on, or prior to cloning you need to update the OS.
Another common trick is to store the iTunes library on an external hard drive if you change computers often, works well and no performance hit since it’s just music. One example, I often have song ideas that may start out in the Voice Memos app on the iPhone, but as I edit that file on a Mac I might want to a send it back to the phone for when I have later ideas away from the studio. Maybe I should only use Music Memos from now on as it just saves everything to iCloud which works out nicely. Any recommendations for a voice memo app on the App Store that uses iCloud for exchanging files back and forth from iOS devices to Macs? I really like apps that set up their own folders on your iCloud folder and auto save them there. Think Tutorial is a database of simple, easy to follow tutorials covering all aspects of popular computing.
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The source is build in jBuilder 2005 and cointains a project file, but it should compile in other compilers. Stratego is a game that will afford hours of entertainment and excitement not only to the two players but also to the spectators. These pieces have to be placed in such strategic formations as to give the best possible chances of attack and defense.
Strategy – the basic of many games, such as chess and checkers – is apt to raise thoughts of warfare. First of all, the players draw lots to decide who will play the red pieces, since the red party may open the play.
In turn, the players may move one of the pieces to the extent of one square, either forwards, backwards, to the left or to the right.
When two opponent pieces have approached one another – the pieces may now be standing facing each other or side by side – the players who turn it will be may take up his piece and with it strike the piece of his opponent, while at the same time declaring his rank. When two pieces stand next to each other, it is not necessary to strike at once; the move to do so may com from either player.
The flag, the other piece that must not be moved, falls at the attack of any other of the opponent's pieces. Scouts in the front lines are useful to probe the strength of the opposing army, but a player who has lost his scouts, is obliged to play at random.
To transfer your iTunes, go to that directory and copy over what you want to the SD Card or the phone’s internal storage.
Another thing to note is Microsoft launched a stand-alone Xbox Video app for WP8, as well as a preview version of its Xbox Music app. He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek. Fortunately, copying music onto an iPhone from iTunes is fairly easy once you learn how to do it, though you’d be forgiven if you find the music copy process to be a little confusing at first glance. This is not the same as the playlist sync method, since rather than creating music playlists in iTunes to sync to iPhone you’ll instead be able to manage music and copy on a per-song and per-album basis. Another perk to manually managing your music this way is that you can actually copy audio and music directly from the file system to an iPhone, without importing it into a iTunes Library first. Play it in a car, through headphones, stereo, any AUX hookup, or out of the little speaker, enjoy! Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! However, the publishers have had no intention to present a game of war; this particular form has only been chosen because the military order of rank is so eminently suited to assign a certain value to the different pieces.

Contrary to the other pieces the scout is allowed to jump more than one open square in one move. If this is a piece with a lower rank, then it is removed from the board and the higher ranking piece takes the place which has thus come free. This would all change if Apple could only introduce a proper file system, and allow you to view your media by file structure as well as by tags.
Think Tutorial’s strength and success resides in its very intuitive approach and design that keeps everything simple and organized.
Currently studying History at Laurentian University in Sudbury Ontario, he hopes to one day become a teacher. Think Tutorial's strength and success resides in its very intuitive approach and design that keeps everything simple and organized. When setting up the pieces the the two middle rows of squares must remain unoccupied just as the two lakes which, also the course of playing, the armies may not cross. If, on the other hand, the opponent's piece proves to have the higher rank, then the lower ranking piece is removed from the board while the higher ranking piece retains its own position.
However, in order to mislead the opponent, it is also recommendable to place a few bombs at some distance from the flag. In fact, the process is similar to transferring other types of data from your computer to the phone. That the pieces will have to be set up according to the player's own strategic insight, will be clear from the rules of play. The flag and bombs may not be moved and so remain in there original position during the entire game.
So the spy goes down before the scout, the scout go down before the miners, the miners before the sergeants, the sergeants before the captains, and so on. A high-ranking piece here and there in the front lines is a good thing, but the player who rapidly loses his high officers stands in a weak position.
All of them return assorted errors during the copy, and the end result is a phone with a bunch of duplicate song entries on it.
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