If you are a fashion-forward woman, your perfect beautiful look will be incomplete without well-manicured nails and a trendy and stylish design that is called nail art.
Of course, it is very easy to apply a plain nail polish for your nails, but many self-confident women today graduate towards nail art. 2.If your nails are really in a very bad condition, even an experienced technician cannot do much justice. 4.You can also buy a professional-grade nail art kit which includes all the stripers, brushes and tools you need. 6.Choose your nail art design beforehand and make a try on one of the nails to see if it will really suit you.

7.After completing your design and ensuring it is dry, paint it over with a clear protective acrylic top coat. Yes, it is, because it is meant to use colors and accessories in such a way that can turn your plain-looking nails into works of arts.
Use fake or acrylic nails in this case, and then you can apply your chosen nail art design on them. Experiment with different brands and types of polish or paint to decide which of them you like best.
Though, you may add up some more visiting your local hobby-store for thin-tipped detail brushes, or using a toothpick or a bobby pin to help apply dots and swirl colors.

You will have to reapply this top coat every two or three days to make your nails look shiny.

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