During her lifetime, Marilyn Monroe was known for her heart-breaking beauty, but she was also a wise, intelligent, misunderstood soul.
Jo and I were brainstorming a while ago about these old phones and wondering if we could upcycle one into something new and functional.
Following the guidance on the template pieces, line up the edges and secure with a piece of tape to create one large pattern piece. Then line the template up with the vinyl again and trace (DO NOT CUT!) the center circle onto the vinyl. Use the template one more time to cut another piece out of a coordinating fabric for your purse lining. Cut the circles out and take a moment to label them #1 and #2 (match them up with the numbers on the patterns) so that you won’t get them mixed up later.
Before you start assembling, do a quick check to make sure your pieces are going to work together. Flip the piece back over and put a really thick ring of hot glue on the cardboard circle, all the way around. Press the two cardboard circles together really well and make sure they are stuck together all the way around.
When you’ve finally got it flipped (and rewarded yourself accordingly for completing such a feat) you’ll see that the shell of the bag is pretty much done! Grab your lining fabric, fold it so that the right sides are together, and sew up the sides just like you did for the vinyl.
Hold one of the points in place and use your sewing machine to tack it down with about an inch of stitches, making sure to go right through the cardboard. Flip the lining inside out (so that the pretty side of the fabric is on the inside), revealing the cardboard on the bottom.

Put a bunch of hot glue on the bottom of the cardboard, then quickly and carefully shove it down into the vinyl shell of the purse. Line up the cardboard on the bottom as well as you can, and use your hand to press it down in place. Those top edges don’t really want to stay together, though, especially if you used a really lightweight or silky lining material. Then gather up all that patience you used earlier when flipping the shell inside out because you’re going to need it again. When you’ve got one side of the purse in the clasp, let it dry completely before attempting to do the other side. I’m amazed by how well this glue holds and by how cute the purse looks with the clasp on! All that’s left is to add the handle, which is probably the most clever part of this bag.
To attach the handset to the phone, feed one of the ribbons under the hinge on the clasp and pull it back out to the side.
Take the phone cord and hold it up to the purse to see how long a piece you will need to reach from the handset to the hinge, and cut two pieces that length (regular scissors will do the job). Then feed each coil of cord onto one of the ribbons by looping the end around and turning it until it corkscrews its way onto the ribbon, hiding it from view. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a retro purse made from a vintage rotary phone! Just try and walk down the street with this purse in your hand and not get a comment or two! That’s so weird… I recently ran across an old phone cord and had decided I was going to make a purse strap out of it!

Amy and Harrison, with all the mobile phones nowadays, I suspect in another generation or two, people won’t even recognize this as a phone.
Cute as can be–I have old phone parts and I am going to start this in the next few days. Barb, finding an old rotary phone to use for parts can be quite tricky, but there are lots of vintage rotary phones on eBay. Just recently I was at an antique store and my niece who is 10 saw a rotary phone for the first time. I then went to pick the kids up from kindergarden and another parent said that she called my phone and i didn’t answer, I then looked to my purse and realised that I no longer had a house phone. As the brides’ friend or relative, you have the right to wow the wedding guests with a successful bridesmaid appearance.
I was going to make one out of my mobile phone but I realised this would not work as I actually need to use my phone! We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe. Today, let’s take a look at 16 glamorous bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair with our pictures below! When you decide what kind of hairstyle to wear on the wedding day, you should first put your bridesmaid gown that you are going to wear into your consideration.

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