Telltale recently stated that they only consider taking on licenses that provide a challenge, ones that are hard to translate into gaming. Sure, Batman has been showing up in video games for about the entire run of home consoles, from the Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW, MSX and Sinclair ZX Spectrum personal computers’ Batman, to the recent Arkham series on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, PS Vita, 3DS and mobile devices.
Yes, games like Arkham Asylum and its sequels have placed Batman in horrible places to face horrible enemies. We love playing as this badass, paramilitary super-ninja who fights the craziest of the crazed, but we don’t really get as involved with the man under the mask as we could, or should.
The Dark Knight film trilogy by Christopher Nolan may have polarized fans with its plot holes, various omissions and realistic reinterpretations of characters and concepts, but one of the things that has made them so successful was the nail-biting scenarios Batman’s enemies put him into. Every Batman villain has some kind of psychological quirk which, when applied to some kind of specialty or set of resources they possess, become a dangerous challenge that Batman has to defeat.
Many of these confrontations with Arkham’s worst have employed the most unusual, creepy and disturbing plans, some that would fit easily into a top grade psychological horror or thriller flick. A Telltale Batman game should remind fans of the horror Batman faces, drawing upon the same life-or-death situations of The Walking Dead. A game like this could even span over several periods of Batman’s life, showing how certain choices and consequences impacted him over the years. Another way Telltale could approach a Batman game is by telling the story from someone else’s perspective. What if you were playing as an honest GCPD cop in a police department where Gordon has been removed from service?
You witness acts of depravity performed by the politicians and police of Gotham that you have no one to report to. Revisiting a character like the fan-favorite heroine Stephanie Brown (a vigilante who eventually became a successor to both the Robin and Batgirl mantles) could explore some of those themes and ideas, which would fit perfectly with her character.
There’s also the possibility to feature several of the characters who make up the Bat-family, perhaps one per chapter, in one bigger interlinked story surrounding a major story.
There are so many possibilities for a city like Gotham, one that is ripe with the same kinds of decisions Telltale fans love, and a variety of characters to choose from. Does an over-saturated character need a game from a developer who is quickly becoming over-saturated?
Yes, it a Telltale Batman project lends itself to this problem where Batman is the Wolverine of DC, showing up everywhere and getting all the love. To me, a Telltale game not only would be the first true Batman game to really give nuance to all of the characters involved, but Batman and Gotham make more sense to me for them too. Superman to me would also be a good candidate because there’s a constant “What should I do?
Also, personally I feel telltale might be over saturating the market a little, they have the walking dead and wolf among us in the market and game of thrones and borderlands in development.
Like you said, other DC characters need their chance to shine in the meantime, and I can’t think of one more deserving than Green Arrow. You need a good imagination and a daring nature to design and wear a funny Halloween costume because you have to be able to laugh at yourself and be able to accept criticism and laughter at your expense.
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Along with trust, devotion and sacrifice, there are also other things that strengthen the relationship of love and care.
Joke can small gesture, a word, a phrase, a sentence even a conversation, but the compulsory thing about all these is, it must make you smile and giggle.
The Fables series adaptation The Wolf Among Us has started off with a bang, wowing newcomers to the franchise and even surprising Fables comics fans (myself included) with its cliffhanger ending.

With that in mind, and with their history with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, I dived into that thought, wondering what other franchises could be interpreted (or reinterpreted) by telling stories in video games the Telltale way.
Some of these games have been serviceable for their time, some have been forgettable, and a few have been absolutely amazing. But a Telltale game could truly magnify the terror these villains are meant to instill, not only in the citizens of Gotham, but even, to some extent, Batman himself. Forcing him to decide who to save and dealing with the measure of loss that comes with those decisions is what makes Bruce Wayne Batman.
We love detective shows so much on television because there’s something dynamic about taking logic, reason and science to decipher the machinations of the illogical, the unreasonable and the insane. Sure, the average fanboy may cry foul over a Batman game whose narrative is told from a Gotham City detective or sidekick’s perspective, but this really could intensify actions and choices made in the game. Following a tired Gothamite who just wants to make a difference, the story could follow a young hero who gets caught up in a trap they weren’t ready for. You see crimes that stem from poverty and injustice that can’t be fixed with a one-two punch and roundhouse kick.
Beginning as a girl who just wanted to stop her villainous father from committing crimes, she soon was swept into the euphoric joys and suffocating depths of the hero lifestyle, facing everything from love to death and parenthood to reinvention during her two decades worth of stories. The recent Zero Year, Death of the Family or Court of Owls storylines that are set in DC’s rebooted New 52 continuity could make for great settings.
This is a problem for DC across the board, since the caped crusader is the only character to successful get cartoon after cartoon, movie after movie, and game after game. But as I said in the article, a lot of that love isn’t a very good exploration of the character, and his villains are overused but not given any depth.
He’s a grounded, HUMAN character that can be hurt, there are hundreds of layers to explore between he and his villains, and I even gave the angle that the game may not even star the Dark Knight himself. In my opinion, these are not the types of games that lend themselves to this type of rampant release and I fear this adventure game bubble might burst very soon if care is not taken on their part. They’ve had a major problem with releasing things on time, and then some of their games have freezing, slowdown and other little bugs when played on consoles. He is essentially the Robin Hood type of character than people can root for, someone to stand for the common man against the corruption of our corporate controlled country. A green leotard or bodysuit and a lot of green balloons can be turned into a funny costume that looks like a bunch of grapes. Wrap yourself in green felt and paint small green peas on your face and become a pea in a pod.
There so many funny costumes you can make out of the larger boxes you have stashed in your garage.
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With news of the Game of Thrones and Borderlands franchises joining the Telltale family, there’s plenty of gamers wondering…what other franchises can Telltale take on? But while these games have usually created a world full of action and danger, none have really dissected the real horror of what Batman faces night to night.
Or it could create new stories and situations, where Batman has to choose not only how to save a life, but choose whose life he can save. On needing to trick the World’s Greatest Detective into believing he needs your help as the only honest cop on the force, so that he can trust you long enough for you to trick him? Older ones like Bruce Wayne: Fugitive and Cataclysm could also work as inspiration, with the former involving Bruce Wayne accused of murder and the former involving the Bat-family working together in a ruined Gotham city that had been destroyed in a disaster and taken over by Arkham villains and their gangs. And with a game like this, any one of us could finally experience that feeling in a way that can’t be expressed in any other medium so far. All batman needs right now is a break, I mean I know he keeps the lights on at DC but for Gods sake give someone else a goddamn look. Wonder Woman would be cool too, but I think she fits better in an action game similar to the Witcher, if anyone gave her a chance.
I want to know if they can handle their own explosion of games or if they need to expand a bit.

Also, he would feature a similar skill set to Batman while also being able to incorporate a cool ranged attack focus.
What is easier than blowing up a few balloons and either sewing or sticking them onto your leotard in the shape of a bunch of grapes?
You can even paint your hair green or wear a green wig to add to the “green” effect of a pea. Cut holes in the box for your arms legs and neck and use this for the base of a number of costumes. When you are so much in trouble and surrounded by the uneven things, you need some time to take rest and refresh it. Today36 - Tell One After35 - 34 - SPAM33 - 32 - Clap31 - 30 - Did You See29 - 28 - Slender Man27 - 26 - Credit Card25 - 24 - Dry Wet23 - 22 - Roommates21 - 20 - Vector vs. And then you get into the crosshairs of someone devious like Black Mask, insane like the Riddler, or truly destructive like the Joker. In regards to your post, yes, of all the JL members batman would most definitely fit a telltale game best. If DC don’t get on it soon, then Marvel could pull the rug out from under them and create a game similar in tone to their current Hawkeye series, which would be beyond amazing, and much more ripe for a TellTale take than Batman in my opinion. In playing the DC Comics villain, Leto has gone method in the most obnoxious way.So lock your doors and get a restraining order, because these are the most annoying things Jared Leto has done as the Joker. Become a friend egg cut a hole in a white tablecloth for your head, throw it over your body, wear a yellow straw hat and finally paint your face yellow with face paint to add the final touch.
Wear a nude body suit, paint the box like a gift box or use wrapping paper to give an authentic look tie a gift type bow in your hair and carry a card that says “god’s gift to man” written in bold letters on it. Alongside you want to be with your best friends and family members to share your feelings and to have some fun. However I still feel DC can do better, go with the question, or constantine or something just no more batman for Gods sake.
Wrap yourself in yellow felt, paint small black stripes on it to represent a banana peel and go as a banana. Or if you are a guy make sure your chest is tanned beautifully and wear a smaller box that covers the private parts and change the card to “god’s gift to women” written on it. And in the company of friends, it is not possible that every meeting goes without giggles and laughs.
The variations to the box costume theme is endless, you can make it into a refrigerator, washing machine, bubble bath, your favourite cereal, etc your imagination can run wild and come up with more hilarious ideas. Grow that take in the books, then bring it forward for the rest of the Bat-media empire in a few years time. Opening a package with rat inside might just help convey the gruesome, contradictory push and pull between Mr. If this shows in the final product, Leto's approach will have paid off.If you think that's bad, get a load of this crazy thing Jared Leto did. And maybe the use of Harley Quinn's nickname for Joker on Batman: The Animated Series means Leto's version takes some cues from Mark Hamill's classic take on the character. When Viola Davis was asked if she was the lucky recipient of Jared Leto's 'craft', the actress said that she was not. In fact, she added, a€?or else I would have gotten my husband, who was called a€?headache balla€™ back in the day when he played football.
Or maybe it reminded them of the pecking order and goosed their performances with some legitimate annoyance at the actor's antics.
Well, those go together like the best milk you've ever tasted and the absolute best f*cking chocolate chip cookies in the world.

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