By no means am I very good at photography, but I have to start getting serious about taking decent product photos for the relaunch of my etsy shop (which I am hoping to reopen Mid February!)  During my time off, I have been sewing and crafting, but also learning how to take better pictures. The most difficult part is matching up the pattern when you start a new row, but just take it slowly and you will be fine. So, now that I have these backdrops, I plan to make some plain ones by just hanging some solid color fabric on the wall and using the same baseboard trim and beadboard flooring trick! In the meantime, I really have to learn how to take better photos because I can just see how out of focus these are!
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I so wanted to love this idea but am I the only one who is finding it extremely difficult (basically impossible) to line up the pattern for the wall??? On the subject of photography, I complained recently to fellow Blogging Business Artisans friends that inconsistent lighting conditions have been making it difficult for me to get consistent photographic results.
Although you can purchase a light box from a camera shop or an online venue, it is often expensive. John cut PVC pipe in different lengths for me so that I can adjust the size of the box to fit multi-sized products. On the inside of the box, I clamped an oversized rectangle of Bristol board to the rear horizontal PVC pipe, forming a smooth, curved background for product photography.
I draped white swim suit lining fabric over the frame, and anchored it in a couple of areas with plastic clamps you can find at any home improvement store.
You’ll notice that my lights are clamped to upside down T-shaped stands that John made for me from maple craft wood. Yes, knitted hats with long braids are very much the trend, so you’re right on top of that!
So as Anna mentioned yesterday, I am taking over for the day for a little woodworking lesson. This may seem like a complicated process at first glance, but it is surprisingly simple and can easily be complete by a novice at woodworking. In addition you can use this same design to create your own coffee table by simply subtracting one shelf and shortening the legs. Before inserting screws place small amount of wood glue at the inner joint where the leg and sides meet.
Secure the sides of the second layer to the legs with the same system of pre drilling and glue described in step 3. I used spar varnish because my wife wants to primarily use it outside and a spar varnish will provide better moisture and UV protection.
The wicker furniture is actually from an antique store and I spray painted it:) It was a lucky find! Love this idea – I also saw and idea similar to this on Pinterest, but it was an old cupboard fixed up and attached to an outdoor porch wall and stocked with bar stuff and outdoor entertaining accessories, which I loved. With a new baby on the horizon, I am planning for the adjustment months and really excited to announce that IHOD will now be accepting submissions for features! One of my main goals in moving to this new bloggy home is to continually work on my photography.
I’m a big fan of magazines for photographic and creative inspiration, so recently I grabbed a stack of them and one of my many trusty sketchbooks, and spent a happy afternoon cutting out images that caught my eye and provided me with photographic inspiration. In some it’s the light I loved, or the fact they had avoided perfection in their composition. I added a few notes for each so that next time I seek ideas I can flick back through and remind myself what stood out as different in each of the photos.
Teehee- I love how Bea seems to be wishing that the awesome cake in that last photo would come to life! All images and text are the property of Anna Burnell, Please do not use without permission.
Next, you can order photo booth props online or print your own at home, gluing them to kabob skewers.  Costume hats, sunglasses, boas, jewelry, etc. Professional photo booth rentals can cost $600-$1,200 for just a few hours of time.  Making your own photo booth with Imago Booth for iPad is easiest way to make your party unforgettable. If you are thinking of organising a photo booth hire service in Berkshire for your reception, then you may want to give it a try at making your own props rather than pay extra to hire them through your photo booth company.

Stick Props – One of the easiest types of props that you can make at home has to be stick props. Masquerade Masks – Working along a similar line to the stick props, the masquerade masks can be popped on a stick for your guests to hold up against their face during a photo. A Chalkboard – Fancy letting your guests have free reign during their own mini photo shoot?
Finally, if you want to find different props for your photo booth hire, then why not hit charity shops or vintage stores to see what treasures you can dig up there.
Does all this sound like too much hard work on top of your already expanding list of things to do?
Her love of sewing, crafting, cooking and interior design infuses her daily life and naturally spills over into her online presence. I thought the flooring was real from your pictures, and your model is adorable even if she wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot. Thankfully, I can still write even if I can’t speak well, so the result is this post after about four weeks of silence. This is the time of year when sales of crocheted scarflettes, fingerless mittens and headwarmers slow down.
The pipes fit into 3-way elbow joints, and can be disassembled in a minute to put away, or reassembled just as quickly for a different size.
Technically, you can use muslin or just about any fabric through which light shines easily. This is an optional item, since technically you can clamp lights onto anything that is the right height. I have discovered that lighting is more consistent, but also that I can’t entirely get away from using a photo editing program such as Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop Elements. By the way, the lightbox comes with red, black and blue nylon backgrounds as well as the white to put behind your product. This was my first furniture project designed and built from the ground up, and I would in no way consider myself highly skilled in woodworking. I love the bar cart and have forwarded to my hubby with directions to get on it;) I love the functionality of it!
And I don’t just mean the quality of the photographs I produce, but how I tell readers a story through my images. Others broke the rules of classic photography advice, such as having one focus and keeping the background clear. Even though I love Pinterest there’s something so fun about cuting and pasting in a notebook.
We have been doing some traveling here in the USA and this might be a good idea to try out. For those of you who fancy getting creative, we have given some top tips below for easy to make photo booth props. These come in a variety of different forms and are simply a case of printing out a shape of your choice and attaching to a stick.
Unlike the stick props, these masks will require plenty of customisation and embellishment by you.
Old dresses, old handbags and a variety of other memorabilia can be found here, which can give a really vintage and fun feel to your event.
If yes, then why not speak to Virtual Events about our photo booth hire service in Berkshire?
She pushes the envelope of her creativity and hopes that others will be inspired to do the same. She made her own using inexpensive materials, and has been very satisfied with the outcome for her jewelry designs. I have seen light boxes constructed from a cardboard box with sides cut out, a clear plastic tub turned on its side, and box frames made from PVC pipe. He bought six half-inch-wide lengths of 5-foot long PVC pipe, and cut the pipes in lengths that measure 12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches.
Before I snap any photos, I turn on the clamp lights and set the white balance manually on my camera.
That might be chair backs, the lip of a heavyweight vase, or even a vertical kitchen towel holder.

Some product colors present more challenges, and so does learning the individual features of your camera. I had some white nylon fabric I use but haven’t gotten the right kind of clamp lights next. I moved the shelves around to create a large enough area, put in the poster board like yours, and use shop lamps with daylight bulbs like yours clamped to the top of the bookshelf. What is good about the design and materials is that it can easily be turned into a cart by shortening the legs and slapping the wheels of your choice on the bottom. As such, it is an ideal project for a first timer, especially considering the relatively low cost.
For many people, they make the decision to try and do some of the preparation, crafting and organising themselves, all with a view to saving some money.
Moustaches, glasses, speech bubbles and of course a smiley mouth or two; you can draw up your own templates or perhaps find some online for you to use.
The details you add can depend on your own theme, from lace and sequins to feathers and sparkles. You can leave this within the booth and then the guests can decide what to draw or write for their own photo. We not only provide you with the very best in photo booths but when you hire through us you will receive a variety of different props that really make the most of all your photos. She currently authors the Welcome to the Mouse House Blog, is the pattern designer behind Mouse House Creations and is a collaborative designer with Willow & Co. It is also a great time to build up stock for much later in the year, and to take new photos of items already offered for sale.
You may wish to visit her post in which she describes the tutorial and tips she used to make her own light box, which you can see here. I even saw a stand-up light frame made from PVC pipe that stood in front of a product sitting on the floor. Be aware that some lights take a little time to warm up fully and reach maximum brightness. In my case, however, I was looking for a fixture to which I could clamp my lights at variable heights, since I knew I was going to be using differently sized light boxes. I find that using the macro and white balance settings of my camera are important, as well as using a tripod.
But I think this is a great way of using other media than digital photos, plus I enjoyed how this was a slow pastime, so it gave me time to really consider what I liked about each image instead of always pinning first, thinking later.
The best bit – all our props come included in the price of hiring a booth with us, so unlike many other photo booth companies, you won’t need to pay any extra to have some fun! The idea behind a light box is that you shine light onto your product through a layer of fabric or paper, creating soft, diffused lighting conditions because the light source is outside the box.
After I watched several videos and visited several blogs, I decided that PVC pipe would work best for me because you can customize your light box to whatever size you need, and you can take it apart to put away when you’re finished with your photography. I thank you for pictures of how you clamped your fabric and did the backdrop using Bristol paper. My Bristol board sheets, which are 100-pound weight, cost me about three dollars altogether. Previously, I placed white felt on a bed and used the diffused lighting from a bedroom window for my product photography.
A little editing through Picasa works well for me, and when I need more white background, I have found FotoFuze to work well.
Honestly, you’ll have to experiment with the number and locations of your lights to see what works best for you. Lighting conditions varied throughout the day, and from day to day, creating consistency issues.
I can tell you that a bigger box will need more light, and also that the amount of light given off by your light bulbs will be factors.
With a light box, at least you can control the lighting, and that makes a big difference, I believe, in the outcome of your photos.

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