Over Thanksgiving 2012 10 million Thanksgiving-themed photos were shared at a rate of 200 photos per second, according to Instagram’s own blog. Before you start using it for business, check it out as a personal user – it’s a good time to play with all the features. For your profile name, choose an account name that’s the same as the Twitter handle of your business. A key to good business is responding to your customers, enable notifications so you can see when people share or comment on your photos. Go ahead and link Instagram to Twitter and Facebook (as well as Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr). Learn more about Instagram engagement in Tips, Tactics and Best Practices to Improve Your Instagram Life. Now that you’ve uploaded your first photo, try it again, but this time, to give your photo more reach – add a hashtag. They are a key tool for organizing your photos and helping Instagram users to find photos on topics that interest them (such as your products).
Establish a hashtag for your business from the start, so that you can provide consistency and something customers can memorize. Instagram has a built in tool to help you find people which works particularly well with Facebook. Have a look at your profile and see if it represents your brand well, once it does, get sharing this new profile URL.
Photos that look like they are taken on the fly or those that are a bit wacky tend to do better. If you’ve successfully grown your followers based on customers or leads from your other networks, make sure you engage with them regularly, with comments and likes on their photos, to keep you top of mind. As a business, you probably want to take advantage of local traffic and Instagram works well for this. Because it’s so visual, Instagram is an excellent tool for marketing and promoting your business. Show context of use: Instead of just using standard shots of your product, try showing people using it to illustrate the benefits of doing so, and that you have a customer base.
Asking customers to post their own photos of your product or service and then showcasing them.
Have a spot on the wall of your office (like a whiteboard) where you can write details of updates that are happening, then take photos of it to share. This is the same as finding customers that was mentioned earlier, except that you are searching based on caption and tagging. As with any social site, you need to know what people are responding to and how so you need analytics.
Whenever a new feature is released, do a Google search to see how others are using it for business. Self-confessed word nerd and polymath Sharon Hurley Hall has the perfect job as a professional writer and blogger.
Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually recognize what you are talking about! Very nice article – I needed to to know more about Instagram, so the timing was perfect. I’ve just been trying to like a ton of photos (~100 on the days I like pics) which resonate with our products as well as photos related to who I think our target market is. I’m about 2-3 weeks into the experiment and our followers have almost doubled as well as our likes going up substantially.
As Instagram was originally iPhone only, it’s a great target market for us (as appose to Pinterest) as we know almost everyone has an iPhone. Plenty of creative ways to boost marketing efforts on Instagram, thanks for these healthy reminders. Just one question that I can’t seemed to find anywhere on the internet: how do I couple more then one user to my business account?
In this article I’ll explain how to use Instagram to drive big results for your business. The only place where you can put a clickable link on Instagram is in your profile, below your bio description.
If you’re going to see any success with Instagram, you must use this link effectively. Include a website link on your profile, since it’s the only clickable link on Instagram.
Want people to go to a specific product page for two weeks and then change it to a new product page after that? On Instagram, Michael Kors shares images of products in environments familiar to their audience. Also, if your customers post photos with your products, share them as user-generated content (UGC). Companies that don’t have tangible products to sell can still use Instagram to showcase their services.

Even if you don’t have a specific product, showcase your services by taking creative photos and posting them on Instagram. If you travel for work, visit different branches of your company or even interact with people around town, and take photos of real-life encounters to showcase who you are.
Another way to add pizzazz to your Instagram photos is to put a text overlay on your image.
Use a desktop tool like Photoshop or PowerPoint or a website like Canva or PicMonkey to create text overlays on your images before you upload them to Instagram.
Use the text overlay to list the price or options for a product, advertise a sale or limited-time offer or promote an event—whatever way you need to convey a clear message about your brand or service.
The post caption, which is the first comment immediately underneath each Instagram post, is the comment you include during the upload process. This valuable Instagram real estate should never be left blank and it should be as descriptive as necessary to complete the message.
Creative calls to action, like this one from Nordstrom, boost engagement and ultimately sales. Whatever your call to action is, make sure it’s clear and of value to your followers. To make the best use of your post captions and comments, include relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts.
Emoticons are a kind of like a new language for iPhone users so take the time to examine one of the several different offers you will find on the Apple AppStore and download the one that suits you best. A few days ago Mashable published a funny post about the use of emoticons and movie titles, check it out and let your creativity flow.
I followed the instructions above and I can’t get the emoticon next to my username, I keep getting an error message. You got a very helpful weblog I’ve been right here reading through for about an buy real instagram followers hour or so.
Great post, some excellent articles, I’ve been reading quite a few, will definitely be back, thanks.
Go to your Android market store, download one of your fav emoji apps and then select it as a language in your device. I have a Galaxy S4, I tried to set language as emoji, doesn’t even give me an option.
Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts – you were featured today! I love this idea but since I am so not hair-sophisticated, I’m having trouble with putting the bobby-pin in!
The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics.
Instagram doesn’t have brand pages, so whatever you learn will still be useful when you put your business hat on. This will let you engage with them more quickly – just like a lot of companies do on Twitter. Boosting their reach, and improving the likelihood that you’ll get people responding to them.
You can brighten colors, change pictures to sepia, enrich the overall look, rotate, crop and change the image focus.
A good tip for business users is to ask questions in your captions to increase the possibilities for engagement. This can include having an image of your office or employees, or your logo, rather than personal profiles which often have a photo of the user. LinkedIn for business discussions and lead gen, Twitter for content marketing updates and customer conversations, and Facebook for more fun company culture based updates. Then include a comment with more details and a link to a landing page that has a more formal letter.
As a rapidly growing company, there are hundreds of bloggers following every step of Pinterest’s growth. Her career has spanned more than 20 years, including stints as a journalist, academic writer and ghostwriter.
You can follow and like with a single tap so they’re evaluated much less than any somehow meaningful comment. I’ve only ever used Instagram for fun but given the visual nature of just about everything lately, it can definitely be a great business asset. It can help you promote your products or services, get more leads and generate conversions.
This could be your blog page, your product page, a custom landing page, a lead generation page or any other page on your website. It has to do with the process of having to select a browser when navigating away from Instagram. Instead of listing the full URL, get a Bitly or goo.gl link that allows you to track clicks.

That way, you can check the analytics for that specific link and get a real assessment of how much traffic you’re actually driving to your website from Instagram. An image of a new necklace on a counter doesn’t convey the same feeling as a photo of someone wearing that same necklace with a coordinated, styled outfit. A reposting app will allow you to give the original user credit, while showing your audience how others enjoy your product.
Take photos and videos of key employees, customer interactions or other related actions such as navigating your website. No matter how many subsequent comments are added, the original caption will always remain complete and visible beneath the post. I’m the beginner as well as your achievement is extremely a lot a good motivation personally.
I have the same problem, of short, fine hair, so all those Pinterest tutorials do me no good. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram. In October, Simply Measured released stats showing that 54 percent of major brands are using Instagram for their business.
You can also use image based responses to show you are taking their communications with you seriously. A simple way to do this would be to have a small printed out logo to hold up (by hand) in the corner of your shot as you take it. If you run an online business, include a URL in the comments that interested viewers copy and paste into their mobile browser.
If your Facebook or Twitter followers are busines focused you can search to see if they are on Instagram, broadening your sphere of connectivity with them.
Instagram is also perfect to help your Facebook account by capturing funny moments on the fly and push them to Facebook to brighten up your presence there.
If it’s a tangible goal such as sales then you need to track and report on it to see if this channel is a viable marketing tool for your company. If you’re running a contest and want people to opt in or register on your website, make this page the link in your Instagram profile.
Therefore, when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, Google Analytics records the traffic as direct, not a referral from Instagram. Take it a step further: put that person in an environment, such as at a party, with family, in a park or all of the above. While you’re allowed up to 2,200 characters in your Instagram caption, 200 to 300 characters is usually ideal. If you want people to call, email or visit your store, make that request clear in the message.
I do have that thick gross nasty courseness that you describe and I wish I had hair like yours sometimes!
This is the business equivalent of those classic photos where people take photos of their feet in exotic locations. Ladies with long hair or thick hair will certainly find styles that will work for them as well.
This look is still soft and feminine because you are leaving the majority of the front down. She loves to share her own stories, mishaps and tips on how to feel fabulous regardless of your stage in life. The only time my hair is ever braided is when we visit my boyfriend’s family and his little sisters go to town. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.
I will be in charge of the account and posting pictures, but I wasn’t sure if it was possible to do this without involving my own cell. But let it be known that if you see any tutorials from me Christie Jean, and you have fine or thin hair, you can safely give it a shot! I looks good, and if I do it when my hairs wet, then it looks super beachy awesome once its dry. A handy system of new comments tracking is also very helpful as you won’t lose them in the stream of likes and new followers as it happens in the original Instagram app.
I dont believe Ive actually read anything that does this subject as good justice as you just did.
I have put together an easy to follow picture tutorial, but for more details and specifics watch the you tube tutorial below!
Don’t rely on your profile to extend your brand, make it a part of everything you produce.

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