Instagram has been the most disruptive social network to redistribute social power away from paparazzi and publications and back to celebrities and influencers who have taken their public images into their own hands. As a result of our relentless obsessions to get an hourly quick photo fix of our favorite icons and items on Instagram, supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are earning upwards of $300,000 per post across their social portfolio. In less than two years I’ve gone from one account with 700 followers to more than 28 accounts commanding 13 million followers, growing at over 1 million followers per month and making a healthy six figures per year. What I’m trying to get across is that anyone can leverage their passions, hobbies and knowledge  and create one or more Instagram accounts, grow their followers and earn money following my simple instructions. The formula is simple: create an Instagram account with killer unique content, attract new engaged followers, then sell advertising, shout-outs or products (yours or other people’s). The seven essentials below will not only help you understand how to quickly grow your followers, but also show you how you can attract small businesses and brands that will want to advertise via your account.
If you plan on creating an Instagram account where you take your own photos, then an iPhone is the best option. Android on the other hand excels at productivity; unlike iOS devices, Android devices have the ability to directly access photos stored in cloud storage drives from within Instagram such as Google Drive and DropBox.
While not necessary, I use both iOS (iPhone 6) and Android (Nexus 5) devices to stay current with the micro changes that exist between Instagram on either device. SwiftKey is a third party predictive keyboard app that does 90 percent of my captions for me. Very quickly it will start to learn and predict words, sentences and emoji’s that you use after certain words. If you’re a heavy poster (and you will be if you follow this strategy), this will save you a ton of time spent writing out captions. If it weren’t for this app, I wouldn’t have been able to create and run so many Instagram accounts all on my own. If you create your own unique high quality content, then I highly advise you watermark your photos. The most efficient simple watermarking apps are Add Watermark Pro for Android and iWatermark for iOS. KiK Messenger has become the favorite method of communication for many Instagram account holders, as it’s been around since before Instagram implemented its direct messaging feature. KiK allows you to remain private (doesn’t show your phone number) and requires you to select a unique username to represent yourself. Instagram continues to be regarded as the most valuable and monetizable social network out there.
In fact, even I had my top account hacked this summer for a couple of hours — it was one of the most stressful events of my life! In order to create a hacker-proof Instagram account, you need to create an email address for it that no one knows about. Aside from a private email address, your second level of hacker protection is to add and link your smartphone number to your Instagram account.
Keep it short (four to five lines), descriptive with proper spelling and grammar, and NO emoji’s — keep it professional. Two things you should know about posting on Instagram: content is still king and Instagram captions are the new blogging. For maximum resolution ensure your photos are no smaller than 1080 x 1080 pixels if you’re pulling photos from the web on a laptop or from other social networks.
A great way of getting your photos noticed is to tag other accounts in your image posts (unfortunately you can’t tag a video the same way). Also make sure you don’t waste your time with accounts that have privacy settings that prevent tags from showing publicly. I have found that the hottest times to post are first thing in the morning between 8am-11am, in the afternoon between 2pm-4pm, and in the evening between 7pm-9pm. When you start your account from nothing, I suggest you post one to two photos a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening. There are several different Instagram analytics tools available for you to get more information about your account and your followers.
All three use the Instagram Connect login module, meaning when you log into these sites, you’re logging in as safely as you would be if logging in directly from your Instagram app. So you’ve gone through all of the previous steps and are enjoying a decent following, but you’re still not experiencing that rapid follower growth I promised at the beginning. It’s far from impossible, but it definitely requires a little more effort now that there are so many niche accounts.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for, so make sure you’re paying accounts that would have a demographic you’re interested in attracting to your account.
Before you begin to make money on Instagram, you’ll need to set up a PayPal account, as this is how money is sent and received. Selling caption space below your photo. This is the first and least invasive option for monetization.
If you’re personally representing yourself on Instagram and have grown a large following, you might also want to look into the various influencer marketing communities that allow you to list your Instagram profile in various verticals where major brands look for Influencers to work with to promote their brands.
You don’t need to have millions of followers to become an influencer marketer on Instagram, just a nice following with great engagement. In order to get a jump-start finding advertisers, look at pages similar to yours (or that have advertisers that you see as a good fit with your page and followers) and see who they’re promoting. You’ll need to email the Instagram account(s) where you first saw their advertising and see how much they charge so you can figure out a strategic and enticing price to get that advertiser to advertise with you.
There you have the essentials of starting and growing an Instagram account to have hundreds of thousands of followers and (eventually) make money. None of these essentials are particularly difficult to follow, just remember that it takes time. It takes time to build an account from nothing, and you’re going to have to be very consistent with your posting schedule to build any sort of following. Start out by having your child create perler bead hearts in any pattern or color they like. I love how cute these little bead hearts are whats better is that the making of the Valentines keeps my daughter busy and occupied! If you liked this fun and simple Valentine idea, you should check out my blog, A Kailo Chic Life, for even more fun crafts and DIY’s. If any of you who know me well…you know I am a bit obsessed with packaging and wrapping paper. Use double sided tape (or even some hot glue) on the edges leaving the top open to create a pocket. Observing what worked and what didn’t over those 10,000 posts allowed me to figure out how to effectively grow organic followers while earning money from my passion with exotic cars.
This will grant you several monetization opportunities — in other words, literally making money from being good at Instagram.
Unless you’re a professional photographer delivering an artistic eye through your photography, there is no need for an expensive bulky camera. This is a huge time saver if you process photos and want to keep photos organized and accessible using cloud based storage. What normally would take me three to five minutes to type a unique caption now takes me less than 30 seconds. People are more likely to share a photo that has a small clean logo than a large obnoxious one.
KiK provides a convenient way to weed out the spam and keep your communication on point for those interested in doing business with you.
To make sure no one goes through that, the following steps detail how to set up the main aspects of your account with an emphasis on security.
Should you forget your password or get hacked, this allows you to login and do a password reset with your Facebook Connect credentials.
You need to make a great first impression right off the bat, as potential followers will only spend a couple seconds evaluating your page before making a decision. I highly suggest using a URL shortening service such as, which allows you to shorten long URLs. There is nothing that turns off potential followers more than arriving at your page and having to follow a private account to see what you post. You can ultimately double the speed at which your account grows by posting high quality, unique photos along with engaging captions.
If you’re posting a photo of a red apple, don’t just use #red #apple, those are too common and therefore too competitive.
When you reach 5,000 followers, you can do three to four posts a day, followed by four to five posts per day when you hit 10,000 followers.
They are extremely helpful and allow you to setup an entire day or week’s worth of posts (via laptop or mobile) ahead of time. As you start engaging with your followers, others will see this and want to join in on the conversation.

This allows you to quickly identify who you should be interacting with in order to foster an engaging positive community. Instagram is disabling more and more accounts for using these services and recently decided that come June 2016 it will be making changes to disable these programs from working with Instagram accounts. This option allows you to continue posting as normal while selling the caption space to another account. Then email those advertisers and introduce yourself and your page and see if they are interested in advertising on your account. However, if you adhere to these essentials, you have yourself a very strong foundation for becoming the next Instagram sensation. This should be the thing you come back to when you feel like you are beat up, when you feel like you want to quit…REMEMBER WHY you started in the first place. Believing that u can do something, that it is possible, and you will succeed before you even try something is a huge part of any goal or dream. Un tweet che ha infiammato il social network, scatenando un’ondata di commenti e anche parecchi dubbi. Stando alla ricostruzione fatta dal Daily Mail, fan e non fan avrebbero marciato compatti contro la ragazza, definendola «una psicopatica» e lanciando una petizione su per chiedere a Twitter di mettere al bando il suo profilo. NO, UN MEME - In molti, tuttavia, dubitano della veridicita dell’intera storia e gridano alla bufala. It’s Kara from A Kailo Chic Life and I am so excited to show you how to make these super cute and simple key chain heart Valentines. Be sure to have them leave one spot blank with no perler bead for the “skip a bead” part of the Valentine message! I just know all the kids will love adding to their growing collection of key chains and the parents will like that these Valentines aren’t filled with sugar!
I’m back again for another crafty post and it’s perfect for back to school time!
Open your book and mark the top and bottom with a line to show where you’ll fold your paper. I love creating and crafting, reading good books, visiting new places and being with family!
Pictures taken and uploaded from an iOS device yield a slightly sharper resized image for your profile picture. Most people will put their KiK username in their bio, so you know exactly who to message if you want to engage in real time messaging. Give it a strong and unique password, and don’t use that address for anything except the initial setup. The most important part of this process is to understand when to start monetizing so that you don’t interrupt or affect your account growth. Tutto comincia due settimane fa con un disperato cinguettio di «illumvato» ai cinque membri degli One Direction, la popolare boy band britannica che conta milioni di fan in tutto il mondo e altrettanti seguaci su Twitter. Addirittura qualcuno ne avrebbe chiesto l’arresto, definendo la ragazza «una minaccia per la societa».
Then iron their creation according to the Perler bead package directions using the ironing paper provided with the Perler beads. I love all things bright, colorful, and patterned and I love interior design, DIY projects, designing new accessories, gardening, and cooking. I even laminated a cute clipboard from scrapbook paper and using a dry erase marker can make a quick note that can easily be erased later.
Are you willing to let the nay-sayers and the haters talk alllll the sh*t..and still continue to push forward? Le sue richieste, com’era prevedibile, restano senza risposta, fino a quando la ragazza non lancia agli One Direction un ultimatum: seguitemi, o strozzo il mio chihuahua. Il tweet e corredato da una foto che vede il cagnolino steso sul pavimento, con una mano – quella di illumivato? LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, no one has the power to make you feel sad, to put you down, to make you feel any less, you have to allow others to do this TO YOU.

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