Last week I shared my tips on how to get more Instagram followers and that you should use hashtags that are relevant to your photos.
Ik help bloggers en ondernemers om de zichtbaarheid van hun website te vergroten met Bloggen, Pinterest en Instagram.
Even though keywords aren’t necessarily going to help you in term of searches on Instagram, you should still use them to connect with other users. Take the time to craft a customized bio that represents your brand and personality but that fits within the Instagram format and culture. Now you have everything you need to create an Instagram bio that will draw in followers and help you grow your business.
And, if you really want a professional, interesting Instagram bio that will draw in followers but you just don’t have the time or know what to say, I have a great resource for you!
Carmen, if you’re using the account to represent your company, I would keep the name as the company name. Just wanted to let you know a trick that us iPhone users can benefit from when it comes to spacing out your bio. A simple solution is to write out your bio in the “notes” app, pressing return when you please, and then copy and pasting into your bio on Instagram! Meet Jenn!I am here to help you make sense of Social Media management and to understand the current trends in Social Media.
Click on my photo to visit my About page and learn more about me and my perspective on Social Media management.
Download this easy-to-follow ebook for everything you need to know about how to use Instagram. If you follow my 2014 Goal updates, you know that Instagram has been an area of weakness for me in terms of social media. Go Public: This one was hard for me to implement but is imperative if you plan to grow your following on Instagram – you must make your profile public.
Engage: Okay, so this one is what you should without a doubt do on all your social media outlets – ENGAGE! Filed Under: Blogging, Featured I love comments from y'all, so please feel free to chime in below.
January 13, 2016 UPDATE: Want to see more awesome examples of centered Instagram bios?Instagram has totally been stepping up its game and we could not be more excited.
Extra tip: We tested this on our tester account and it worked for the first and second lines just fine. 160 Character LimitIt's important to note that there is a 160 character limit for an Instagram bio so the centered look may not be ideal if you want to include all the factors we recommend in having a good social bio. However, if you like the look of a centered bio and are able to make your details (including the spaces) fit within the character limit then you should definitely give it a try!And there you have it folks! Let me help you and share my tips on how to make a killer first impression with your Instagram bio so you can be more engaging and have more users to follow you on Instagram. Let me know if you already have a killer Instagram bio or maybe my tips inspired you to update your bio.
Ook organiseer ik met Blogger in the City events om elkaar offline te ontmoeten en inspireren.

Whether it’s the name of your business or your actual name, the name people see on Instagram needs to be how they know you. So if there’s a keyword or niche that you want to be able to be searched for, including this in your name will increase your chances of being found. This used to be harder to achieve but recent updates to Instagram have made this practice universal.
I assumed that since, as an Android user, I can use the return button to space out posts, that iOS users could too. I promise to always do my best to provide helpful and useful articles in order to make your online marketing strategy more successful. We’ve been following each other on Twitter, Pinterest and IG, and I just saw your post on your IG account.
Go into Notes and type out your bio with the vertical spacing and all, then copy and paste it into the bio text field and you now have a spaced out bio!
I am brand new to Instagram & am sort of muddling through figuring it all out, being a quite non-savvy tech gal. Please take a look through the rest of my blog (click on the Instagram tab under the banner) for a ton of other articles to help you understand how to use Instagram well.
Let us say for example that you follow me on Instagram, I will click over and view your profile. Typically, when you interact with large networks, they will post on their Facebook page a “Link Up” post where you link to one of your specific social media accounts and you have to follow at least three new people.
My sister and I just started up our own blog and discovered how important social media is to publicizing.
An other one I would suggest is to make sure to not just like but also comment on people’s photos. We've been obsessed with their latest updates and the new features have had us glued to the app more than ever! You now have an Instagram bio that is centered, and an account that stands out from the rest! So it’s important to have a great Instagram bio that draws in users and encourages them to follow you. But using keywords that target your audience and niche will help users better understand who you are and what you have to offer. Therefore, your Instagram bio shouldn’t be exactly the same as your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ profile bios. I apologize for making that assumption, even though us Android users never get anything before you iOS users.
Take advantage of this real estate and include your website url, landing page, blog page, or other link in this section.
Should I change this to just my name even though there’s more than one person working at the company? I have finally been able to double my Instagram followers by implementing these five strategies.
Give your potential followers a little flavor of who you are and make sure you include your blog’s link.

If you're being ugly and not adding anything of benefit to the conversation, your comment will be removed.
Opening a discussion really lets you connect to other people and they’re way more likely to want to follow your story! Feel free to use one or two photos provided that a link back to my original post is included.
With all this extra attention paid to Instagram, we've started to notice a trend that's happening on people's profiles: centered bios. When you are a brand or business, use your logo or use an image people are already familiar with. So I recommend avoiding them in your bio, unless you have a custom hashtag you are recognized for.
But, anyways, if you are using Instagram on your iPhone, you aren’t able to use the return button to space out your bio. Now, I am not promising you that you will see thousands upon thousands of new followers in a day but I do promise you, that the chances of you being able to double your following quickly will increase dramatically. However, if your profile is set to public and your content is something that I would not mind seeing in my feed (i.e. Just like you do not want to hear crickets on your blog (you know, no sharing of your posts, no comments, etc.), people who comment on your social media want to know you have seen their post. This is another reason it is imperative that your profile be set to public because if you follow a new IGer from one of these Link Ups they will most likely want to follow you back but won’t if you are private. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me.
Have you ever come across an Instagram profile with a centered bio and wondered exactly how they do it? Your Instagram bio can have some similarities and keep the branding content that you use on other sites, but it shouldn’t be a direct replica. Please do not replicate or copy any content from The Budget Mama without written permission from me. Today we're bringing you a quick tutorial to help you achieve the centered bio look.How To Make Your Instagram Bio Centered (Tweet this!)Why a Centered Bio?It's no secret that Instagram can be limiting in terms of customization. Edit your bio and paste the spaces before each line of text you would like to be centered. If your text isn't perfectly centered after pasting the space the first time, you can always add or delete more spaces to get the perfect center! There are a few things you can do to make your profile stand out (adding spaces to your Instagram captions, adding custom locations to make your posts stand out, etc.) but a quick and easy way is to center your bio text. You can also use the notepad app to format your bio then copy and paste it into your Instagram account.

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