There’s something about side parted men’s hairstyles that really makes a man look distinguished! Side-part hairstyles, which belong to classic men`s styles, are one of the most popular nowadays.
If you work in a more relaxed and casual environment, edge it up a bit with an etched parted hair design.
A fella who appreciates the “good old days,” can’t go wrong with this vintage side part hairstyle for boys. Mohawks are nothing new, but for the latest upgrade to the side part haircut, you may add some color. Just because you have a short side part haircut does not mean that you have to style you hair falling to one side or the other.
When looking for an ideal style for thin hair, it is important to understand the delicate nature of your strands. Tall styles like Mohawks and pompadours may not be flattering for long faces because they elongate visually. If you are a man who believes frills are for the weak, this straightforward haircut is the best bet for you.
Looking at shiny black hair and a pointy widow’s peak, many may first think of Count Dracula. Many praise the undercut hairstyle because it allows you to wear the long sections of your hair in a variety of different ways.
Although this is very similar to the style above, it is better suited for men with long faces.
This is the ultimate side part haircut for a guy who wants to be stylish without looking like he tries too hard.
This short and slick hairstyle is great for men who have wavy hair and like a very neat appearance. While this cute cut does have a small contrast in length, it is still very neat and presentable for formal occasions! This slick style is a cute way for men to spice up the typical short tapered haircut and add some polished flair. Parting your hair on both sides, as opposed to just one side part gives a very edgy appeal to such an elegant hairstyle. At first glance it may seem that it has no rhyme or reason, which is a good thing for some men. Here is a throwback hairstyle that is cool for those who have a vintage style and like to rock classic ensembles. The corky up sweep is awesome for guys with a colorful personality who want to show off their unique personal style through their hair!
There are a lot of cool hairstyles for men that can make you look stylish no matter your age, facial shape or dressing. It’s cropped short at the back and above the ears with a hair cutting machine to give it a very nice finish.
This hairstyle always keeps the forehead completely covered with long hairs and when paired with the messy hairs, the look is great.
In this style, you shave the hair lightly from the hair line and leave the top a bit long to bring a dramatic contrast in the hairline. Traditional long or modern fade cuts with shorter sides, sleek or messy, straight and curly variants from our gallery will make you more stylish.

Emphasize this by creating a deep side part that fades on the shorter half and is curly and sculpted on the other. The shiny, slick waves are reminiscent of Old Hollywood powerhouses like Cary Grant and Clark Gable.
Men who are more into Thirty Seconds to Mars than One Direction will enjoy the contrast of this comb over buzz cut and full beard. Pink is no longer just for Barbie, incorporating the rosewood brown hue into a shaved style gives it a fun boost. When you keep it tight and structured, the hairstyle does not overwhelm your overall appearance. If you try to pump them up with a product, it might overload your hair and make it look sparser, resulting in the exact opposite look that you were going for.
A side part hairstyle with closely clipped sides and side-swept top section makes it appear as though your hair is generally thicker. Combat that stereotype and do something different by adding some flair with a stylish side part hairstyle for men.
Smoothing the hair down and to the side takes away from the unflattering extra height and length that a Mohawk would provide.
If you want to rule the high school hallways and become number one on the crush list, make this your next go-to.
The spikes show a bit of edge, but if you avoid the use of strong hold products, your hair is still soft and touchable.
The preppy style with a back-swept quiff is great for mature men in a professional setting as well as young guys who simply like this style.
Update your pompadour with a trendy quirk – the distinct side part like in the photo for an added touch of drama and a dandy feel. Parting your cut and slicking the hair back with gel makes any man look more devilish and put together! This is perfect for those who plan to go somewhere black tie and want to break the rules just a little bit! You want to make a side part and be sure to use a boar bristle hair brush in creating two uniform up sweeps, applying a pomade as needed for hold.
If you want to change your hairstyle it is important to consider these factors before you choose a particular hairstyle.
Depending on your face structure, you can choose from a variety of cool men’s hairstyles that will enhance your looks. It’s usually left a bit long at the top so that it can easily be swept back for shaping and styling. With this, you can try out different looks with the same hair by making them wavy or curly or just by simply keeping it straight.
To add some edge to this hairstyle, you can wear the hair at the back or all the hair messed up in a front or side swept form.
Your hair stylist will help you identify your hair type so that they can recommend the right products for you. Make sure to go easy on the gel so that you don’t look like you stepped into the office with wet hair.
It is definitely a look that takes a confident man to pull off, so make sure to pair this with your best slim cut suit. Add a side part and fade on the sides for a modern upgrade of the classic look with a retro feel.

It elevates your standard medium haircut and remains in trend with the latest hipster craze. The crisp parted style shows a bit of sophistication, but the messy waves convey that you don’t take yourself too seriously.
To accomplish this style, you will need to be sure to use a nice amount of hair gel to keep the hair in place while maintaining the shine!
You want to be sure to use a holding spray while your hair is wet and ruffle the hair at different directions to create a messy look.
To keep the shape of the hairstyle secure and minimize the frizz, you need to use a nice amount of holding hairspray. When styling a cut like this, you want to avoid heavy products so that they don’t cause the hair to be and look unflatteringly limp! However, the length on top extends from temple to temple as opposed to right down the center of the head.
Keep one side slick and allow the other to be slightly messy, adding extra definition to the ends. Although highlights may not be an easy pick for everyone, they look hot on those who can pull off the look! Use a volumizing foam or a root lifter and a blow dryer to style your quiff into that chic effortless wave!
Play with some of the hairstyles mentioned in this article to see which ways suit you the best. Anyone can rock this style regardless of their age but it is most popular with young office goers and college students. What is important in this hairstyle is the length; the hair length must suit your face shape and make you look presentable. The length of the hair in this style is very important because it helps in giving height to the head.
If you have thick hair, you will need a rich shampoo while fine hair will require a volumising shampoo.
The style is perfect for a young man who frequents the skate parks; it was made for life cruising through the fast lane. Because there are no length contrasts, you can easily go a month between haircuts and still maintain a nice look! In case you are searching for a style of your own, here are some of the coolest hairstyles for men to consider. If you are a student, you can try the wavy look while professionals can choose the straight look. Keith Urban has been spotted wearing his hair at shoulder length although his style has some layers.
This will give your hair the needed luster, is not harsh on your hair and is very gentle on most skin types. This hairstyle looks great on Johnny Depp and Anthony Kiedis who have been seen wearing it.

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