The parties remain continue at the whole year and we are invited in these parties so the girls who are very conscious about their grooming they want to look like a princess in the gathering of many people  because they can’t see  anyone  in this dress which she want to carry on the function so on  any occasion when we see the invitation card  we first think about our dress and after the dress shoes ,hairstyle and the other accessories  which are carried by a girl on a function .the hairstyles are much more which  are introduce by the hair dresser but all hairstyles are not good for our face shape because  hairstyle can change your overall look  and we should  adopt  these hairstyles which are according to your face shape. For the party  and if you want to go in the  wedding ceremony of any one then  you can make the vintage hairstyle    curly up do with the side parted hairstyle is looking gorgeous     with this hairstyle you can use the clips and the brooches  in silver color  bold red lipstick and the  updo is giving you a complete vintage look.  You can make this hairstyle on your wedding ceremony also. The girls  who have long hair and want to keep their hair open so if you are going to become bridesmaid  then you can  make lose wavy curly hairstyle center parted  for the fancy touch you can add the glitter  in your curly hair it look so nice  when you will go in the  sparkling  of the lights  and  strapless dress is good with this hairstyle. The young girls who are  attending the  party in your college or university  you can highlights your edges  with your favorite color but it  should be dark  make a becumin hairstyle  half up and half down hairstyle it is good for the Halloween  inspired girls with your off the shoulder and the  strapless dress this hairstyle  look so  god for the funky girls .
Mostly girls are slim and smart and they   have beautiful features so they should make such style which looks good on  the functions.  Golden shaded hair with the hair band braid and the long wavy hairstyle is good with the maroon lipstick you are looking decent with the braided curly hair.
The  volume and  the  length  is whatever you can make  the super graceful side bun  and the side parted if your  side parted hairstyle is giving her a cute look  you can fall the   side   parted  hair  on one side and other side is well. The girls who have not too much lengthy hair  they  can make the half up and half down hairstyle in hair short hair  the lazy girls who don’t want  to  go 8in the parlor for  making style  your ombre style  short   hair in the wavy style  is decent  I want to say  dome people look beautiful  you can use the black hairpins and the  fancy clips to enhance the beauty of your  hairstyle.
If you have long hair  and want a decent look  then sleek back  high ponytail is nice choice  with your   fancy  dress you can make this ponytail  it look so gorgeous and give you an elegant look in the  award ceremony or any get  together party you can make it  when you make with the serum and the  gel it remain fresh for many times. For the summer season ladies cut their hair   because in summer short hair is the best choice you can  cut your hair in the  neck length  style with the side parted  hairstyle you are looking  fabulous in this  hairstyle  your edgy   straight bob is good for going  in the party and  in any  formal  functions. The young and adorable flower girls accompany the bride to the aisle and dump the basket of flowers at one side. So if you want to go in  any parties then select any one according to your face shape and make  with your party dress.

If you carry the dark color lipstick you look so  gorgeous  you  can make this hairstyle for to your daily routine.
Short Hair Wavy Headdress SuggestionsIt is said that hair is the crown of the women and it is not wrong to say because hairs increase the women personality. It seems that girls who have curly hairs appreciate straight hairs and who have straight hairs admire curly hairs. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with long and lustrous hair, and looks perfect for a weeding.
To recreate this hairstyle on your daughter, all you have to do is to braid a thick band on the crown and put a single flower to add more style to the hairdo. The young model at the Oscar De La Renta show looked very cute and pretty in this half updo hairstyle. 12 Modish And Superstitious Short Wavy Hair Styles for GirlsEvery woman wants to look beautiful and charming in the evanish of others.
Braided half updos are very suitable for weddings as this it is a combination of the updo that looks glamorous, and the loose hair that looks ethereal and whimsical.
With this hairstyle, there is no chance of any loose strands falling on the face.Curly low bun is perfect for a glamorous flower girl look at a wedding.
Gather the flyaway hairs and add a thin floral headband to make the hairstyle more attractive and fit for the occasion.
You can add some freshly picked flowers and leaves to the hair to give her a typical look of a flower girl.

The dark and light highlights on the hair will compliment anyone with fair skin, making you look strikingly beautiful. For getting soft and messy waves, use a texturizing spray to mist the hair and use a curling iron to curl the bottom of hair. This allows her to keep her hairs away from her face and provides and ethereal touch to her face. To recreate her hairdo, you have to pull your hair behind to form a ponytail and then warp it, securing it behind your head.
She uses a floral headpiece to embellish her hairdo.To copy hair hairstyle, you can tie the ponytail on one side then conceal the hairdo with a tie. She made heir hairdo more attractive and eye catching by putting a fresh, single flower on the side of her knot. She wore this hairstyle and looked very attractive when she attended the premiere of Open Road Films ‘The Host’. If your face is oblong shaped, remember to make your bob a little longer than the chin length.

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