Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses.  It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so. Sight:  This technically is two senses given the two distinct types of receptors present, one for color (cones) and one for brightness (rods). Touch:  This has been found to be distinct from pressure, temperature, pain, and even itch sensors. Sound:  Detecting vibrations along some medium, such as air or water that is in contact with your ear drums.
Tension Sensors:  These are found in such places as your muscles and allow the brain the ability to monitor muscle tension. Thirst:  This system more or less allows your body to monitor its hydration level and so your body knows when it should tell you to drink.
People with Parkinson’s disease and ADD have severely impaired sense of time passage compared to “normal” people. The vestibular labyrinthine system (equilibrioception) works by sensing the motion of fluid in three canals in your inner ear, as well as sensing the weight of small crystals of calcium carbonite on tiny hair-like sensory receptors. Proprioception (sense of relative position of body parts) comes from the Latin “proprius”, meaning “one’s own”. There exists a type of bacteria, called magnetotactic bacteria, that build magnets inside themselves in order to orient themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field.  They also migrate and form chains of themselves along magnetic field lines.
Cattle tend to align themselves north-south, which leads some researchers to believe they have a strong magnetoception sense. This is a very informative article, although the last bullet has some information that is missing. I know for a fact that synesthesia is hereditary, often passed down from parents to children, though it can skip generations, and this has been proven through studies of synesthetic families. I have also experienced synesthesia at other times, both with and without the influence of hallucinogens.
I have a theory, which, although it would not work for my number-colour thing, may yet be valid. Those of us who practice Tai Chi learn to sense Chi flowing through our body and how to control that flow. Synesthesia can also be temporarily induced by some migraines, at least for some sufferers.
What about the sense that an object is nearby; with someone’s eyes closed or for someone who is blind who can feel an object ahead of them before they run into it? If you already knew where someone was when you closed your eyes, and then they moved you would hear them and know where they moved to. Human bodies produce a weak electromagnetic field, if away from other sources of electromagnetism, the only magnetic fields to sense would be the planet’s, your own, and those of others. I love all this kind of stuff, but that doesn’t mean I can pronounce most of the words!!
If U (the so called science) r in development stage, then why the hell r u trashing fully mature established science.
I can walk in my house and know whether or not my wife is present and, if so, in which room. Depth perception comes from having two eyes and a place in the brain to process the information from them into a 3D image.
Granted that is bare sensing mechanism, but that doesn’t describe the sensing itself. By similar contrast, sensing flavor of food is the sum of its taste and inwardly smelled aroma, which together make a sense that is more than than the sum of those two more raw sensory inputs. The Earth, of course, is rotating on its axis while simultaneously revolving around the Sun. And you probably learned that a day is 24 hours, due to the rotation, while a year is 365 days (with an occasional 366 for leap years), taking care of the revolution. Because the Earth only needs to revolve slightly less than 360 degrees around the Sun to make one tropical year. Combine all three of those effects together — rotation, revolution, and precession — and you can answer the question of how many days will it take the Earth to make a tropical year? But if we want to be planning for the long term, we shouldn’t simply be thinking about this difference. The Sun and the Moon both exert gravitational pulls on the Earth, all while the Earth itself rotates.
Throw in the Earth’s rotation, and you not only get tides, you also get tidal braking, which causes the Earth’s rotation to slow down! The slow-down is small but pretty consistent, at an average of 14 microseconds per year, a much larger effect than the speedup due to earthquakes.
If we look at the most ancient one we know of on Earth, from 620 million years ago, we find that a day back then was a little under 22 hours long!
If you extrapolate this tidal braking back to when the Earth was first formed, 4.5 billion years ago, you’ll find that a day was originally only around 23,000 seconds, or six-and-a-half hours! So appreciate this leap day and our attention to detail to getting the Earth’s seasons to remain constant from year-to-year, but also be aware that our Earth, however imperceptibly, means that these leap days, too, shall pass.
In geological history there have been times when the land-bearing tectonic plates all bunched together, forming a super-continent surrounded by a super-ocean. It is my understanding that it has been theorized that during ages of super-continents tidal effects were stronger; hence friction from tidal effects was stronger, and a comparatively large proportion of the slowdown took place during these ages.
Mind you, if anyone can tell me why the business world hate the leap day and explain THAT, that would be of far greater interest. How come the angular forces of earthquakes only occur in the direction of Earth’s rotation? Let me guess, because earthquakes represent a conversion of gravitational potential energy into heat energy; driven ultimately by the earth cooling and shrinking. May also be for the same reason why low pressure weather systems all rotate the same way round: the Coriolis force. Toxic Waste – What is Toxic Waste – Do We Clean it Up or Illegally Dump it Overseas?
Water Pollution SourcesThe Clean Water Act currently covers most activities covered by the RHA however the 1899 statute still retains independent vitality. Polluting from pipesPrior to 1948, the States, local, and regional agencies were the primary caretakers for controlling water pollution.

The Water Pollution and Control Act of 1948 in essence gave the States technical services to help increase their programs to control water pollution, focusing primarily on the states role in water quality management.
Since 1948, the original Federal Water Pollution and Control Act has been amended extensively to further authorize additional water quality programs, standards and procedures to govern allowable discharges, create funding for construction grants or general program funding. Continued authority to develop comprehensive programs for the control of water pollution, to provide grants to States and interstate agencies to assist in developing such programs and to construct treatment facilities, and to establish enforcement measures for pollution of interstate waters (Ch.
Redefinition of eligible entities to include the 50 States and the District of Columbia (P.L. Extension of certain provisions through June 30, 1972, and other provisions through April 30, 1972 (P.L. Establishment of a related municipal public works capital development and investment program (P.L.
Cuyahoga River FireWhile public health and safety were a concern in early clean water legislation which led to the 1948 Water Pollution and Control Act, much was left untouched until the famous Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught fire on January 6, 1969. Water Pollution in IndiaThe Federal Water Pollution and Control Act has seen many changes, most for the good. Let us not allow them to rape our environment again in the name of profits, or in this case pure greed, let us keep the protections given to us by the Water Pollution and Control Act!
Water Pollution is Caused by organsic and inorganic industrial wastes and affluents discharged into rivers. In fact, synesthesia occurs naturally quite commonly, although it is also caused TEMPORARILY by hallucinogenic drugs.
It is normally estimated that one in every twenty people will have some form of synesthesia. It will be of better use this way to suspected synesthetes and better educate the general public.
Although this could be attributed to programming with Windows from a young age (which assigned common colours to numbers 0-15), the mapping is not identical. Our brains measure a range of frequencies for each sense, and sometimes map a value from one range onto another. But I know people who sometimes crosses their senses or even confuse when drinking coffee at the wrong glass. Multiple of these sections can interpret this, resulting in the blind’s ability to sense things in front of them.
I can see things in others, my hearing is so good that it’s hard to hear people next to me cause of all the ruckess going on around. The historical origins and urban legends associated with it are incredibly interesting, but the reason there’s any such thing as Leap Day at all is because of the physics of planet Earth.
Rotation, as we all learn, is responsible for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, the Coriolis effect, and the rotation of all the stars in the night sky about the poles.
We could do this from winter solstice to winter solstice, when the Earth’s north pole (for me) points maximally away from the Sun, or any other arbitrary point in its orbit. If we just had 365 days in the year every year, we’d be off by nearly a month every century, which is pretty lousy. In comparison with the present, actual figure of 365.242188931 days, it will take over 3,200 years for us to be off by a single day, which is certainly good enough for a little while. Two things happen that change the Earth’s rotation rate, and they push the day in opposite directions. Every 18 months or so, because of the difference between 86,400 seconds and an actual day, we add an extra leap second to our clocks (for now). By contrast, when the continents are scattered over the Earth, as they are now, there is only one region where a tidal wave can travel all the way round: the Antarctic Sea.
For instance, Great Britain and possessions (including what later became the United States) adopted the Gregorian calendar in September 1752, which was only 19 days long. I would have expected the direction to be random and for earthquakes to cancel each other out. It was originally enacted as the River and Harbor Act of 1886, but was later re-codified into the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.
The US Army Corps of Engineers and the Secretary of War were responsible for approving and authorizing projects. Expanded the mission of the United States Public Health Service to study problems of sanitation, sewage and pollution. Prohibited the intentional discharge of fuel oil into tidal waters,[49] authorizing USACE to apprehend violators. During the mid 1800’s the role of contaminated water in the transmission of disease was realized, leading to the creation of State Boards of Health to administer water pollution control programs.
At the time, any Federal action against polluters could only be taken with consent of the State from which the pollution was alleged to originate.
It created a program of subsidies for municipal waste treatment plants construction, strengthened the powers of enforcement against polluters, increased funding for States to control water pollution, and provided new funding for research and education.
Amendments added in subsequent years also provided for continued authority to conduct program activities or administrative changes to related activities. Required states to issue water quality standards for interstate waters, and authorized the newly created Federal Water Pollution Control Administration to set standards where states failed to do so.
3 of 1970 (December 2, 1970) created the Environmental Protection Agency, abolished the Federal Water Quality Administration in the Department of Interior, and transferred to EPA all functions formerly assigned to the Secretary of Interior and the Department of Interior which had been administered through the Federal Water Quality Administration. 100-4) provided the most recent series of amendments to the original Water Pollution and Control Act statute. Back in the day, rivers commonly caught fire, so they were hardly news to anyone and for the most part ignored by society.
However, the powers that be from the right side of politics and certain corporations seem intent on terminating not only these protections which we have fought for over the years, but they also want to reduce if not eliminate the EPA altogether.
However, it is rare that the offspring will share the same form(s) of synesthesia as the person they inherited it from. For example, a bass sound converts to red, as these are low-frequency (within the sensed range), and a high-pitched sound to blue, which is high frequency. This would make sense for people near each other, although I’m aware that some people can sense emotions of people they are emotionally close to, even though they may be spatially distant.
This way of measuring the year, known as the tropical year, is actually a little shorter than the astronomical measurement of a year we might be tempted to make. This difference is known as precession, and it explains why the pole star in the night sky appears to change very slowly over a period of about 26,000 years.

Putting in a leap year (with an extra day) every 4th year gets us closer, giving us 365.25 days in a year. On the other hand, there are two bodies out there with large gravitational effects on the Earth! Wait around for around four million years or so, and the day will lengthen by about 56 seconds, enough that we won’t even want leap year anymore; a year will have exactly 365 Earth days! Even Stellarium gets it right and shows the planets visible to each other nearly all year long. So putting up any of these red wallpapers is a good idea to express your mood without words.Need a boost of energy?
The Act of 1899 made the discharge of refuse matter of any kind into the navigable waters, or tributaries thereof, of the United States without a permit a misdemeanor which was specifically referred to as the Refuse Act. Going back, it was in 1948 when the original Federal Water Pollution and Control Act (FWPCA) was passed and with its amendments it expanded the Federal government’s authority in the control of water pollution. This was repealed by the 1972 CWA, reducing the Corps’ role in pollution control to the discharge of dredged or fill material. Most of the early water pollution control programs were focused on water-borne infectious diseases such as typhoid and cholera. The original authorization for this program, the Chesapeake Bay Research Coordination Act of 1980 (P.L. However that fateful cold January 6, 1969 became a national rally point and mobilized the nation to action. Maybe they like those river fires, who knows, but to find the answer just follow the money. The most common forms are grapheme-color (letters and numbers have assigned colors)and sound-color (specific sounds have specific colors). Some say that everyone has synesthesia as infants, and as the synapses form, the wiring that connects all of the senses shrivel up and die. My mother has the rare mixing of all five senses, while I have all senses-color synesthesia. One day I was at work and I had this strong ringing in my ear that only came from a certain direction. To fix the motion of the Earth around the Sun, we need those extra 3 minutes and 56 seconds to orient ourselves correctly.
Surgeon General of the Public Health Service, in cooperation with other Federal, state and local entities to prepare comprehensive programs with the intention of either reducing or entirely eliminating the pollution of interstate waters and tributaries and improving the sanitary condition of surface and underground waters.
The Rivers and Harbors Act also makes it a misdemeanor to excavate, fill, or alter the course, condition, or capacity of any port, harbor, channel, or other areas within the reach of the Act without a valid permit. The 1948 bill was created as leaders recognized that dirty water was posing a significant threat to the public’s health and welfare. EPA was authorized to prohibit the use of a site as a disposal site based on a determination that discharges would have an unacceptable adverse effect on municipal water supplies, shellfish beds and fishery areas, wildlife, or recreational uses. It just so happens that this fateful event inspired Earth Day a year after the fire, the creation of the EPA on December 6, 1970, less than a year later, and the Clean Water Act of 1972 a little over three years later. The secondary sense (the one triggered by the primary sense modality) stays constant: if sugar smells purple, then it will always smell purple, and it will not change. I think these also to be identified as these also plays major roles in our day to day life.
For this reason, October 5th through October 14th of 1582 never existed in Italy, Poland, Spain and Portugal, with other countries skipping 10 days at a later date. When we have to emphasize on something or some points, we chose red color to be the primal color.
During the development of these plans, due process was to be given to improvements necessary to conserve waters for public water supplies, propagation of fish and aquatic life, recreational purposes, and agricultural and industrial uses. The Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 also made it illegal to dam navigable streams without a license (or permit) from Congress and was included for the purposes of hydroelectric generation, at a time when the electric utility industry was expanding quite rapidly. The Federal Water Pollution and Control Act was created to “enhance the quality and value of our water resources and to establish a national policy for the prevention, control and abatement of water pollution. Most synesthetes, because of their experiences, tend to be more creative, and often pursue artistic careers.
The Gregorian calendar, which we now follow, is exactly the same as the Julian calendar, except instead of having a leap year if your year is divisible by 4 (as 2012 is), you don’t get a leap year on the turn-of-the-century unless your year is also divisible by 400! The original statute also authorized the Federal Works Administrator to assist states, municipalities, and interstate agencies in constructing treatment plants to prevent discharges of inadequately treated sewage and other wastes into interstate waters or tributaries.
In the bills and amendments it gave basic legal authority for Federal regulations over water quality, however it wasn’t until the 1972 amendments were passed that any major water pollution legislation were passed. I can sense personalities, peoples moods, not sure how true this is but I think I can see good and bad in humans. In red wallpapers too, you will see a list of these hues and tints of red forming amazing design patterns.Not just the hues and tints of red, but you will also see contrasts of red with different colors.
Dark and light both type of  colors are clearly visible and complementing the red background in red wallpapers.
Red color is also the color of love and psychologists associate it with our most physical needs and our will to survive. Red color does not only emit energy the kind of energy these red wallpapers with exhibit are considered strong and masculine.
People believe that red is one color which can make us exhibit the deepest and truest of our emotions both positive and negative.
Obviously though when you see a truck 100 yards away, your brain doesn’t need parallax to tell about how far away it is, just because of its apparent size vs what your brain thinks the size of the particular model of truck should be. However, the negative side that is associated with the color red is that it can bring about  revenge  in you . Chinese believe that red color is the color of good luck and you will also see display of red lanterns in their homes and restaurants. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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