Description: These envelopes are great for holding anything you can think of from business card sized items to poster sized items.
Description: These clear vinyl sleeves protect your important papers and photographs. Description: PolyPro Sheet Protectors are made from ultra thin, yet rugged polypropylene. Description: Constructed from heavy gauge crystal clear vinyl sealed on three sides and open at the top, these are ideal for protecting your printed menu or wine list.

We have the ability to custom make any size needed as well as add grommets, heat sealed holes, etc.
I experimented with watering down the paint, adding different colors, neons, and metallics. I used a scrap of linen and a vinyl light-blocking fabric that I had left over from making curtains. The benefit of experimenting with fabric is that you can simply cut out what you like and sew it into something, leaving the rest for another time.

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