If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed over the past few days to check out what your friends got for Christmas and ignore your family’s questions about what you’re currently doing with your life, then you no doubt noticed the new trend that’s sweeping the social media platform: #2015BestNine, a browser app that takes your nine most liked Instagram posts and compiles them into a handy collage. But the coolest thing about the app is that it doesn’t just calculate your best instagram posts — it’ll do it for any username you input. Here are some of the best celebrity Instagram feeds we’ve seen this year, in order of how many likes their most popular posts received in 2015 — and the star who got the most probably won’t surprise you. Boyega might have deleted everything on his Instagram to prepare for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but at least he’s been knocking it out of the park ever since.
This year Chris really enjoyed his LEGOs, his family and his awkward, awkward preteen face — and so did we. Our Homegirl-formerly-known-as-Stark was all about the selfies with her “GoT” crew this year. Let’s hope Khloe and Kim join forces to launch an Instagram that’s JUST pictures of their kids in tutus. Oof — given that Ariana and Big Sean broke up big time in April, this can’t be fun for her to see.
This 3 way action gives you that high definition polished look with a glow, and makes your skin luminous and smooth in texture to keep you ramp ready always.
Her love for lipsticks, accessories, shoes and all things pretty comes across in most of the posts. I’m loving all of your dialogue in using Twitter and Facebook pages for promoting your blog! One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is that it doesn’t allow live hyperlinks within its captions or comments. Like Twitter and Pinterest, Instagram uses hashtags as a means to search for other photos within similar subject topics or events. We all get into a rut sometimes, posting the same content on our blog or social media profiles.
Most likely, you’ve got certain themes, categories and contests you like to write about or host on your blog. I opened and instagram account recently and I’m still into figuring out how it works. I am guilty of adding too many hashtags – I’ll remember to keep it to five max! The trend started with makeup artist Jenny Gonzalez, who boasts almost 25,000 YouTube subscribers on her makeup tutorial channel. The how-to video shows Jenny using the lid of her eyeliner to stencil out semi-circular bumps on her lash line, before filling them in with liner.
If you are sick of the same old cat eye and want to up your eyeliner game, or your shaky hand has stopped you dabbling in liquid liner altogether, this look is for you. Check out some other weird and wonderful makeup looks like these amazing rainbow eyelashes and this incredible beauty blogger who created an entire full face look using only Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.
Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks, with 400 million members sharing 80 million pieces of visual content every day.
With such eye-catching stats, you would expect companies to flock to Instagram to take advantage of this active, engaged audience.
If you’re unsure as to whether or not your company is a good fit for Instagram, or you simply want to take your profile to the next level, take a page from these six brands that are absolutely killing it on the network.
Nasty Gal began its rise to fashion royalty on Myspace (when that was still a thing), so there isn’t a better place to start than with a brand that was launched through the help of social media. As Nasty Gal has evolved over the past few years, they’ve continued their social media dominance, especially on Instagram. On their Instagram account, you’ll have a visual experience that perfectly mirrors their website, providing brand continuity across platforms.
GoPro is the perfect example of a company that doesn’t have an overtly attractive or flashy product, but the nature of the photography industry lends itself flawlessly to Instagram. In addition to creating a highly cravable product, GoPro has successfully created a culture of adventure around their brand. Even though GoPro is another example of a brand that clearly fits within the Instagram model, it represents a large number of industries that may not have the most beautiful product, but contribute to a thrilling and visually appealing experience. Key Takeaway: Look beyond your product or service to how your customers use it, and make that a focal point of your Instagram strategy.
Warby Parker is a company that was unknown by many until recently, and they have their social media savviness to thank for their rapid rise in the eyeglass industry.
Their Instagram account shares a combination of original and customer-submitted photos that balance practicality and comic relief in perfect harmony. It’s football season, so how could I not talk about the NFL’s Instagram account? In addition to traditional means of following the sport, the Fantasy Football craze is at its prime. The NFL’s Instagram posts include highlights, promos for upcoming Sunday and Monday Night Football games, scores, player stats, and much more. This is a perfect example for brands that don’t provide a tangible product to consumers, but rather an experience or entertainment. But the most captivating part of this account is that each image connects to the next one, so when you look at several next to each other, it looks like one large image. In addition to their creative approach, Reynold’s Instagram reflects larger ideals of health and wellness, as well as the importance of sitting down to have a meal with family and friends.

With Instagram on the up-and-up, social media marketers are still figuring out how they can make it work for their company.
Instagram is a platform for people to create personal connections and gain insight into the life of someone else, so keeping that in mind when creating the perfect image or video is critical. Copyright 2014-2015 © Free online community, share traffic in groups, topics, interests and blog post distribution. Marrying someone who has children is more than just getting married -- it's investing in a family. You might want things to instantly be perfect in your insta-family, but chances are there is going to be an adjustment period -- even if you've been in the kids' lives for sometime. Something that many stepparents agree on is that when you take on the role, you aren't becoming the child's mom, but instead filling a different place in children's lives."We never had the struggles of 'you're not my Mom!', because I never tried to be their Mom, nor did I try to be too much of a buddy.
In hindsight, I wish I had simply said, "Chris, you don't have to call me mommy just because your dad and I got married.
Communicating with your stepchildren -- both the biological parent and the step parent -- is essential. So naturally we had to know which of our favourite celebrities’ pics and posts came out on top, right? I was also carrying it for my Beauty and The Blogger Show..and even with 3 hours of sleep, skin looked decent enough on all 3 days thanks to this! Your instructions look clear but I’m not very good at this so I hope this will work well for me. I’m continuing the series this week with a look at how you can make the most of Instagram for your blog.
You can still promote your blog posts creatively, and entice your audience to head over to read your latest post. When this happens, it’s good to step back and remember what inspires you. Why do you come to Instagram? Use this feature not just to tag your friends, but the brands featured in your latest outfit. Like other social media sites, your bio is the first thing people look at to determine whether or not to follow you. Get our FREE 5-day email course that is packed with valuable resources, including in-depth guides about Instagram, SEO, monetization, and more, PLUS five days of bonus resources for you to uplevel your blog now! Nothing is worse than grainy, sloppy pics if you’re trying to attract attention to your blog. I always put my URL as my location when I post up new blog post and I keep my blog as my main link on my profile. It gives you insight into their lives and what they are doing when they aren’t attached to the computer.
I just started an Instragram account for my blog and I am still trying to figure it out and if it will be useful to my blog or if I will just use it for personal. It’s also the network that accounts for highest engagement per post at over 4%, whereas platforms like Facebook and Twitter achieve less than 1% engagement. However, only 34% of brands around the world are on Instagram, compared to 80% and 70% on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. To Instagram’s defense, it is still relatively new in comparison to the other networks, and is often seen as more of a niche audience. Prior to becoming a full-blown ecommerce business (that now has two brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles), Nasty Gal relied on social media to follow the latest trends and see what its target audience of consumers was interested in talking about.
The network naturally lends itself to edgy, fashionable images, which is exactly what Nasty Gal stands for. In most of their posts, you don’t see the product at all, but rather the point of view from the camera.
Affordable products, hassle-free returns, and a charitable mindset are all at the forefront of Warby Parker’s social presence, growing their follower base exponentially in the past couple of years. Water may not seem like an industry that would have much to contribute to the visual nature of Instagram, but the company crushes that notion – and then some.
They also emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, often featuring a bottle of their water alongside a home-cooked meal or someone engaging in physical activity.
However, despite the fact that their water sells for two or three times the price of their competitors, you don’t really get that feel from their Instagram account. Most sports enthusiasts on Instagram probably already follow the NFL, as the account serves as a central location for anything and everything you need to keep up with the league. Instagram serves as a perfect platform for the sports obsessed to gather and recap the happenings of the week.
Companies can effectively utilize Instagram by playing off of consumer emotions, telling a story, and giving them a VIP-like experience. The company that sells aluminum foil and wax paper is not only on Instagram, but is a poster child of how to do it right. Other brands have caught on to this idea, but it’s interesting that a company with seemingly little to offer the visual community of Instagram has made such a name for itself. They subtly evoke these concepts throughout their images and the prominence of their recipes across social networks. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram. She lives a happy life in Maine with her two children, where they love to hike, visit the beaches and have lots of silly fun.

It's important to be fair to both your step and biological kids."For a long time, there was a strong fear for him that I might leave. Space out your posts so you’re not spamming readers in short bursts of many photos, only to go silent for a few days or weeks after. Share close-up, behind-the-scenes or outtake shots from your last outfit shoot, and mention your blog in the caption. Much less spam in Instagram.) Because of that, Instagram users can get a little carried away with using hashtags to try and appeal to different audiences. Take an editorial look at your Instagram feed, and create themes like Trendy Tuesday or Shoe of the Week.
There are weeks when I post something every other day only to not post again for 3 weeks (seriously!). I don’t want family and friends to be bombarded by fashion pics and likewise I’m not sure those following for the style side want to see pics of my dogs and my garden! Its hard to keep up with all of social media so I am trying to decide between Instagram and Pintrest…Does anyone have ideas on how to stay on top of social media? Some of these visuals reflect once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like skydiving, whereas others show you how you can incorporate a GoPro into your day-to-day activities.
Other images feature just the glasses themselves to make them the focus of the post, as well as situations where you would likely need your glasses, such as at school or work. Using social media platforms such as Instagram is a great way to get your customers on board with a cause that is close to your heart, while also adding a more human element to your social presence.
While staring at images of water bottles would likely get boring pretty quickly, FIJI Water’s profile is a nice blend of product placement and beautiful scenery from around the world. There’s been a huge push among the medical community to replace high calorie, high sugar beverages with water, so FIJI Water uses this to their advantage. The way they position their brand makes them welcoming and relatable, giving them a voice in a relatively monotonous industry. Even though we all have teams that we are unequivocally devoted to (Go Bills!), the NFL covers each team fairly and in an engaging way.
Since Reynold’s Wrap is closely tied to the food and beverage industry, they emphasize the variety of creations you can make with their products.
Most importantly, it comes down to staying true to your brand and having a good mix of promotional and non-promotional content.
Stick to what works for you -- a ring doesn't mean that you have to be called something else.
How should I do it?I talked to my new husband about this and he said I absolutely should participate in disciplining. As the CEO of your blog and personal brand, Instagram can be a powerful way to connect with your readers. If you’d rather spend the least amount of time on social media as possible, determine whether or not Instagram is a good use of your time.
A loyal blog reader can become a loyal Instagram follower, especially if they know they’ll see unique content in your Instagram feed.
Remember, Instagram is a fairly new frontier for many brands, and your chances of standing out in a crowd are much higher. If you post the entire outfit with all the brands, people seem less likely to visit your blog if all of the information is there since IG hasn’t come up with clickable hyperlinks. Some of the most successful accounts don’t outwardly promote their offerings at all, but rather focus on their team, facility, and technology to add a visual appeal to their social presence. Keeping the focus on the products themselves prevents distractions, while adding to that luxurious, high-fashion feel.
The company’s means of differentiation is that their water is bottled directly at the source of a natural aquifer in Fiji, and their imagery of bright blue water and serene landscapes plays perfectly into the FIJI Water brand. FIJI Water is the perfect balance of luxury and leisure, and represents a viable strategy for many luxury brands that are afraid of alienating potential customers.
They even have original recipes on their website, which they feature a link to in their Instagram bio and in the text of individual posts. You can reach them on a personal level similar to Twitter and others, as well as other ways unique to this photo-sharing social media site. For some of you, it may be your preferred social media site, and for others, you may stay clear of Instagram altogether. Sometimes outfits, events and other things happen that may not make it onto your blog, but would be perfect to share in Instagram.
Instagram is fairly simple to understand and get into, but like all social media sites, there are special nuances there that can help you grow a following unlike any other audience you may have.
If they see you getting creative on your social media profiles, you are that much more appealing to them.
These days the reality is mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, siblings, half siblings, step siblings and so on. These blended families make for some challenging times, particularly for the step-parents involved who might not know where they stand in the parenting arena.

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