From Melbourne, Australia, this quirky mix of cake and stationary studio sells pre-made and custom made designs of both online. Probably the best use of time we have ever witnessed (probably); Drake on cake by Joy the Baker, based in New Orleans, LA, is a series of cakes decorated with Drake lyrics. Handmade in Brisbane, Australia, these organic and locally made cakes are as romantic and natural as they seam. As the inspiration for this post, this Instagram had us daydreaming from the moment we laid our eyes on it. Meet full time office worker, part-time cake decorator and everything we wish we could be (and eat): Cakes by Cliff.

Baker and Photography stylist Jenna Rae and Ashley Nicole, co-owners of Jenna Rae Cakes in Winnipeg, are the perfect combination for a stellar Instagram feed. Melissa Torres of Cake Hero in Brooklyn, NY sure knows how to make a fun and delicious Instagram feed (and pastries). Very attractive ribbon.When shipping extra ribbons, should at least be put into some sort of envelope. Not only are the cakes hilariously designed, the lay out on each cake makes this Instagram worth of a follow (and her own Instagram isn't too shabby either).
An eclectic blend of chocolates, candies, desserts andĀ floral (and anything else they can manage to pile on), these meticulously designed cakes will never bore you.

With it's bright colours and happy designs this darling Instagram is sure to put a smile on your face (and 5lbs in you). This awards ribbon is perfect for recognizing achievements in sports, contests, events, or as an overall morale booster to a team.
Each 1st Place Ribbon is approximately eight inches long and is made of a soft satin like material will a serrated edge on the bottom.

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