Flying into Buenos Aires’ International airport, EZE,  for a ski or snowboard trip to Argentina can be very intimidating.
We recommend Milhouse Avenue & Milhouse Hipo (see map below) because they are right on the #8 bus route. From either Milhouse hostel walk a couple blocks to Bernardo Irigoyen avenue (see map below) and grab the 100 bus going north on that street (5 pesos, have coins or they won’t let you ride). For Las Lenas, you’ll have to go to San Rafael and transfer to a bus that takes you up to Las Lenas. For Bariloche, you’ll have a direct ride and be dropped off at the bus station in Bariloche which is a bit outside of town.

I don’t know anything about getting to Las Lenas, but as far as Bariloche goes I booked a flight in to Puerto Montt, plan on taking a taxi to Puerto Varas no more than 30 minutes from the Puerto Montt Airport (PMC), stay the night at a hostel in Puerto Varas, and take a 6 hour bus ride to Bariloche through the lakes district first thing in the morning. No worries, SASS Global Travel takes care of all logistics for you during their SASS Argentina program. I’m using the domestic airport AEP to leave, but catching my return back into EZE so it matches up with all the returns to North America at night. Oh, and you cross the Andes, whether you are going to Lenas or Bariloche, that drive is absolutely beautiful.
It seems like this article is intended to make it seem difficult on purpose, so I guess what you don’t know cant hurt you.

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