Now I can start drawing (but of course, I created some new layers) and project some lines down from the key points of the floor plan.
I haven't designed a deck before, so I did what I normally do when I need information: I asked google.
If you looked at the plans, you would have seen that 4x4 posts are needed to support the deck. I check the code to see that the minimum height for a railing is 36 inches about the deck surface. Now I can add my hatch patterns to make the walls and chimney brick and add shakes to the roof.
Remember that elevations are a visual representation, so you can make them as detailed as needed.
Extra practice: Copy the floor plan to the left, then rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise. But you can make a better impression on clients, colleagues and students if you’ll choose a different font. Why a cropped photo for the background if you could easily get that same visual effect using powerpoint resident tools?
Quick question – are Rockwell and Segoe UI available as commonly on all computers (- like Times or Arial)?
Although it was back in 1960’s, claiming that ‘War is Peace’ would never appeal to customers. An exterior elevation might be used to show a home buyer what the front of their new home will look like, complete with bushes, bricks, and window trim. You'll start with a floor plan and draw a front exterior elevation and an interior elevation.
You will need to establish the overall size of the building and placement of windows and doors and other features. Since my cabin is 24 feet wide and the roof is in the middle, this is an easy one to figure out.
You can go a step further and add colors in a program like Photoshop (for an example, click here).
There are not a lot of commands that are needed when creating elevations, but you need to learn how to use them wisely, and be fully aware of what you are drawing.

Draw you projection lines down, then draw lines over from your existing elevation to get the heights. But one of the best pieces of advice is this: try to make your PowerPoint slides not look like PowerPoint slides. You can save your presentation with the fonts embedded so even if they don’t have that font installed, it will still show up as if they did. However, claiming something like this is totally unethical, regardless of the time it was aired. A big print ad that claims that you could see people naked, using these X-Ray glasses, and when you buy it for $1, you get a cheap frame that gives you a distorted vision of the things right in front of you.
An elevation drawing is the view that you would see in real life as you stood on the floor or ground and looked at the wall. Another example is an interior elevation drawing to show a contractor where finishes and items are to be used. The techniques will be the same, but the difference will be in the detail that you provide. I am going to make my wrap around to the side and make it larger to accommodate a table, hairs and a bar-b-que.
My usual rule for detailing elevations is to add detail first to the objects 'closest to you'. So I drew a line down from the center of the fireplace (notice the small circle for the flue?) and then offset it to make a 18 inch wide chimney. Later on if you start drawing 3D, you can create rendered images that look almost photographic, but for 2D work, elevation drawings do a great job. More than deception, this seems to a completely illogical and absurd tagline to promote the brand. Most brands today are not hesitant to claim extraordinary, unbelievable and too-good-to-be-true results after using their products.
The first example would be quite detailed, while the second would be more basic (but might contain dimensions).
For this exercise we are going to use the Cabin drawing that you might have drawn earlier in this level. You will need to figure these out (I'll help!) and you will also have to design the exterior materials.

Then I will rotate the drawing so the the side that I'm drawing the elevation of is pointing down. In this case, you want to draw a line that represents the top of the foundation that the cabin sits on.
I've added in a hidden line to show where the wall is, but this is only for reference and will be erased.
It’s simply this photograph on Flickr, shared via a Creative Commons License from the photographer Brinzei. Full of interesting, important, innovative and – at times – provocative ideas that can elevate any corporate presentation. I had to adjust the transparency to mute the image a bit, then crop out the trees at the bottom. Have a look at it and start thinking about what the cabin might look like from the outside.
Changing your background to a textured background is another great tip for making your slides not look like PowerPoint. To draw this is just a simple matter of offsetting and then trim the objects 'behind' the deck railing. Dada, Senior Director, BazaarvoiceNot only am I including Speaking PowerPoint in my undisputed reference list, I'm also designing curriculum (with Bruce's permission) for a level two Presentation Skills class. This book presents fundamental principles for creating visuals that communicate and sell ideas in the boardroom and beyond. He helps you identify what you should communicate and what can be left out…all with the goal of being as effective as possible. It’s the kind of book that training managers should be handing out to all employees who do in-house presentations.

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