Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". My prescription reading glasses make my sight blurry (and make me nauseous) when I view things far away. My child has been complaining of headaches and blurry vision accompanied by pain in her eyes when she tries to focus on computer or TV,l I thought she may need glasses and took her to the doctor,but the doctor said she has perfect eyesight.Then what caused the headache and blurry vision? I just found that after my eyes are focused on something close for a long time, when I look at distance, they will become blurry.

I just got an eye allergy several days before and today my vision seem to be a little blurry. 1200x800 ipad wallpaper, blur wallpaper, blur wallpaper, wallpaper blur, blurry photography wallpaper.
After the doctor put them into my eyes , the vision seemed to be very clear, but when I took them out and cleaned and soaked them and inserted them on Saturday they seemed to be slightly blurry, is this normal? This afternoon I feel my vision is blurry and a serious pain in my eyes.Do I need an emergency treatment?

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