We use a mixture of Napoleon and MAC cosmetics to add a touch of color to go with whatever the occasion might be. The New Year is nearly upon us and with 2014 almost over, what better way to start 2015 than being husband and wife. Getting married over New Year is a chance to start anew with someone you love more than anything, to start the year being with the person you will spend the rest of your life with.
So what better way is there for your husband to see his new wife with some gorgeous new  make up looks. Loving Your Curves Bridal Soiree is a unique and luxurious independent wedding dress event showcasing designers and retailers , creating a unique experience exclusively for size 16+ brides.
Loving Your Curves Bridal Magazine is an exciting digital quarterly bridal publication exclusively for curvy brides-to-be.
Misconception: I love make-up and definitely don’t want to be stuck with one eyeliner color.
Misconception: As we age, our skin droops, and it worries me that my tattooed eyeliner will sag down. Welke kleur camouflage, foundation, oogpotlood, oogschaduw, rouge en lippenstift je het beste kunt gebruiken, hangt af van je kleurtype en gezichtskenmerken. Dit bericht is geplaatst in Kleur en stijl en getagdblog, kleding, kleuranalyse, kleurenwaaier, kleurtype, lentetype, make-up, oogschaduw, persoonlijk advies, seizoenstype, tips, zelfvertrouwen. Makeup is an essential part for us because we can make our face attractive and charming with the help of make-up.
I’m thrilled to welcome talented, London based make up artist, Tabby Casto back to Bridal Musings to share more of her bridal beauty hints and tips.
Previously Tabby has shared her Top 5 Bridal Make Up Dos and Don’ts and advice on creating a flawless base that will last all day.
Now it’s time for the really fun part of any make up look ~ the eyes, the lips, the blush…the colour!

Don’t be afraid to use eyeliner and kohl pencil  You need to define the shape of the eye so it stands out. However, after doing quite a few trials on many brides, I have discovered some people just can’t go without the liquid line! That’s so true about that feeling when you wear smokey eyes out during the day, it really does feel like everyone is looking at you. Check out Tabby’s awesome make up artistry on her website and visit her blog, The Bridal Stories, where she shares bridal beauty inspiration and her top tips on wedding make up. Will you be wearing a classic red lip or throwing out the rule book and going for lots of colour?
As the New Year starts in the colder month of January you don’t want to look pale and cold. If we have missed yours off please let us know and we will credit or remove your image as directed. In my experience, I’ve never had anyone get an infection.  It’s very important to be safe during the procedure and follow the proper after-care instructions.
Our publisher, who went to Marcia for permanent makeup says she is definitely worth the drive. If you are going for party and you have a expensive dress, jewelry and shoes then make play very important role with them so according to this Eyes are the beautiful part of our face so that’s why eye make-up is very important.
So girls don’t waste your time, you can pick any eye makeup styles for your attractive eyes from here  just by checking out my awesome collection of  gorgeous eye makeup ideas. This isn’t a rule that you have to follow as lots of colours can work together, but matching two colours like this creates a very harmonious effect and will come across as classic and beautiful. There are plenty of glow enhancers which you can use under foundation (like Mac Strobe Cream or Shu Uemura Base Control) which are not too metallic. Anything with a glossy texture is going to slip off in a few hours and bleed around the lip line.

If you normally wear a black liquid liner, perhaps try using a small angled brush with a black eyeshadow pressed softly along the lash line – this can give you the effect of definition and strong lashes without looking too much. Having a warm glow to your face will automatically brighten your complexion and make you look stunning. This look is a smoky blend of natural browns that make they eyes pop out and look beautiful. According to different occasions there are so many beautiful varieties in eye make-up like Smokey eye makeup, gothic eye makeup, emo eye makeup, Dramatic eye makeup etc.
I am sure you will like my effort and if you like this then does comments about this which is very important for us. As long as it is applied well and perhaps focused on just the top lash line, it can still work for a bridal look. If you want to go for this look, go natural everywhere else as the red lip brings any make up look to life.
Houd rekening met je kleurtype, gezichtsvorm en andere gezichtskenmerken voor het mooiste effect. Een kleuranalyse bij vrouwen vind ik daarom niet compleet zonder een persoonlijk make-up advies. En dan niet alleen door het effect van de make-up zelf, maar ook door het zelfvertrouwen dat ze erdoor krijgen.

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