Beautiful Copper Gold colour variant for the Galaxy S5 smartphone is thought to be the most popular and for sure the newest addition alongside its  Shimmer White, Electric Blue, Charcoal Black colours. It is sphisticated: brownish clam shell is adorned with a frame in Champagne Gold color which shows its unique caracter. Galaxy innovation is what we believe in: it begins with people and takes their power to the next level. The greatest viewing experience: FHD Suoer AMOLED display is brighter and clearer, deeper  and more vivid.

You can easily stand out in the crowd, there are no doubts of your priveleged status any more. A black leather-textured protective cover is included to every device and enhances your elegant business style. The Super AMOLED display screens make web browsing much more easier with a sharp image quality. Its Local Contrast Enhancement gives you the possibility to adapt it according to the light conditions.

Depending on the conditions you are using your smartphone or preferences, you are able to control it with keypad or by touch screens.

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