There are many reasons for moving IT services to the cloud – predictability of service, optimisation of IT resource and so on (I won’t list them all here). In B2B services, smaller suppliers are often mandated to integrate to a particular exchange or network, and they set up a PC in the corner of the office to manage the order flow, then just leave it churning through orders. The other drawback of the one-off connection forced on smaller players in a supply chain is it provides a lack of flexibility and scalability. In addition, if any of the partners connected to the cloud hub service want to change anything at the back-end, such as changing their order management system, they can plug this in and out simply by adding a different connector to the hub.
It’s often been noted that in an old-fashioned VAN, or EAI hub, the word value in “value-added network” is almost redundant – these hubs provide connectivity, but they give no further insight into the messages passing through them.
The cloud service provider can provide this visibility to the business, in real-time, meaning that the person in accounts receivable can see their position without running overnight batch reports from their back-end system. This type of intelligence gives a business the ability to manage by exception – throwing out an exception report if an order to cash transaction is incomplete, for example if a supplier has invoiced but the goods have not been received. The data also becomes location independent – you no longer need to comb through incoherent logs in an antiquated DOS system to be able to see the orders being received, and more importantly, invoices being paid. Discovering and fixing exceptions can be a big cost to the business – but process abstraction also provides a mediation layer to protect against these problems.
Such a delay in the workflow could appear to result in a breach of SLAs, and of course if the backend system is unable to receipt an invoice without proof of delivery, a delay in the payment cycle. Once you have a layer of process mediation it is possible to trigger human interactions in the process. Once a business has intelligence on its data in motion, it crucially also has visibility into its order flow in real time. Intelligence on data in motion provide opportunities to react to new business opportunities that arise in a narrow window of time, such as the physical build-up of stock in a supply chain, and putting in place a promotion to clear it.
Similarly, reducing the location dependence of integration can enable the mobile workforce in new ways.
A final reason to use the cloud for B2B integration is the hub’s ability to integrate between different cloud services. This means that a customer can derive real value from both data held locally in the “heritage” business systems, and also the data which resides in the cloud. About UsBCW (Business Computing World) is a leading point of communications between business technology leaders and their audiences. Jesus & Things of Heaven Snowman Christmas Tree,Wallpaper Christmas Scene Animated Mickey Mouse Christmas Christmas Santa Claus Christmas Scene Mickey Mouse Christmas Have A Beautiful Christmas ¦ Golden Christmas decorations Blue Christmas ornaments It's Snowing Merry Christmas Etie Jul Decor in Sweden Mickey Mouse Christmas Vintage Christmas Jesus Christ was born I Love Snowmen bozic16bozic tatty teddy christmas Snow texture Vintage Christmas Merry Christmas Pretty Christmas Scene Christmas Time Disney Christmas Santa Christmas HQ wallpapers Santa Claus Santa Claus Christmas Scene Winter Scene Winnie the Pooh Christmas Mickey Mouse Christmas A Snoopy Christmas Forever Friends - Christmas snowman birthday cake ? Christmas lights and decorations ? Merry Christmas Winter Scene Winter Scene Red Christmas ornaments Snowman and Santa Claus Real Snowflakes! This realistic business card mock-up allows you to showcase a clean and elegant design through a mix of subtle embossed logo and regular printed design. Globe together with BlackBerry is giving away tickets to see International music icon Nicki Minaj up close and live in her one night-only concert in Manila this July. Subscribe to Globe My Super Plan 499 and P99 BlackBerry Chat and get a free BlackBerry Curve 9220 plus a free ticket* to Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tour concert happening at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on July 11, 2012.
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The  Thursday Morning Group meets for bible study, prayer and conversation -all are most welcome to come along – bring a Bible ( any version) with you if you can. But on top of the usual arguments for cloud services, there are a number of compelling arguments why B2B integration is particularly well suited to cloud delivery.
As time goes by, the original IT resources who set up this system move on, and the continuing function of the “black box” is a huge risk to the business – if it does fail, the cost to fix this piece of proprietary kit can be huge. The supplier connects a single pipe out to its trading partner, and is stuck with this point to point arrangement. The logic of the integration and transformation of messages is completely abstracted from the supplier connected to it. The modern cloud-based hub, by contrast, can provide intelligence on the masses of data flowing through it. This allows them to concentrate their efforts on providing the maximum value to the business. What if orders aren’t received or the process flow is such that elements get out of sequence? Process mediation resynchronises these processes, holding up the invoice in the cloud until the corresponding proof of delivery has been issued. In the above example where an invoice cannot be receipted without the proof of delivery, a customer services agent could call the carrier and that action could trigger the proof of delivery – hence streamlining the process and ultimately getting paid quicker.
Traditionally, reporting of sales data in manufacturers is only completed monthly, quarterly or even annually, so by the time it reaches decision makers, it’s out of date and not actionable.
One of our insurance company clients has doubled the number of claims their assessors can fulfil by eliminating the need for them to physically go into the office to create paperwork. In effect, treating the cloud services as they should be treated – as an extension to the company’s own IT real-estate. It provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help business technology leaders be more effective in communicating analysis and insight on information technology trends, to help the understanding of IT's role in achieving business goals.
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Whether this is just confirmation that an order has been received or data back that an invoice will be paid on a particular date, this is real-time information that can provide insights into orders and returns, data that is traditionally spread around the business in multiple places.
Some back-office systems, such as SAP, enforce rigid process restrictions on B2B workflow, so they will not expect to receive an invoice until they have a corresponding goods received notice. With seasonable business trends, manufacturers need to know what is selling right now, so they can put in place promotions or move supplies to the right geographical location. Using a standard iPad with 3G connectivity, all the real-time information they need to assess a claim – which is held in various places in the cloud – is downloaded to their device.

An integration hub can reconcile these different sources of truth, to present a consistent response to the customer. He sets the development roadmap, and works with the Chief Architect to deliver innovative software that the "field" organisation can take to market. With this huge freebie, now is really the best time to get a BlackBerry plan from Globe Postpaid. The cloud provides an opportunity to throw away this out-of-date kit and connect over a secure web connection from whatever device the company likes – PC, Mac, tablet or iPad.
If it’s a small supplier doing business worldwide, this flexibility as its business grows means it can add further connections for the exchange of additional documents, or to join entirely new trading exchanges.
However, in a real-time order-taking environment, this sequence can sometimes be disrupted, such as when a delivery service in a remote location holds onto a proof-of-delivery note until the end of a week. They can even evaluate replacement goods after a theft or refer jobs that need the input of a lead assessor, in real-time, electronically.
It can even be used to enrich information that is sitting in the cloud or in back-office systems, for example using a look-up service to update a product code, entirely seamlessly to the customer. Jeff also works with the operations team to ensure that the solutions deployed within the company's four data centres are always available. Wallpaper and background images in the Christmas club tagged: christmas winter photo snow tree magic. In addition to this, he liaises with customers, to ensure that solutions exceed their requirements, and grow with their business. Yes, you read it right: free device and free ticket, a deal you definitely cannot resist, only from Globe and BlackBerry” said Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid.
Prior to forming Adaptris, Jeff worked with EDI and EAI industry leaders Perwill and Frontec (Axway) and end user organisations DHL, and Equitas.
These designs would vary in theme or color, size, furnitures and would consider eventually, who the ccupant will be. Jeff has been engaged as a consultant with many large partners including Progress and customers including British Airways, Scottish Widows, British Telecommunications, and Carrefour. Today, we have collected a couple of bedroom designs for girls to choose from or be inspired with. Others would prefer pink, some would want to make their bedrooms look simple and minimal while some girls would want theirs filled with color.
Which is the prettiest Girl’s Bedroom Design you’ve come across with in this post? Along with this dream, she creates interesting collections of Architectural and Interior designs not just for her own use but also to inspire other people to create their own dream homes, too.

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