Post processing is an essential part of making your photos stand out – even basic adjustments can make a big difference. Armed with the same RAW image processor as Photoshop, Lightroom is a high quality image processing option.  You have the capability to adjust many of the same features as in Camera RAW. Lightroom makes it easy to crop photographs and make adjustments to certain areas by either using a brush tool or gradient. Using Photoshop gives the creator finer controls over areas that are in need of manipulation. When deciding what you need for your workflow it really comes down to what you are trying to achieve.
And now with Adobe offering their cloud solution to have both products for $9.99 per month, now is a great time to test both. The views in the links represent those of the author and not necessarily those of the PTBA or its Board of Directors.
To me Lightroom is like that cute, zippy little economy car that I used 90% of the time and was able to accomplish 90% of what I needed to do. About the PTBAThe Professional Travel Bloggers Association’s mission is to promote the interests of travel bloggers within the industry by supporting and fostering the needs, careers and relationships of travel bloggers. Search Engine DetailsThe search engine on this site is one of the main highlights of being a member of the PTBA.
Light effects are my favorite type of effect, I don't know why but I always liked to play around in Photoshop trying to recreate them. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a super cool text light effect mixing some photos to give more realism. Open Photoshop and create a new document, after that make sure that the background is in black. Now let's delete the filament area where we will add the text with the light effect later on. Because the white text is inside the folder with the Color Dodge, the effect will be the same as if the text layer had a black background. Again to add more realism, instead of creating a lens flare in Photoshop we will use a real photo. Once you imported the photo the first thing to do is delete the areas that you won't be necessary and keep just the flare. Now add another layer on top of all the others and then with the Brush Tool (B) and a big and very soft brush using white for the color, paint another big spot in the center of the light effect. After this we are done and as you could see, most of the light effects are all about blending colors with photos. Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer.

Following our series of tutorials inspired by movie posters, today we bring to you a simple image inspired by the new Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell's movie, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. So for this tutorial we will show you how to create a nice old signage effect using Photoshop and a stock photo. Most sunflowers form one big head or flower but some can form a few smaller heads that form on lower branches. Popular processing programs are Lightroom and Photoshop, and even though they are developed by the folks at Adobe, there are big differences in both of the programs. Basic functions (contrast, white balance, clarity etc.), tone curves, lens corrections, and camera calibration are all incorporated and the interface is very easy and intuitive. The newest version of Lightroom has a radial filter which allows you to make adjustments with an elliptical mask, making it useful for creating vignettes in certain areas.
It is possible to adjust size and quality of output, file names, adding a watermark, and even select where the photo should open next if further processing is necessary.
Websites, logos, posters and a multitude of other options are the benefit of using the software. If you are solely looking to enhance your photos then Adobe Lightroom might be all you need.
It aims to legitimize travel blogging as a business and facilitate business relationships within the industry.
It is the most vibrant and comprehensive search engine for travel bloggers available anywhere. Then once I discovered the power of the Blend Modes, especially the Color Dodge, creating this effects became much easier.
Place the image in the center of the document but make sure that the filament area is big engouh.
Then with the Brush Tool (B) select a very soft brush (0% hardness0 and black for the color. To do that is pretty easy, with the Eyedropper Tool (I) select the color of the area you will paint, the with the Brush Tool (B) and a very soft brush, start paiting over the filament.
You can see that the edges get sort of blended with the background creating a perfect light effect.
Screen is a very useful Blend Mode because it turns what is black into full trasparency the grey scale becomes a transparency level, so it's perfect to create light effects.
The Blend Modes in Photoshop are very powerful for this type of effect and I would recommend you to study more about them, especially the Color Dodge one.
I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts. The poster and the TV spot show a really nice old signage effect, that's the title of the movie.

A friend started running through a few different ink and shirt color combinations to see which I like better. The larger, giant sunflowers usually form one head while the smaller mid-sized sunflowers can form multiple heads which are perfect for attracting birds to your garden.
After planting the sunflower seeds, be sure to cover them with a screen, as birds and other animals love to dig the seeds out of the soil.
For most it is the starting point of a workflow and for others Lightroom may be the only program used. And you are not limited to doing it one photograph at a time, you have the capability to batch process this information across all your photographs in a catalog. If you want to take it that extra step, possibly with photo manipulation, incorporating design or whatever you can’t do in Lightroom, then Photoshop is your answer. After that with the Brush Tool (B) and a very soft brush with #f5d38b paint a round spot in the center of the light effect. No shameless website plugs, just a simple design with the letters "DIY" and an image of a DSLR. Yes, the D is a matte box, and the y is a handle on a rig (angled more ergonomically, like mine). Today, they're still grown for food, and not just for birds: their seeds make a wholesome snack and are pressed into vegetable oil. If you have a choice, sandy soils are not recommended, as they are easily uprooted in loose soil.
Apply extra phosphorus and potassium when the flower bud begins to develop, to promote bigger blooms.Tell a friend all about sunflowers!
Another tip is if you are using the Brush Tool (B) you can just press Alt to use the Eyedropper Tool.
After that add a new folder in the Layers Palette and change the Blend Mode of this folder to Color Dodge. No plans at the moment to actually offer these elsewhere - this is just a personal project.
Whether you are feeding the wildlife or not, there are plenty of wildlife that enjoy sunflower.

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