Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again). I'd like to give you a hefty summary of the content I cover - my take on how you can get more clients and increase your cashflow without doing things that feel 'gross'. Additional Camera Settings: These images were photographed and processed using a method known as HDR. Clovelly Beach is one of those photography locations that seems to have it all and then some. This all combines for making wonderful photo opportunities for anyone lucky enough to visit Clovelly and has quickly become one of my favourite locations in Sydney to visit with my camera.
Did you know: Clovelly was originally known as Little Coogee but in 1913 was changed to Clovelly after a little village town on the North Coast of England. This location is really good for any type of landscape photography that you may be using to capture your photos, for example: HDR Photography, ND filters, etc. Clovelly Beach would also be good as a backdrop for various other types of photography, whether it be family, wedding, formal etc.
The other type of photography that might be good here (and please don’t take my word for this) is underwater photography. You could pretty much photograph this location at any time and there would be something worth capturing. Clovelly Beach is located on Sydney’s Eastern Beaches and therefore surrounded by many other amazing places like Bondi and Coogee. The Old Helensburgh Station is one of major historical significance in regards to early rail development in NSW. The old Helensburgh railway station was covered in earth until recent years but has been partially uncovered for historical purposes.
The station originally opened on the 3rd October 1888 and closed permanently on the 30th May 1915. The Old Helensburgh Station is also accompanied very closely by The Metropolitan Tunnel which is the second longest of the 6 disused rail tunnels from this network in the area and if viewed at the right time houses the largest population of glow worms in NSW.
When it comes to exploring the tunnel I would advise you don't get too enthusiastic as the tunnel is blocked at the opposite end which used to exit into the current coal mine grounds.
I also like the historical facts that you provide about the Old Helensburgh Station review. For the week that I was planning on visiting I did plenty of research into the history of the site which definitely adds to the interest in visiting here. The Old Helensburgh sign that stood and signified the station was actually removed for storage as vandals had stolen a couple of letters from it.
The Metropolitan Tunnel is located just a 2 minute walk down the road from Helensburgh Train Station. Helensburgh Tunnels were great, I found them a few months back, and found them pretty tricky to find because I had no exact details for the location. While searching for other tunnels we also discovered what we think was potentially an old storm drain – if anyone can give us information on what it actually was that would be much appreciated. I usually use smooth Almond butter to make these cookies as that is my preferred nut butter.

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PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. As mentioned, there is so much on offer that you are bound to walk away with some great photos. However I do feel that there are a better beaches around that area which would be better suited for people photography. I know that Clovelly is popular to swimmers and scuba divers so it might be worth keeping that in mind, if you own underwater camera housing and are planning on heading down there. However in my opinion, you still can't beat capturing an amazing sunrise especially with Clovelly beach as your foreground.
However, head just around the corner and you run into Gordons Bay, which is a another amazing photography hot spot! A number of contributing factors such as the steep gradient and significant heat factors as well as only being a single rail line worked towards its early closure in favour of the newer line that is currently still in service today. The first tunnel, outside which the sign used to be located, has awesome examples of graffiti as you travel along it but as mentioned above is blocked up by a river a hundred or so meters in and the walk up to that point is muddy and slippery so be sure to wear some hardcore shoes. We followed along the length of the station but on the road outside (in the direction away from the other tunnels), up a flight of stairs onto the road and across a bridge that went over the station, turning left and following the road for 200-250 meters. Definitely recommend Helensburgh tunnels if you are looking for something beautiful and a little bit freaky. Thank you so much Alana for sharing your experience of photographing the Old Helensburgh Station.
I opted for an extra tbsp of peanut butter over the added oil… i used a natural, creamy organic peanut butter. To create the waves in my hair I’ve used my Modiva curling iron and you can see my tutorial for how I curl my hair.
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It will download to your computer as a PDF file that you can print out and keep handy or, of course, you can save it to your tablet or phone so you can be a Hair Romantic anywhere you go! It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. But what is really cool about Clovelly is its unique shape… Clovelly Beach is a long narrow inlet, so to speak, with concrete platforms flanking it on either sides and leading down to a small beach.
So if you are looking for a nice beach to use as a backdrop and thinking about Clovelly, it would be worth checking it out first before organising a photo shot there. On the other hand if you are relying on public transport, buses are probably your best bet. Clovelly has so much to offer any landscape photographer that it will be one of those places you just keep going back to.
Even my 9inch hunting boots weren't tall enough to walk beyond the water laden floor of the tunnel. This tunnel is currently turning into a river around 100 metres in, you cannot go any further as it is very wet and muddy.
The glow worms are basically invisible during the day because of the light, but it’s worth seeing during the day just as much as at night. The second tunnel we encountered was across the road, easily visible as we exited the first tunnel.
If we’ve missed any tunnels and you have the chance please let us know how to find them! What I did to fix this was I added a Tbsp of the chickpea brine and the dough stuck together! It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. As a HDR photographer I really enjoyed capturing Clovelly Beach and would highly recommend it to all of you landscape photographers out there! There was even a rumour circulating for some time which said there was a steam locomotive stored at the blocked end of this tunnel. There is a waterfall to the right and a tunnel to the left with a stream running down the centre, at the end of which is a dam. Of course, the cookie dough is also edible, so you may or may not have any remaining by the end of the day. I am definitely going to use this recipe instead of my traditional peanut butter kiss cookie recipe! Squeezing past a fence is a necessity for access however it didn’t prove challenging in the least and the fence at the exit was broken so no worries there. The location is really quite beautiful and worth checking it if you’ve made the journey down to Helensburgh. And the dough tasted like peanut butter fudge — I’m lucky some of it made it to the oven!

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