About the AuthorJoanna Covington is the owner of Photobook Solutions, a company that will use your photos to create a unique photo book for you and your family.
A 9 megapixel photo is the largest size actually required to print a high quality image at the full size of an A4 photobook page. It includes FOUR 12x12 unique templates that can be mixed and matched to make a full album!

We specialise in high quality, great value photo books and have customers all over New Zealand and beyond!
Templates include space for multiple photos, classic stamped photo frames, vintage paper frames, botanical stickers, painted clusters, wash tape, transparency tape, stitched word blocks, vintage papers and envelopes and text paths all in position so all you have to do is add your photos, paper and journaling and call it done! This license also allows for use as website graphics on sites unrelated to digital scrapbooking.

This license does NOT allow for the sale of templates created with these products or for the resale or distribution of ANY of the kit contents, brushes, elements or alphabets as scrapbooking products, stationery or any other commercial use other than in completed layouts or photographs for others.

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