The holidays are a wonderful time for people to get together and celebrate another year gone by. What You'll NeedStyrofoam sheets or poster board (I had extra poster boards, so that's what I used. We do our best to support as many browsers as possible, but we can't test and support them all.
So when I asked Stacey if she would share with our community how she made them, she kindly wrote up this tutorial and gave me permission to repost. What I think is genius is how Stacey had a professional photographer come to her party to take photos of her guests (using the homemade props) and gave the photos out as favors.
I went with mustaches and mouths, but you could also do eye glasses, eyebrows, maybe even hair styles or hats. I mentioned in my last post that my Dad does graphic design, well he also happens to be accommodating when it comes to my hair-brained ideas. I printed mine on card stock, cut them out, and hotglued them to little wooden dowels that came in packs of 20 at Michaels.
For the favors, I punched two holes in the 3" round tags Beyond Designs designed for me and threaded the dowels through. My Doug drew the thought bubble shapes on the mat board, then we applied the vinyl to the other side & cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors.
Because I used white mat board (I had it on hand from a picture framing project I did forever ago) the white cut edges didn't look great, so I colored the edges with a black sharpie to make them blend in and give it a finished look. True to my usual style, I planned and planned in my head for weeks before the event, but I whipped the props up the day before.
I also made a sign by using a chalk board back drop from here, then I added font and vintage overlays in picmonkey.
Peggy Saas - It was so much fun on the other side seeing all the fun that was had through the lens. Sarah Jones - This is so incredibly helpful – setting up a photobooth at a wedding I have coming up (and making it one of my new products) – definitely needed the help!
Now before you decide a photo booth is too hard to set up, there is a new iPad App that will do all the work for you!

Now before I go any further I need to tell you that my hubby is the brains and talent behind this app, and no, I am not getting any endorsements apart from major brownie points.
I have also made a couple of templates of my favourite lush lips and moustaches which are available for you to download below. With all of these parties and gatherings being thrown, a "photobooth" is always a fun addition to the holiday festivities. I have been preparing for my leave at Choccywoccydoodah and making sure everything is ship shape before I pass the baton to Spex (who will take my place in the flower department). So, I have decided for my leaving-do I would make some photo props, so I could get some good snaps of the gang together.
If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party. I picked up two framed pictures at Goodwill, removed the glass and all the insides and spray painted them in the colors of the party. I got so excited at the thought of doing this photo booth, I forgot that I had never ever seen a photo booth, let alone make one! Young and old dived into the booth, I had a fantastic time behind the camera giggling at the goings on in the booth. The idea for creating a Pennant Banner (those cutie little triangle banners you see at birthday parties and big celebrations) came to us while browsing through pintrest. First we designed the graphics for each triangle using Photoshop- We choose to use varying patterns in the same shade of light pink.
The final step is stringing the banner together through the slits we've just created in step 3.
These props have become all the rage at weddings and parties recently with photo booths popping up all over the country. I found printable props online here (gotta love google) and then visited Spotlight for the materials.
When I got home I scrolled through the photos and smiled at the frivolity and fun that was had.
To get the same look as us, cut your individual triangles to be 9 inches across the top and 10 inches long.

Not only will your guests have crazy fun with it but you will be left with amazing photos of all your friends at the same time. The app does everything from taking the photos, it has a selection of borders to jazz up the pics, and if you can connect your iPad to a wifi compatible printer, ie. I have kept this project easy by using cardboard instead of my usual foam sheets to make the props. For the most part, they won't be noticeable when used in the photos.Step 3 Take a Dowel and Securely Tape it to the Back of the PropAnd that's it! Place your bamboo skewer where you would like it and then put your other piece of felt on top. We found the perfect color yearn but found that the single yarn was too thin and ran the risk of breaking. House of Harvs is a new lifestyle blog and my main aim is to share my favourite recipes, eateries, creative projects and cities with you. Felt can be a bit floppy and doubling it will definitely make your moustache or lips stronger.
Many fabric stores have small swatches of fabric (usually for less then $1 each, awesome steal!)  that are used for quilting, consider looking though these options if you want to have varying patterns and colors.
To solve our problem, Keith (the self-dubbed Renaissance man) crocheted a simple chain with the yarn, reinforcing the durability of our banner. Being new to the whole blogging scene, I would love for you to take a look around, have fun and enjoy, and leave me any comments and feedback. I considered hanging gorgeous vintage fabric as the backdrop but I had cement wall to deal with, so I wasn’t sure a temporary fixture would stay up. We then wove the yarn cord through the banner- sending the yarn through the first hole of the triangle from the back. The final result should be 2 lengths of yarn across the front of each triangle (between the 1st and 2nd and then again between the 3rd and 4th slits).

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