No matter who you are - a photographer running your own business or a photo lab customer – you certainly often need to make ID photos.
On the other hand, there is no strict requirement for ID photos to be made by paid professionals. In order to make an ID photo of professional quality, you should first check the passport photo guidelines, the consulate requirements for visa photos, etc. You just need to select the required color (normally white, blue or light-grey) and adjust the settings for automatic background replacement.
You may even take and print the picture at home as long as you have the right processing tool. There you will find out about the dimensions of the photo, the size of the subject’s face, the background color, the paper for prints etc.
This will be of great help when you need to make an ID photo for a certain visa, as different countries have their own requirements concerning the background color.

The official requirements for the selected ID type are shown to the user along with the photo dimensions and other helpful details. There's plenty of features that are extremely useful for a business like ours, smart layout printing and order statistics among them. If you still need to correct some areas after changing the background automatically, it is easy to do with built-in editing tools. This is especially crucial for biometric passports, travel documents and applications for international programs, e.g. An example of such tool is Passport Photo Maker – this ID photo app provides all you need to make an ID photo of professional quality in one minute. Passport Photo Maker helps you here with its integrated database of ID types for different countries. Use the Add button when you need to add a completely new ID type, and the Duplicate button to add one that’s similar to some other ID type from the database.

Passport Photo Maker can automatically change background color: open the Edit tab, click Change Background, and choose the color. Furthermore, the user can add new ID types specifying the dimensions, as well as make and save changes to the existing ones.
Then you can print as many pictures as needed if you own a photo quality printer, or take the print layout to a print shop.
In Advanced, you may enter instructions for the crop accuracy, and any notes about this ID type – they are then shown in the main program window.

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