Some of my favorite finds are the old panoramic shots from the early part of the century through the 1940’s. Posted in Vintage Photography and tagged Sold on eBay, Vintage Harley Davidson, Vintage photography on August 10, 2014 by wearekoalas.
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It's one of those things that gets old really quick (like being able to set a new theme for your home screen) so enjoy the feeling of awe and wonder while it lasts. Heck, when I switched from Android to an iPhone I didn't even realize it didn't have panoramic backgrounds for a long time. I guess I got so used and indifferent to it I didn't really notice it was missing on an iPhone. I wish I would have bought it because it’s a great photograph of classic motorcycle culture.

You may also try something a bit different such as Honda Jazz 2014 Lahore or Honda Jazz 2005 Lahore.

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