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What is the sentence that is said before the real statement, to let the other person know what is coming, called?
Is it illegal for a private citizen of the US to own and operate an orbital kinetic weapons platform? In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to integrate a model in dark environment and apply abstract lights effects over the scene.
In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Design a Unique Wooden Face with Fiery Eye and Tear in Photoshop. The idea of this manipulation comes from browsing some ancient stone statue image on the internet – I decided to make something similar in Photoshop.
Also, I will be talking about usage of color for your environment, how to make your images sharper and I will give some tips on how to add more detail to your work.
In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create this interesting, layered Text Effect with Awesome Lighting in Photoshop.
We will use techniques such as layer blending, filter effect, custom brushes and transform tools to create this text effect. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a beautiful abstract artwork using light effects, a few fractal images, a custom brush and some cool post editing techniques. These Photoshop tutorials will help you to dramatically boost your creativity and professional skills. This is such a big application that I heard somewhere that a university is offering a PhD program in Photoshop.
Our blog, Designzzz focuses a lot on Photoshop and today we are back with another mighty Photoshop post. These tutorials cover retouching, typography, designing and almost all niches of graphic design.
Creating a highly detailed photo manipulation of a battlefield by using the stock photography in Photoshop. This tutorials teaches us making a realistic plastic and rubber effect with the mixture of colors. This tutorial teaches a great use of stock photos for making a complete matte painting scene.
This tutorial create firefighter painting and also guides us in the right way about how we can apply this effect on any picture. We learn how to make realistic disaster effect in Photoshop easily by following this tutorial. In this tutorial you can learn the advance compositing technique and create a cool compositional photo manipulated poster.
In this tutorial you will learn how to use brushes on portraits and make them remarkable piece of artwork in Adobe Photoshop. Creating a pop is a challenge to every graphic designer but this artwork is really cool and colorful and also well explained.
Here is a cool zombie illustration tutorial of Adobe Photoshop; such Photoshop design tutorials have really clean effect in them.
Learn how to create great 3D logo in Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge, a famous photoshop plugin. This tutorial teaches us how to design graphics for fashion and how to add some sparks in the artwork. Learn how to use stock photos for creating the fantasy architectural manipulation for designing an awesome poster. This tutorial teaches us the great technique of tracing images into the line-art, this is very important tutorial for every graphic designer. This tutorial teaches us how to make great fantasy artwork in Adobe Photoshop and turn any girl into a fairy! In this tutorial we learn how to create Avengers themed text effect design in Adobe Photoshop. Creating a cool cutlery artwork following by this tutorial this type of artwork normally presented for showing the power and the skill of the designers which they have. We can learn great technique of big and small in this photo manipulation easily and in no time with the help of clear effect of underwater.
Cool tightrope dancer manipulation created in the following tutorial with the help of Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial we learn how to make the photo realistic metal apple in Adobe Photoshop by the simple effect and stock photo.
In this tutorial we learn how to combine and make abstract art with the photo and make a great artwork. Here are the author creating the space battleships scene in the Adobe Photoshop and complete the scene with professionals.
This tutorial teaches us the exceptional way to control the light and shadows in the typography.
Let’s create our own custom landscape in Photoshop by following this useful tutorial. Once again, the Great Waseem has given me much to think about– thank you, my dear fellow! There’s some talented artists out there who can hand paint stunning hyper-realistic art, but those kinds of skills are something us mere mortals can only dream of. The effect we’ll be creating in this tutorial transforms a photograph with fine brush strokes to produce a realistic painted appearance.
Use the shortcut CMD+J to duplicate the background layer twice, then with the uppermost layer selected add a High Pass effect from the Filters menu.

Adjust the High Pass filter radius slider until the details of the photo begin to emerge from the grey background.
Change the blending mode of this High Pass layer to Linear Light to drastically sharpen the photograph.
Merge the High Pass layer with the background duplicate below it to make this effect permanent, then head to Filter > Stylize > Diffuse. If you look closely at your artwork, you may notice some ugly seaming where the diffusing repeats. Go to Image > Image Rotation > 90° CW, then use the shortcut CMD+F to repeat the addition of a Diffuse filter.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Be a Cool Dude!With your donation you can help us maintain this website and keep producing free resources many months to come! Another Photoshop texture that is really used by digital artists is for sure the old paper texture.
Despite we think initiatives like Creative Commons are a good idea, here you are not limited by that kind of license. If you are a software developer or are just curious, you could like to see how Picture to People works internally.
There are many cool frame themes like classic, decorated, floral, love, game, star, food & cooking, pet, music, fashion, horror and more. It's the best online photo text software to transform images into typographic drawings (draw photos using text).
Turn black and white logos, icons or symbols into realistic 3D logos rendered with special materials.
This online software was developed to turn your favorite photos into beautiful cartoon style drawings. By using this software you can turn your photos into realistic high fidelity chalk drawings. It's the biggest and best set of free realistic carved text effect makers ever released online. This powerful online liquid text effect generator can create liquid effects with generic transparency as PNG files.
Here it's a new free online sand text generator developed to create very realistic typographic sand effects. Furthermore, these very easy to use online graffiti photo effects can be created by choosing among many different beautiful rendering styles. Here you can use the most modern softwares to create portraits or painted pictures from photos. It's the best online software to create artistic colorful drawings from photos and complex images. It's the most complete collection of free professional realistic 3D text logo creators ever published online. Now it's possible to make many new impressive water text effects by using our new set of water rendering engines. This is a new powerful tool created to be able to render several cloud styles you can find in nature. This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps used to turn a regular photograph into an interesting digital painting illustration, using Photoshop's Filter Gallery and the Smudge Tool. Next we need to drop out the background, fix any problems and prepare the photo for the filters. Load your Layer Mask as a selection (hold down the Apple key and click the Layer Mask) and Copy Merged (Apple-Shift-C), then Paste into a new layer.
Select the bottom layer of the three and apply the 'Poster Edges' effect from the Filter Gallery. Obviously, all of these settings are specific to this photo and may not be right for yours, so feel free to tinker and tweak until you're happy, maybe even try out some of the other filters.
With your three Filter Gallery layers visible, Select All, Copy Merged and Paste once more, and make sure the pasted copy lines up with the other again.
We have posted about Erik Johansson quite a few times, he was even interviewed and featured on the Abduzeedo book. Marcelo Monreal is an artist from Santa Catarina, Brazil who created a completely new style of portrait where he manipulates the faces and fill them out with flowers. So for this tutorial I will show you how to create the Iron Man mask using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
If you want to share with us your photoshop or illustrator tutorial, your work, design or photography send us a mail or via Twitter using #tutorialstorage in the end of the tweet. Basically we’re going to create some nice sparkly effects and connect them with a certain model, mixing up everything with a nice suitable background.
This is an intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try! It will show you how to draw a mask for your character using the pen tool , blend modes and textures.
You will learn how to combine different graphic elements with extensive use of layer masks. If any videos or images that appear on the site are in violation of copyright law, please email and we will remove the offending information as soon as possible.
You can easily make this artwork and create more artworks like this one from your own mind. We all have to learn that How to create a complete scene with  a theme whether it is colorful or in a single color tone.
Thankfully with the help of Photoshop it’s possible to create cool effects to mimic the style of painted images. This technique is great for simulating illustrated artwork for retro movie posters or just to give your images a cool stylized look. Repeat this step for a third time then rotate the image for a final time to place it the right way up. The texturing from the Diffuse filter adds lots of swirly details on the skin which gives the image a traditionally painted effect.

The smudged blending of colours and the appearance of fine brush strokes really help achieve a realistic painted look.
From afar the fine details can blend to look like a normal photograph, but up close you see what looks like hundreds of individual brush strokes. These tutorials show you how to add a realistic painting effect in Photoshop using different filters. You don't even owe us credits for the text designs and image effects you create by using our online graphic softwares. You can design icy texts by using several ice styles: wintry, icy, frosty, blizzard and glacial. Depending on the photograph you choose, it shouldn't take you more than a couple of hours to complete.
This is important as the Filter Gallery effects are heavily pixel based and if you resize after you've finished your work, it can blend them all back together and lessen the overall effect.
I'll leave you to choose your own way of removing the background, but I prefer straightforward painting in the Layer Mask, for the level of control is gives you. If you find that the pasted version has moved slightly, just reposition it over the original - quickly flipping the Blend Mode to 'Difference' can help, when everything is black, the two layers are aligned. Tweak the settings until you get some nice black lines defining areas of you subject, almost like cartoon outlines.
Don't worry that your image has suddenly gone black, the extra highlights and neon glows will be perfect once you set the Blend Mode to 'Lighten' and reduce the Opacity down to 50%. Duplicate this layer (so you have a merged back-up) and then this is layer that we will be painting, but before we start there are two little tweaks to Photoshop's default settings we should change first.
Now just start brushing your image and blend the combined Filter effects back together to resemble brush strokes. When you do the hair, you can tidy up your rough mask from earlier by extending whispy hairs out from the head when you smudge them and also correct any other areas that you're not happy with - I altered the cloned lapel of the jacket while smudging as I didn't think I had the angle right first time.
I've used and tweaked Fabio's excellent space background tutorial and added a spiral galaxy from the NASA archive for mine.
I have also been spending my time with the new Abduzeedo which is looking much sleeker and soon will be going live. This is a great tutorial for designers who want to experiment with a more modern approach to digital collages.
I have created Tutorialstorage on 15th of October 2010 in order to help designers and developers to find the good inspiration before creating their works. In today’s tutorial I show you a few steps that will transform a photograph into a digitally painted piece of art with detailed brush strokes and blotchy colours.
Add a Curves adjustment layer and darken the blacks and brighten the whites to subtly increase the contrast.
However, there’s one little step that further manipulates the image and results in more of a digitally painted look. Some of these tutorials use the new Oil Paint Filter that comes with CS6 while others teach you other painting effect techniques. You can be fairly rough with elements like the hair as they'll be fixed when we get on to the smudging part later on. In the Preferences, go to Performance and up the number of History States saved to at least 200 if you haven't already.
The key here is 'short, controlled bursts' and to follow the natural lines and curves of your subject.
As a finishing touch I've duplicated my painted layer, given it a high Gaussian Blur and moved it below the painting layer to add an overall glow to the image. There's still a couple of months until we can set our eyes on the real deal so I decided to create the Iron Man mask from scratch using Illustrator and Photoshop just to warm up and to try to improve my illustrating skills. This week I decided to recreate an effect I saw a couple of weeks ago and I saved the screenshot because I thought it would be awesome to know how to do it. Select Surface Blur from the Filter > Blur menu and adjust the values to around 50px Radius and 15 Threshold.
Add paint texture to your photos using paint brushes and Photoshop artistic paint filters in just a few simple steps. I wanted the final illustration to be bigger so I enlarged the image size to 960 pixels high and also increased the canvas width to 1200. In my original photo, the subject's left shoulder has been cropped from the frame, so that needs to be put back in.
The second tweak is in Keyboard Shortcuts from the Edit menu, and is to change the usual Undo command (good old Apple-Z) to activate Step Backward instead. Go with the contours of the skin, the curls of the hair, the patterns of the clothing and so on. If you plan on painting your background using the same effect, it's useful to keep it separate from your foreground image so you don't end up smudging the two together.
Next I boosted the Brightness and Contrast to help the Filter Gallery effects really pick out the noise from the iPhone's less-than-brilliant camera. I've just copied the right shoulder and flipped it across to the left, tweaking a few bits along the way. This allows you to quickly go back through those 200 history states if something doesn't look right. Be careful not to bend any of the black lines away from their curves, if you do then Apple-Z is your new best friend. If I was to do it again I’d go through your steps and then smudge out sections to give it more of a brushed look. Again, it doesn't need to be precise and photo-realistic at all, as long as the basic shape is right and you pay attention to the highlights, shadows and overall tone of the area.

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