Buy the book from your favorite retailer here!Straight from the trenches…a Great Read for parents of teens. With the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist and the open -- and sometimes wounded -- heart of a mother, award-winning author Lauren Kessler launches an 18-month mission, embedding herself in her own about-to-be teenage daughter’s life. Funny, harrowing, poignant, and invariably candid and insightful, My Teenage Werewolf is both a canary in the coal mine for mothers of girls and a vibrant exploration of the single most important relationship in a woman’s life.Read more about the book! Sepid on How to shut up your mother: I never used silence as a weapon, but seems like my mom did, a lot.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Jennifer Nicole Lee's management team have confirmed that the highly sought after super fitness model will be releasing a series of video make up how to tutorials, revealing many of her top secret make up and beauty secrets. When asked why now make up videos, beauty tips, and skin care tutorials, Jennifer responded “Well, I have always taught my fan base the importance of skin care, as you can see in my ‘Fitness Model Diet’ book, and now my production company and I have decided that a user friendly series of videos is only naturally the next step.
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Faces control the majority of our expression and identity, and work our abilities for olfaction, taste, hearing, and vision. Her videos are thorough, naming brands she uses and trust, with in depth demonstration of how to apply the makeup, and in what stages.

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