But the main reason for this article is basically to show you how you can do stuff like this with the Rebel Xti. Light Painting is basically the art of taking long exposure shots to get the desired effect. Here’s a break down of how exactly you can achieve some of these stunning effects with minimal effort. This same technique can also be used to take some really awesome long exposure photographs. If any of you have any experience with Light Painting or Long exposure shots and want to share tips or your photographs, please leave us a comment. Most of my time is spent on the internet browsing through new ways and means of betting myself at what I like to do.
As a big guitar enthusiast, I enjoy listening to a lot of Blues, Jazz and a few select rock and roll bands. For a Canon 400D, you set the camera to Manual by moving the mode dial to M, then you can adjust the shutter speed by moving the main dial around. Hey im going to try this technique for my art foundation degree Just wondering do u use the flash at the start if you are using models in the shot? You can have your models stand still and set the shutter time to whatever you chose, this will mostly depend on what you want to paint or draw. You may have to play around with the aperture and iso to get the right kind of shot, but a little practice is all you need.
This is a how to instructions guide for shooting long exposure photography and time lapses with Canon Sl1.
Canon SLR Gadget Bag For EOS or Rebel Cameras – This is the official Canon camera bag for EOS and Rebel cameras.
Transcend 64 GB High Speed Memory Card: To do long-lasting timelapses you need a high speed, high capacity memory card. These days all high-quality tv-programmes and documentaries are riddled with amazing timelapse photography.
Alternatively; you can use the software CD that came with your camera, which usually has timing software on it.
Once you have chosen a suitable location, mount your camera on the tripod (or a stable area).

Long – This is for the shutter speed, for example if you are doing a time-lapse of the stars, and you need a shutter speed longer than 30 seconds. Interval – This is how often you would like to take a picture, for a fast changing environment (sunset), a good starting point is every 15 seconds. Battery Power: Once you start timelapsing, you will find that your battery will last longer if you are shooting with quick shutter speeds, as opposed to those with long exposures.
Timelapse photography allows us to see processes that would normally appear very subtle to the human eye, but when captured, enables us to see that process much more pronounced – such as a beautiful sunset, a blossoming flower, or melting ice. Nikon Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery – Nothing more annoying than running out of battery in the middle of a timelapse or astrophotography session.
Of course, I take no responsibility of the outcome, mainly because it takes some practice, some skill and a lot of patience.
The recomended settings for the camera would be to use a very low ISO, most people suggest setting it to ISO 100. The fundamentals are the same; Tripod, very slow shutter speed, a place with a lot of light. If you go through your owner’s manual it tells you how to set the camera to manual mode. This tripod is very stable, and is very easy to use – making a timelapse look professional. It is water-repellent, holds multiple handy pockets and adjustable dividers for organizing camera accessories. This will ensure that your camera does not run out of memory at that crucial time – ruining your whole timelapse.
However, this mean you always need to have a laptop with you, as opposed to the timer, which you can take anywhere. Once you have achieved focus, turn off autofocus if you are timelapsing a landscape, or a low light picture. You can purchase an extra battery for your camera, but it may be hard to change the battery whilst not moving the tripod.
This will allow you to set preferred intervals, which will automatically take pictures – allowing you to create the perfect timelapse.
Alternatively, you can use a Canon external power source cord to avoid running out of battery.

If you would like to try a timelapse, please read on – it is very easy to do once you know how to, and very impressive to your audience!
My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T5i (click this link to learn more about the camera), and so I use the timer displayed above (Aputure Timer), which works perfectly and is very easy to use. This will save battery on your camera, and prevent shots from not being taken (due to failure of autofocus). This will mean the camera will just carry on taking pictures until another limiting factor means no more pictures can be taken; expired battery or unavailable space on the memory card. A much better option for longer timelapses, is using an AC power adapter for your camera (available from amazon). Capture every detail in stunning clarity with Nikon’s superior 39-point AF system with Scene Recognition.
Believe me, it happens… and it is incredibly annoying when it does (although rarely) occur.
My camera is a Nikon D600 (click this link to learn more about the Nikon cameras – opens in a new window), and so I use the timer displayed above. This will mean the camera will just carry on taking pictures until another limiting factor means no more pictures can be taken; for example expired, empty battery or unavailable space on the memory card.
Hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any questions on how to time lapse with Nikon D3200, be sure to let us know. Anywhere between f8-f11 should work and set the shutter timer to about 10-15 seconds, depending on what you want to paint. However, if you are doing a timelapse of people it is best to leave autofocus on, as your camera will always have something to focus on.
I normally work with 15 seconds, but if you want something more complex, like the 2nd photograph above, you might need to set it to about 30-40 seconds. Click on the image or here to learn more about this type of memory card and to see other models. You can also use a shutter release cable and hold it open indefinitely so you have all the time in the world to paint, but if you’re a beginner I would just recommend sticking to about 15 seconds or so till you get the hang of it.

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