So, although that figure in episode 200 may superficially look like Sailor Cosmos, but the existence of Sailor Cosmos is never mentioned in the anime. The existence of Sailor Cosmos in the anime would make Sailor Moon with Sailor Galaxia two forms of the same person.
The above description came from Hope and The Tomb of the Little Known Senshi Error Guide, and was edited by yours truly (contact me). The silhoutte which many people take to be Sailor Cosmos is actually the Light of Hope Naoko.
In the final season of the Sailor Moon, they don't really explain the complicated story of Sailor Cosmos.
In the final battle with Sailor Galaxia, who was evil by now, Sailor Moon was in trouble and Chibi-Chibi started praying for her and suddenly took the form of a woman, like an older version of Sailor Moon (Chibi-Chibi transforms herself into Sailor Cosmos, who is the future Sailor Moon, but they don't mention that). But, when she finds Sailor Moon, she disguises herself as Chibi-Chibi because a bunch of Sailor Moons had been appearing who were mean, so Sailor Cosmos didn't want Sailor Moon to think she was evil. Chibi-Chibi speaks up and says that Sailor Moon must destroy Chaos even if that means that she has to kill where the stars are made. Sailor Moon explains that killing Chaos will not end the war because there will always be evil, on the other hand it would be the end for everyone because she has to kill where the stars are born and without stars there is no hope. The models were wearing bright blue, green, yellow and pink colour on the top of their medium length hairstyles at the roots around the centre parting and the crown. For 2016, summer-time trends in rainbow hair are definitely going to embrace this fantastic new hair colour idea!

She does not appear in the anime; that silhouette in the last episode when the Sailor Senshi were fighting Galaxia resembles Sailor Cosmos, but is actually called the Light of Hope. This is different than the silhouetted appearance in the anime, where Chibi Chibi as a star seed calls for help, and in a flash of red and pink light you can see the dark outline of the mighty Light of Hope. In the anime, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Galaxia's starseed, and in the manga Sailor Cosmos is supposed to be the future Sailor Moon's ultimate form.
Takeuchi has said (Comic-Con '98) that she wished Cosmos was in the anime, meaning Light of Hope (Kibo no Hikari) is NOT Sailor Cosmos, despite the similarity between the manga's Sailor Cosmos and the anime's Light of Hope. They instead just say that Chaos, the ultimate villain, gets into Sailor Galaxia and starts taking over her body and filling it with darkness.
Chibi-Chibi soon hypnotizes all of Sailor Moon's family (except Sailor Moon), making them believe that she is part of the family (Sailor Moon's sister). Sailor Cosmos transforms into a weapon that is given to Sailor Moon in order to defeat evil forever. Sailor Moon had the chance to destroy Chaos, but she didn't because if she would have, she would have also destroyed where the stars are born and return.
At the final battle, every one Sailor Moon loved was dead except Chibi-Chibi, who was standing next to her when Galaxia tried to attack her. Galaxia, Chibi-Chibi and Sailor Moon have a long talk on what Sailor Moon has to do when suddenly Galaxia's bracelet breaks and dies, Sailor Moon cries, and Chibi-Chibi transforms into Sailor Cosmos and explains everything to Sailor Moon. What a fabulous new way to cover your unwanted ‘root growth’ and a daring departure from balayage and ombre hair colour ideas.

Chibi Chibi, as a star seed, was trying to help the Senshi by using her ultimate powers on Galaxia. Sailor Cosmos has a staff very similar to one weapon of Super Sailor Moon, and her outfit is all white, except for her pendent on her chest which has some yellow in it and the middle section of her skirt which has multiple colors.
Sailor Cosmos in the manga carries a staff, but the Light of Hope in the anime has large wings and does not carry a staff. But, before Galaxia becomes evil, she sends a starseed, which is a seed of hope that Galaxia hopes will find help. Galaxia eventually falls down a cliff, but Sailor Moon saves her, Galaxia turns into good again, and says that evil will win and there is nothing they can do. Sailor Moon sacrifices herself to save everyone while Sailor Cosmos returns to the future, admiring Sailor Moon's strength and ready to fight Chaos for what's right.
If we combine all of those facts and place them into the anime continuity, then we would say that Sailor Cosmos, the future Sailor Moon's ultimate form, is the same as Chibi Chibi, who is the starseed of Sailor Galaxia!
Sailor Cosmos regrets not killing Chaos when she had the chance, because now Chaos had killed everyone she loves.

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