Because my entire family suffers with allergies, asthma, and sensitive skin, I have to be super careful with my detergent. After switching to all® free clear liquid, I didn’t have to worry about potential problems. With a highly concentrated formula for HE washers, you really don’t need much detergent to get rid of the dirt and grime in your clothes. Once we push the go button, we’re free to relax a bit or go ahead and get the next load sorted and ready to go. We add our all® free clear dryer sheets here to cut down static and make our clothes more comfortable. I'm Dianna Kennedy - a Catholic homeschooling mother of six, trying to live my faith, teach my children and stay fit - all while trying to manage a large family without losing my mind. I don’t know about you, but it seems like babies are popping out left, right and centre in my life!
Saw this lovely blanket on the above noted website and would love to make it for my newest grandchild who will be arriving in February.
Love it but used the 6 skeins of chunky weight yarn from Hobby Lobby and am getting 30 inches and not enough yarn for the edges.
I love this blanket but wanted something in worsted weight so I dropped down a hook size and it’s turning out beautifully! Thank you so much for this pattern, I am planning to make this in stripes (3 colors -grey, white and pink) of 40 x 40 inches, could you kindly guide me on how many stitches to make for the foundation, I am assuming 160 stitches + 2 (4 stitches equals one inch).

Love the look of this pattern but haven’t crochet in years so here goes, only problem what is the ply of the yarn as no James C Brett in available in Australia not sure what to use.
Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and they are quick in showing effects of adverse conditions like sunlight, heat, excessive lipstick and caffeine.
Warm is for light colored or neutrals (khaki), hot is for sheets, towels and underwear, while cold is for dark colored clothes. It fights tough stains, whitens whites, and brightens colors without dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals, and irritating residues. When you’re new to doing laundry, your first inclination is to fill the dispenser to the brim. Pick up all® free clear liquid, mighty pacs, fabric softener or dryer sheets at your favorite retailer — we grabbed ours at our local Walmart. Please note that using all CAPITAL letters with a name will make the letter height shorter and the more letters you use the smaller they will be.
If you want a monogram, be sure to enter the initials in the order you want them embroidered. Members of my list will be informed about exciting new knitting and crochet blog posts and patterns!
Yes, it would look great as a throw and since it uses chunky yarn it will build pretty fast! Also, how many rows make an inch and which are the rows to be repeated to get the pattern complete for each color stripe.

Lengthening is not a problem, but, being new to the art of crocheting, I am not sure how many more chains would be required to widen the blanket to 30 inches. So, if you would like to add 6 more inches to the width, I would suggest adding 24 to the foundation chain (since 4 chains would add approx.
I’m doing it to fit a moses basket so slightly smaller in length but its turning out great. I have done a pattern similar to this in the past and had a problem of the sides curving in…wondering if it was because I used regular yard?
At this point women start frantically searching for remedies to lighten up their lip color. In no time, combined with our home remedies, this is going to get lips so rosy that they will not need any lipstick. Assigning chores in my house frees me up to take care of dinner, or to play outside with the children. Curious though, why grey not pale green, yellow or if you know the sex of the child pink or blue? Follow the remedies and tips below regularly and set the mission for lips that do not need any polish to appear rosy.

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