Facebook TwitterManaging to tell both an engaging stand-alone story, as well as lay the groundwork for the finale, the penultimate episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is another solid entry in the series. Since computers don’t actually exist in Minecraft, PAMA comes across that much more sinister, due to the added bonus of feeling appropriately foreign and incredible.
Though there are multiple cases of excellent emotional material throughout the episode’s hour and a half, Access Denied doesn’t delve into any of it quite as deeply as it could. Overall, Access Denied does suffer from the same tunnel vision that plagued the last episode, but an intriguing premise and more of a connection to the overarching narrative elevate the latest Telltale episode above being simply another one-off. Jumping from world to world, without any direction at all, the group is still simply trying to get home.
A rogue AI called PAMA is controlling everything and everyone, all in an attempt to make things “more useful.” As you’d expect, it therefore falls to Jesse and the others to save the day. Still grounding it in the universe though, the inner workings of the computer are all tied to the engineering material Redstone. Instances such as the growing frustration between Jesse and the others, Harper’s experience of being the only freethinking being in a computer-controlled world, and more than a handful of potentially massive decisions all make an appearance. Unlike Episode 6, Access Denied actually takes the time to show this, along with the fact that tensions are beginning to run high.
While the idea of an AI taking over the world is nothing new in science fiction, it works well and feels fresh in the Minecraft framework.
Figuring out how Redstone can be used to do something so much more complicated than opening doors is all part of the humble mystery at the heart of the latest episode of Story Mode. But ultimately, each does fall on the more conservative side, the implications and emotional payoff kept in check. With Petra picking the next portal to go through, the team drops into a barren world seemingly devoid of life, let alone civilization.
And more than that, once PAMA and the additional new character of Harper, voiced by Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown, are introduced, the rest of the episode is relatively straightforward. While fun and interesting enough as it is, Story Mode Episode 7 leaves some of the most tantalizing threads of its premise un-pulled.

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